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Twitch Influencer Marketing: An Ultimate Guide for Data-Driven Marketers

Twitch has emerged as a powerhouse in the digital and social media landscape, with its unique blend of live streaming, gaming, and community interaction. Brands and game publishers attracted to Twitch’s expansive user base of 35 million daily users recognize it as an excellent opportunity for engagement.

This guide aims to explore the intricacies of Twitch influencer marketing, providing marketers with strategies, insights, and tools to leverage their presence on Twitch effectively.

Understanding Twitch

How does Twitch work?

Twitch is a live streaming service that launched in 2011, initially focusing on video gaming, including game playthroughs, esports competitions, and other related events. Within its first year, Twitch attracted 3.2 million monthly users and continued to grow rapidly. In 2014, Amazon acquired Twitch for $970 million in cash, recognizing its significant impact on the gaming and live streaming industries.

The appeal of Twitch lies in its extension of a longstanding gaming tradition: watching others play. Historically, this was limited to friends playing in someone's home or  gathering around arcade machines. While arcades have largely faded outside of Japan, the fascination with watching skilled players—similar to watching a skilled musician or athlete—persists.

Donkey Kong Arcade Getting Play On the Popular TV Show The Big Bang Theory

Twitch has modernized this aspect of gaming culture by enabling large numbers of people to watch live gameplay, access high-level play easily, and engage with both the content and other viewers from the comfort of their homes. This transformation has made Twitch a central hub for gaming enthusiasts worldwide, connecting players and viewers in a uniquely interactive environment.

While video gaming remains the core of Twitch's content, the platform also hosts streams related to music, cooking, and "Just Chatting" sessions where streamers engage directly with their viewers. Viewers can watch these streams for free and interact with both the streamer and other viewers through a live chat interface. This interaction enables a lively and interactive experience, as streamers frequently respond to viewer comments in real time.

In 2024, Twitch is dedicated to adapting its platform to better serve its users and sustain its community, focusing on mobile optimization and broader social interaction. In an effort to stay ahead, Twitch launched Twitch Stories in 2023, drawing inspiration from popular formats like Snapchat and Instagram Stories. Further modernizing its interface, Twitch is also set to adopt a TikTok-like scrollable feed to simplify content discovery and facilitate easier connections with new streamers. 

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Twitch Demographics

Understanding the demographics of Twitch’s user base is essential for brands looking to effectively target their marketing campaigns on the platform. Here are some key insights:

Young Audience: The Twitch community skews young, with nearly three-quarters of its users under the age of 35. This demographic is typically very tech-savvy and has a strong presence online, making Twitch a valuable platform for brands targeting younger consumers.

Gender Distribution: Approximately 65% of Twitch’s viewership is male, while 35% is female. This significant presence of both genders highlights the platform's broad appeal across different groups, though it does skew more towards male users.

Geo. When it comes to location, the majority of Twitch's viewership originates from the United States, which accounted for over 22% of all traffic in 2023. Germany followed as the second-largest source of viewership, contributing 7.03%.

Why Twitch Influencer Marketing?

Twitch's unique selling point is its focus on live streaming content to large audiences, setting it apart from platforms like YouTube, which, despite having live streaming capabilities, is primarily known for its recorded videos. Specifically, Twitch is a platform where up to 7 million people regularly broadcast their own live video content, and over 240 million viewers tune in to watch. These impressive numbers are on par with some of the most successful traditional television channels.

