Top 5 Twitch Streamer Search Tools to Optimize Twitch Influencer Marketing

Finding the right influencer for your Twitch marketing campaign can be challenging in a sea of 7.13 million active streamers. More than 51,000 of these content creators are "partners." They have reached Twitch's required benchmarks that will allow them to accept ad partnerships and subscriptions.

Choosing the streamer who aligns with your brand, audience, and campaign goals will spell the difference between reaching your target ROI or not. Thanks to search platforms, you can look for the right person to represent your brand and product based on your marketing goals.

Search Tool Features that Can Leverage Your Twitch Marketing Strategy

Although you can search for possible creator-partners from Twitch's homepage, you only get limited analytics from the data that is publicly available. As a result, you only have a partial idea about how a content creator's past streams performed.  

In place of this tedious task, brands can take advantage of search tools to learn more about Twitch streamers. Discovery platforms can present various performance-related data about a streamer in one go instead of conducting a search involving many steps. 

Here are the details that these discovery tools typically provide to help you identify your prospective brand ambassadors faster:

  • Relevance or affinity

If you're a gaming company, your ideal Twitch streamer is someone who shares the same genre as your product—shooter, strategy, RPG, MMO, and so on. Otherwise, their channel should align with what your business stands for and the products you make. 

  • Demographics

Your target audience should resemble the composition of your prospective streamer's fan base. 

  • Account activity

A Twitch streamer with a consistent and active streaming schedule will make it easier to determine if their workflow can jive with your promotion target dates and deadlines.

  • Audience or follower size

Partnering with large streamers with more than 100 viewers may be effective for brand awareness or shifting brand perception and reaching viewers across various platforms. However, they may not have as strong community bonds as up-and-coming streamers with just 100 viewers or less. You might have to pay higher for your partnership too.

  • Reach

A streamer's average concurrent viewership (ACV) matters more than their total number of followers, as the former represents the number of Twitch viewers who watch these streamers at any given time.

Top 5 Twitch Streamer Search Platforms

Here are five tools to consider when searching for a Twitch Streamer for your business:

1. TwitchMetrics

TwitchMetrics' homepage offers a wealth of information, from the platform's fastest-growing and most-watched channels to its top games and clips. On its main menu, tap "Channel Leaderboards" to view the most watched streamers in the last 30 days. You can streamline your search by selecting your preferred language or game on the right-hand menu. Meanwhile, clicking the "Game Leaderboards" tab will show you the most watched games in the last 30 days. Once on this page, you'll see "New releases" on the right-most panel where Twitch lists its most recently launched channels.

TwitchMetrics also allows you to see whether a streamer plays one game most of the time or various games within a timeframe. This data can help you limit your search if you're looking for streamers who play a specific game.

Number of streamers: Over 14.5 million

Application for Marketers

With the newly launched Discover feature, finding the right streamer for your campaign on TwitchMetrics' database becomes a lot easier. It comes with a powerful filtering tool for a more targeted search and CSV reporting for a closer analysis of your prospective streamers' stats.

TwitchMetrics has also begun collecting data from Twitch streams to eventually have a reporting feature on a streamer's number of subscribers, brand collaborations, and audience sentiment.

For now, you can enjoy the platform’s rich analytics on Twitch channels, a service that the company started offering in 2017. Subscribe to the platform for more details about a streamer's viewership and interactions for up to one year. However, even non-subscribers can get basic information about a Twitch streamer when they click on their dedicated channel page. 

One of the platform's unique features is that it shows the channel's stream schedule (days and hours). The page also displays their viewer hours, peak viewers, the number of hours they went live, viewership in the past seven days, viewership growth in the past 90 days, top clips, and the most recent 15 streams.

2. StreamCharts

Stream Charts has a Raid and Host Finder, Followage Tool (history of a streamer's followers), Top Growing Games page, and Compare Channels Tool for comparing up to three channels. Besides showing the usual metrics, such as ACV, peak viewers, and hours watched, the comparison tool lists the number of games streamed, the streamer's most popular streamed games, and their unique authorized viewer numbers at any time. These figures help you gauge the performance of the top influencers in your niche and those of your prospective or current influencers.

Number of streamers: 59,000 partners

Application for Marketers

Stream Charts' most vital features are its Brand Chat Analyzer and Streams Title Checker, which can help you determine who the streamer had advertised in the past. The Brand Analyzer spots all brands, organizations, and ad campaigns in the streamer's Twitch chats and chatbots. You can also research brand mentions using the Streams Title Checker. This tool also indicates the popularity level of ad campaigns that contain specific brand or product names in the stream's title.