As Twitch continues to expand, it has become a significant platform for streamers to monetize their content, with many pursuing careers in live streaming. By collaborating with these streamers, marketers leverage their popularity and trustworthiness to promote products, increase brand awareness, and drive engagement and sales. Here are some of the top reasons why influencer marketing is particularly effective on Twitch:

  • Niche Marketing Twitch allows for targeted marketing strategies as streamers often focus on specific genres of games or interests. Brands can choose influencers whose content aligns with their products, ensuring that their message reaches the most relevant audience.
  • Real-time Interaction: The live nature of Twitch allows for instant interaction between streamers and viewers, creating a lively and engaging environment for promotions.
  • Long-form Content: With the majority of streams lasting well over an hour and some extending up to 10 hours or more, Twitch allows creators to produce long-form, unscripted content. This format provides a unique opportunity for deep, meaningful interaction that feels intimate and unforced. 
  • Community Building: Emerging communities on Twitch, centered around specific streamers, foster a sense of belonging and shared culture among viewers. This community aspect is a major attraction, creating connections over shared interests and cultural touchstones within gaming and broader geek culture.
  • Authenticity & Viewer Trust: Authenticity and viewer trust are key elements of the culture on Twitch. Streamers who prioritize genuine content are able to forge deeper connections with their audiences, which in turn benefits the brands they collaborate with. This authenticity helps build strong, loyal followings who trust the streamers' recommendations.

How to Successfully Execute Twitch Influencer Marketing

Step 1. Identifying the Right Influencers 

The initial step in leveraging Twitch streamer partnerships is to identify influencers who not only align with your brand’s values and campaign goals but also have an audience engaged with content relevant to your product. This involves a detailed analysis of their performance metrics and the games they play, which can significantly influence the success of your campaign.

To effectively leverage Twitch streamer partnerships, understanding the platform's key performance metrics is essential. These metrics offer valuable insights into the content's impact and can guide your selection of streamers to partner with:

Average Concurrent Viewership (ACV)

This metric measures the average number of viewers watching a stream at any given time. For example, if a stream fluctuates between 100 and 200 viewers over two hours, the ACV would be the mean of all recorded viewer counts during this period. This is crucial for brands and streamers to assess overall viewer engagement and stability.

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Peak Concurrent Viewership (Peak CCV)

Peak CCV indicates the maximum number of viewers tuned in at any one point during the stream. This could occur during key moments such as the introduction of a new game or a guest appearance. For instance, if a streamer typically averages 500 viewers but reaches 1,000 viewers at the peak due to a special event, it highlights the stream's potential reach and moments of high interest.


This metric calculates the total engagement time that viewers spend watching a stream. For example, if a stream lasting 3 hours maintains an average of 300 viewers throughout, this would result in 900 viewer-hours. This metric is particularly useful for understanding the depth of engagement, as it reflects not only the number of viewers but also how long they stay engaged with the content.

Next step is identifying influencers who have an engaged audience relevant to your product. Your Twitch marketing strategy should be closely aligned with the games that streamers are actively engaged in. Start by analyzing which games are trending across various streamer profiles to strategically allocate your marketing resources. Key approaches include leveraging popular games to extend reach, targeting niche audiences through specific streamers, and collaborating with variety streamers to appeal to diverse viewers, optimizing your campaign's impact across Twitch's varied audience.

  • Maximizing Reach on Twitch. Twitch is largely dominated by a few very popular games. For example, in February 2024, even though over 15,000 different games were streamed on Twitch, the top 20% of these games attracted about two-thirds of all viewers. This shows that a small number of games get most of the attention, which is important for marketers and streamers to know when trying to reach the largest audience possible.
Twitch Streamers breakdown by games they play, February 2024, Cloutboost

  • Targeting Niche markets. For reaching niche markets, select streamers specializing in games closely related to your product. There are several tools like TwitchMetrics and SullyGnome that provide insights into the games that streamers play, along with viewer statistics. For example, Cloutboost portal gives a detailed overview of the games a streamer has played in the last 12 months and during the last 20 streams, including frequency data:

  • Betting on variety. Launching a new game that spans multiple genres? Partnering with variety streamers can be an effective strategy. Variety streamers, who play a broad range of games, appeal to diverse audiences and are not tied to a single genre. Research indicates that only about 30.4% of streamers with an average concurrent viewership (CCV) of 100 to 10,000 stick to one game. In contrast, the most popular channels often feature a diverse array of at least 10 different games. Collaborating with these streamers can widen your reach across different viewer interests on Twitch, potentially enhancing visibility and engagement with your game.

Step 2. Applying Twitch Campaign Strategies 

Creating effective campaigns on Twitch involves several strategic elements, each tailored to enhance viewer engagement and achieve marketing objectives. 

Twitch offers a dynamic platform for brands looking to engage deeply with gaming audiences through sponsored content.

Strategies for Twitch Sponsored Content

Let’s break down the different types of integrations brands can leverage on Twitch.

Dedicated Sponsored Stream

A dedicated sponsored stream is particularly effective for video games, offering a platform for an in-depth exploration of gameplay, features, and user interface. These streams can vary in length, typically ranging from 1 hour to over 6 hours, depending on the depth of content being showcased. This format allows viewers to experience the game's mechanics and storyline in real time, which can help in building anticipation and interest. This direct engagement not only keeps the audience captivated but also allows for immediate feedback and discussion regarding the game, making it an ideal strategy for launches or major updates.

Sponsored Segment

Sponsored segments are a strategic way to engage an audience that regularly follows a streamer for specific content. These segments are typically integrated into the usual streaming schedule and last between 1 to 2 hours. This approach is especially advantageous for video game brands, as it taps into an already engaged viewer base that trusts the streamer's content. By incorporating a sponsored segment, brands can effectively introduce their products during peak viewer interest without disrupting the stream's flow. This method not only maintains viewer engagement but also aligns the brand closely with the streamer's content, enhancing the natural feel of the promotion.

Brand Mentioning on Stream

Brand mentions are straightforward yet powerful. Having a streamer mention your brand during their stream can spur interest and affinity towards your product. The effectiveness of this strategy lies in the streamer’s ability to present the mention naturally, aligning with their usual content tone. Authenticity is key; an overly scripted or forced mention may alienate viewers.

Product Use on Stream

Taking brand mentions further, having streamers use your product live can significantly bolster credibility. Whether it's a tech gadget, a piece of apparel, or even a snack, real-time usage can demonstrate the product’s value effectively. This method not only showcases the product but also embeds it into the streamer's everyday gaming setup or routine.

Pokimane showed how easy it is to prepare Nissin Cup Noodles.

Twitch Channel Branding

Another strategic approach is channel branding, such as banners in the streamer's channel "About" section. These banners can link directly to your website and include branding elements consistent with your digital presence. Since viewers often visit the About section to learn more about a streamer, this space is prime real estate for impactful brand placement.


Giveaways on Twitch are a popular engagement strategy that boost interaction and viewer loyalty by offering viewers a chance to win prizes during a live stream. These events can range from product giveaways, such as tech gadgets or game codes, to discounts and special offers, driving both engagement and audience growth.Effective giveaways are transparent about rules, offer relevant prizes, and are timed to maximize viewer participation, making them an excellent way for brands to connect with audiences and enhance the impact of their Twitch marketing campaigns.

Twitch Campaign Strategies

Introducing new games can temporarily decrease a streamer's average concurrent viewers by about 32%. However, strategic planning and innovative content can not only recoup these losses but also expand the audience base.

Twitch Drops

Implementing Twitch Drops is a powerful method to maintain viewer interest and extend watch times. By offering in-game rewards or exclusive content for viewers who watch streams for certain durations, brands can significantly enhance engagement. This strategy is particularly effective during new game launches or major updates, providing viewers with an added incentive to tune in.


  • Chat Box Messages: Collaborating with streamers to integrate custom chat commands is an effective way to communicate promotions or product benefits directly. This approach ensures messages resonate more personally with viewers.
  • Info Panel Banners: Placing banners in the stream's 'About' section offers persistent visibility to the brand. These banners can link directly to product pages or promotional content, maintaining engagement even when the stream is not live.

Twitch Extensions

Extensions transform the viewing experience by adding interactive elements like polls, mini-games, or live stats to the stream. These tools enhance viewer engagement by making the stream not just a viewing experience but a participatory one. Extensions can be customized to match the stream’s theme and the marketing goals of a campaign, providing a seamless integration of advertising content.

Stream Scheduling

Choosing the optimal time for streaming is crucial. Analysis of viewer habits shows that streaming during peak hours, such as midday or around large community events, maximizes exposure. Understanding the global nature of Twitch audiences can also help in scheduling streams to catch multiple time zones at their peak activity.

Stream Duration

The length of the stream significantly impacts viewer engagement. Ideal stream durations are between 90 minutes to 6 hours. This range is sufficient to capture audience interest and maximize visibility without causing viewer fatigue. Longer streams might be necessary during special events or major game launches to fully explore new content.

Squads and Raids

Utilizing features like Squads and Raids can expand a streamer’s reach by tapping into the audiences of other streamers. This collaborative feature not only increases the viewership numbers but also fosters a sense of community and viewer loyalty as they see their favorite streamers interacting.

Each of these strategies should be tailored to fit the specific goals of a Twitch campaign, taking into account the nature of the product and the target audience. 

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Step 3. Monitoring and Analytics 

Like any marketing campaign, it’s vital to track the performance of your Twitch campaigns. Measuring the success of a Twitch campaign involves a comprehensive analysis of various metrics that reflect viewer engagement, content reach, and the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Here's a detailed exploration of how to measure Twitch campaign results:

Viewership Metrics

These are fundamental indicators of a campaign's reach and engagement:

  • Average Concurrent Viewers (ACV): Measures the average number of viewers watching the stream at any given time. 
  • Peak Concurrent Viewership (PCV): Indicates the highest number of viewers at any point during the stream. 
  • Unique Viewers: Tracks how many individual viewers tuned into the stream at least once, offering a sense of the stream's reach beyond its regular audience.

Engagement Metrics

These metrics assess how actively involved the viewers are with the content:

  • Chat Engagement: The volume and quality of viewer interactions in the chat can indicate engagement levels. High chat activity often correlates with a highly engaged audience.
  • Clip Creation and Shares: Viewers can create clips from stream content; high rates of clip creation and sharing are indicative of engaging or viral content.
  • Poll Participation and Interactions in Extensions: If you're using Twitch Extensions that involve viewer interaction, such as polls or games, participation rates can be a strong indicator of engagement.

Conversion Metrics

These are critical for campaigns aimed at driving specific viewer actions:

  • Click-through Rates (CTR): For campaigns with embedded links (e.g., in chat bots, banners, or panels), tracking how often viewers click these links measures interest and intent to engage beyond Twitch.
  • Redemption of Offers: If the campaign includes offers, tracking redemption rates can help gauge the effectiveness of these incentives.

ROI and Revenue Metrics

Directly related to the financial impact of the campaign:

  • Direct Sales: If selling products or services, track sales attributed to Twitch viewers during and after streams.
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): Analyzing the cost involved in acquiring each viewer, subscriber, or customer through the campaign.

Sentiment Analysis

Understanding viewer sentiment towards the content, which can be gauged through:

  • Social Media Mentions and Sentiment: Analyzing mentions on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to gauge audience sentiment and reach outside of Twitch.
  • Chat Sentiment: Tools like sentiment analysis algorithms can evaluate whether chat interactions are positive, negative, or neutral.

Pricing on Twitch: Understanding the CPVH Model

When it comes to compensating Twitch streamers, there are various pricing models that brands and agencies can use. One of the most common models in live streaming is the Cost Per Viewer Hour (CPVH) model.

CPVH Model Explained:

  • What is CPVH? CPVH stands for Cost Per Viewer Hour. This payment model is primarily used for live streaming content. In this model, the compensation is based on the total viewer hours accumulated by the streamer during their live sessions.
  • How does it work? The rate is set per viewer hour. For instance, if a streamer is paid at a rate of $1.00 per viewer hour and they stream for one hour to an average of 1,000 concurrent viewers, they would earn $1,000 from that session. Here's the breakdown:some text
    • Stream Duration: 1 hour
    • Average Concurrent Viewers: 1,000
    • Rate: $1.00 per viewer hour
    • Total Earnings: 1 hour * 1,000 viewers * $1.00/viewer hour = $1,000

Advantages of the CPVH Model:

Fair Compensation: Streamers are paid in proportion to the audience they attract, ensuring that popular streamers with larger audiences are compensated accordingly.

Transparent and Predictable: Both brands and streamers can easily calculate potential earnings and costs, making budget planning straightforward.

Performance-Based: This model incentivizes streamers to engage and grow their audience, aligning their goals with those of the brand.

Other Pricing Models on Twitch

While CPVH is popular, there are other models used for different types of campaigns and partnerships:

  • Flat Fee: A fixed amount paid to the streamer regardless of the number of viewers or viewer hours. This can be useful for one-off promotions or smaller streamers.
  • Revenue Share: Streamers earn a percentage of the revenue generated from their content, such as a share of subscription fees, bits, or ad revenue. This model is often used in affiliate or partner programs.

In summary, the CPVH model is a performance-based approach that ensures fair compensation for Twitch streamers based on their live audience size and engagement. It's a transparent and effective way for brands to budget and plan their influencer marketing campaigns on the platform.

Tools for Twitch Influencer Marketing

Choosing the right streamer who aligns with your brand, audience, and campaign goals is crucial for reaching your target ROI. Thanks to twitch analytics platforms, you can identify the ideal person to represent your brand and product based on your marketing goals.

While searching directly on Twitch can give you limited analytics from publicly available data, dedicated analytics tools provide a more comprehensive view. These discovery platforms consolidate various performance-related data about streamers, saving you from conducting a multi-step search:


TwitchMetrics provides a comprehensive overview of the platform's fastest-growing and most-watched channels, top games, and clips. Its homepage offers easy access to "Channel Leaderboards," showing the most-watched streamers over the past 30 days, and "Game Leaderboards," highlighting the most-watched games in the same period. Users can refine their search by selecting their preferred language or game. The platform also reveals whether streamers focus on one game or play various games, helping marketers find streamers who match specific game interests. It includes a powerful filtering tool for a more targeted search and CSV reporting for detailed analysis of prospective streamers' stats. With over 14.5 million streamers, TwitchMetrics offers a rich database for detailed analysis. 


Features a Raid and Host Finder, Followage Tool, and a Compare Channels Tool, which helps gauge the performance of top Twitch influencers. The Brand Chat AnalStreamCharts offers several valuable tools for analyzing Twitch streamers, including the Raid and Host Finder, Followage Tool (tracking the history of a streamer's followers), Top Growing Games page, and Compare Channels Tool for comparing up to three channels. These tools provide insights into key metrics like average concurrent viewers (ACV), peak viewers, hours watched, and the number of games streamed. They also highlight the most popular games streamed by a particular influencer and their unique authorized viewer numbers at any time. With data from 59,000 partnered streamers, StreamCharts helps gauge the performance of top influencers and identify potential partners.


SullyGnome provides detailed performance summaries of the most-watched and fastest-growing channels, most-watched and streamed games, most-viewed streams, and trending games over the past 7 days. It also offers summaries of Twitch's highlights for the past week, month, and year, including the length of all streams, most-watched game, most-watched channel, streamer with the highest peak viewership, most popular streamed games, and highest viewership volume. The platform's unique Teams tab shows the most-watched channels run by Twitch teams over the past week, providing data on peak viewership and streaming hours by teams. Additionally, SullyGnome's Search page allows you to input preferences (games played, streaming hours, broadcast language, average followers) to generate recommended channels, making it easier to find the right influencers for your marketing campaigns. With data on over 30,000 streamers, SullyGnome is a valuable resource for detailed Twitch analytics.

Twitch Analytics on popular streamer DisguisedToast by Sullygnome


TwitchTracker offers a comprehensive overview of Twitch's daily and weekly stats, including top streams, live channels, popular clips, trending games, and growth in followers and viewership. The platform's Stats Tab provides historical data on Twitch's performance since 2012, covering viewers, channels, broadcasters, and active streamers. Marketers can use TwitchTracker's detailed analytics to assess a streamer's performance by viewing metrics such as stream duration, average viewers, peak viewers, hours watched, followers gained, and views gained through color-coded indicators. The Channels and Subscribers pages offer graphs that display a streamer's performance over time, making it easier to evaluate the reach and engagement of potential influencer partners. With data on over 7 million streamers, TwitchTracker is an invaluable tool for optimizing influencer marketing campaigns on Twitch.


TwitchStats is an invaluable resource for discovering veteran streamers and their loyal viewers on Twitch. It features categories like "Oldest Twitch Accounts" and "Oldest Twitch Streamers" active since 2007, as well as "Longest Twitch Followers" since 2008. The platform highlights top streamers, including the "Best Twitch Variety Streamers" who play various games and have over 100 average viewers. For marketers, the "Subs" page provides detailed estimates of a streamer's subscriber base, categorizing subscribers into bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond tiers. This helps identify influencers with strong, loyal followings, making TwitchStats a powerful tool for optimizing influencer marketing campaigns.

As alternatives to dedicated Twitch search platforms, you can use several methods to find relevant streamers. Twitch's own search function allows you to use keywords related to your product or niche to identify potential influencers. Google Search is another effective tool; by combining specific game genres with terms like "Twitch channel" or "Twitch streamer," you can uncover a variety of potential partners. Additionally, the Twitch API enables real-time searches for active streamers, allowing you to filter by game or specific streamers of interest. These methods provide a comprehensive approach to finding the right influencers for your brand.

Types of Twitch Influencer Marketing Agencies

There are two main types of twitch influencer agencies that assist brands in connecting with Twitch streamers: talent agencies and influencer marketing agencies.

Talent Agencies

  • Role: Represent individual Twitch streamers.
  • Services: Assist streamers in securing partnerships, negotiating contracts, and managing their careers.

Example: A talent agency might represent a popular Twitch streamer like Pokimane. They would help her secure sponsorship deals with companies, handle contract negotiations, and provide career guidance to maximize her opportunities and growth.

Influencer Marketing Agencies

  • Role: Specialize in creating and executing marketing campaigns using streamers to promote brands or products.
  • Services:
    • Identify Suitable Influencers: Work with brands to find Twitch streamers who align with their target audience and brand values.
    • Develop Campaign Strategies: Create comprehensive marketing plans that outline campaign goals, messaging, and key performance indicators.
    • Manage Collaborations: Handle all aspects of the partnership, including communication, content creation, and scheduling.
    • Expertise in Targeting the Right Audience: Use data and insights to ensure campaigns reach the most relevant and engaged viewers.
    • Handle Legal and Logistical Aspects: Take care of contracts, compliance, and any logistical needs to ensure smooth execution.

Example: An influencer marketing agency might work with a video game publisher to promote a new game launch. They would identify and recruit several Twitch streamers who are known for playing similar games, develop a campaign strategy that includes live streams, social media posts, and giveaways, and manage the entire collaboration to ensure a successful campaign that drives game downloads and player engagement.

In summary, while talent agencies focus on the individual career management of streamers, influencer marketing agencies are dedicated to leveraging the power of these influencers to create effective brand campaigns.

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Examples of Twitch Influencer Marketing Campaigns

To illustrate the effectiveness of Twitch influencer marketing, let's explore some successful campaigns. 

How Apex Legends Dominated Twitch

"Apex Legends," developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA, utilized a groundbreaking launch strategy that rapidly captured the global gaming community's attention. By launching unexpectedly without prior marketing, the game quickly surged to the top as the most-watched title on Twitch. This strategy involved closely collaborating with top-tier streamers like Shroud during the early stages of development, ensuring that the game had a built-in audience ready at launch. This innovative strategy not only led to a staggering 63.7 million hours of live viewership on Twitch in just over a week, but also helped "Apex Legends" reach 50 million players within its first month, significantly outpacing competitors like Fortnite in growth. 

The launch also marked a strong entry into the esports realm with the "Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge," featuring 48 top streamers, including DrDisrespect and Ninja, competing for a $200,000 prize pool. This event, coupled with the strategic use of influencer marketing, leveraged Twitch's extensive reach and the authentic connections streamers have with their audience. 

The combination of influencer engagement and competitive events not only maintained high visibility but also sustained interest and excitement around the game, establishing "Apex Legends" as a major player in both the gaming and esports markets. This strategic launch is a prime example of how leveraging streaming platforms and influencer partnerships can dramatically impact a game's success.

HelloFresh's Innovative Twitch Campaigns

HelloFresh has made strategic moves to connect with the gaming community through innovative Twitch campaigns, particularly focusing on performance marketing with StreamElements. This partnership marked HelloFresh's first significant entry into live streaming, targeting small to mid-sized streamers to maximize reach and engagement without upfront advertising costs. Streamers utilized branded overlays and shared unique product links, getting compensated based on actual purchases, which effectively mitigated risk for HelloFresh while engaging the gaming audience through a pay-for-performance model.

The campaign has seen significant participation, with over 10,000 creators engaging in HelloFresh sponsorships, demonstrating the campaign's broad appeal within the community. This initiative has been so impactful that it was nominated for a Streamy Award, underscoring HelloFresh's emerging prominence in the digital content space, particularly among non-endemic brands venturing into the gaming and live streaming arenas.

HelloFresh also launched a live cooking competition show called "Unleash the Feast" on Twitch. The series, hosted by esports commentators Soe Gschwind and Guy Blaze with Chef Tricia Wang acting as the Feast Master, consists of six episodes where three well-known streamers compete in cooking challenges using HelloFresh meal kits. The show offers prizes, discounts, and free shipping on meal kits to its viewers. 

BHF's Twitch Campaign for CPR Awareness

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) launched an innovative campaign on Twitch to increase awareness about cardiac arrest and promote CPR training among young people, especially targeting Gen Z. By partnering with the media agency PHD and specialist gaming agencies GameSquare and Venatus, BHF orchestrated "flatline" interruptions during live streams of popular Twitch streamers like AuzioMF, MattHDGamer, and Mamabenjyfishy, reaching an audience of 11 million viewers. This interruption simulates a flatline to grab viewers' attention unexpectedly and convey the serious message of cardiac arrest survival rates.

The campaign was supported with a BHF takeover of Twitch's UK homepage, featuring an interactive mobile quiz and 20-second video ads. The ads promoted BHF's RevivR training, a CPR educational tool. The intent was to equip young viewers with lifesaving CPR skills, addressing the alarming statistic that less than one in ten people survive out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in the UK.

This initiative reflects BHF's strategic shift to integrate more deeply with digital and gaming platforms to reach a younger, diverse audience effectively. The campaign was a part of BHF's broader effort to enhance its presence in new media spaces and continue its tradition of creative, impactful media campaigns.

In conclusion, Twitch offers a dynamic platform for brands to engage with a dedicated audience through live-streaming. Leveraging Twitch influencer marketing can significantly boost brand visibility and engagement. Understanding tools like the Cost Per Viewer Hour (CPVH) model and utilizing platforms like TwitchMetrics and StreamCharts helps identify the right influencers and craft impactful campaigns. Effective strategies include sponsored streams, real-time interactions, and innovative features like Twitch Drops. Successful Twitch campaigns rely on strategic planning, precise targeting, and continuous monitoring to maximize results and achieve marketing goals.

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