Paid subscriptions give you access to more details, such as sponsorship and partnership integration of one or several channels, paid subscriber stats, and viewer retention.

3. SullyGnome 

SullyGnome homepage offers 7-day performance summaries of the most-watched and fastest growing channels, most-watched and streamed games, most-viewed streams, and trending games. You will also find summaries of Twitch's highlights for the past week, month, and year: length of all the streams, most-watched game, most-watched channel, the name of the streamer with the highest peak viewership, most popular streamed games, and the highest viewership volume.

Number of streamers: Over 30,000

Application for Marketers

SullyGnome's comprehensive statistics come in handy when you want to know the top trending channels and games onto which your brand can ride for their large following. By clicking a channel, you get various stats about streamers, from their average viewers, followers, followers gained, total views, hours watched, account creation date, and language to whether they're partnered or not and contain "mature" content.

The platform’s Teams tab—the platform's most distinct feature—displays the most watched channels run by Twitch teams over the past week, including data on peak viewership (by the number of viewing individuals and groups) and the hours spent by teams streaming and viewing Twitch streams. 

You can also go to SullyGnome's Search page and fill in the fields with your preferences (games played, number of streaming hours, broadcast language, and average number of followers) so that the website can generate its recommended channels.

4. TwitchTracker

TwitchTracker welcomes visitors and users to their homepage with daily and weekly stats. The platform also lists the week's top streams, top live channels, the latest and most popular clips, the most popular and trending games, and follower and viewership growth. 

TwitchTracker's Stats Tab features an “Overview” of Twitch’s performance through the years from 2012 from its number of viewers, channels, monthly broadcasters, and partners to average concurrent viewers and channels, time watched, and active streamers by month. The tab also contains “Viewers” data, which covers live viewers, the average viewership in a day or a week, and an "all-time peak." You will also find various stats about channels (live streams per channel), active streamers, watch time, stream time, games streamed, and languages used in live streams.

Number of streamers: over 7 million

Application for Marketers

You can click the Channel tab on the platform's menu and select Streams (titled "Streams by Calendar Day") to have a quick view of a streamer's performance by the day. To discover how the streamer fared based on a specific metric for an entire month or quarter, choose from the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner. The colors on the calendar will show up as follows: stream duration (red), average viewers (green), maximum/peak viewers (yellow), hours watched (purple), followers gain (blue), and views gain (orange). Days with brighter colors indicate higher numbers for that metric.

The Channels and Subscribers pages contain graphs, which you can mouse over to discover the performance of a streamer's channel (in terms of average viewers, hours watched, and follower gain) and subscriptions (active subscribers, gifted subscription, and subscriber gain), over time.

5. TwitchStats

Are you interested to discover the veteran streamers and viewers on Twitch? Learn who they are with TwitchStats. Its Streamers tab contains pages such as the "Oldest Twitch Accounts" (since 2007), the "Oldest Twitch Streamers" (since 2007), and the "Longest Twitch Followers" (since 2008). Besides listing the best (most watched) streamers, TwitchStats also has a page for "Best Twitch Variety Streamers." This category covers streamers who play v games and have over 100 average viewers and streamed games lasting over 30 minutes.

Application for Marketers

When searching for Twitch influencers with a strong loyalty base, the "Subs" (Subscriber) page of TwitchStats would be a good reference. The platform is known for offering more details than TwitchTracker, including estimates of a streamer's subscriber base, viewers who have held the longest subscriptions, and the streamers with whom they've subscribed. The subscription to a Twitch partner falls under three tiers, each with its own monthly rate. Meanwhile, the "Sub Loyalty" page categorizes subscribers into bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond subs.

Alternatives to Twitch Streamer Search Tools

Here are some other ways you can identify the right Twitch streamer to work with your business:

  • Twitch Search

As mentioned earlier, you can search on Twitch by typing in your preferred content or video game genre, including keywords related to your product or niche in the search bar. You may also browse by trending tags on the leftmost panel.

  • Google Search

In Google, type your "specific game, game genre, or topic" + "Twitch channel" or "Twitch streamer." Then go through the names that appear on the search engine results page. Some suggested names may appear as listicles on review sites. If the gamers' names are on YouTube and Twitter accounts, you may want to try cross-checking on Twitch.

  • Twitch API

Twitch API allows users to see other Twitch users who are actively streaming on the platform in real time at any given moment. A Twitch API user can search according to a specific game or their favorite streamer. You can get more information about getting started with Twitch API here.

  • Work with a Twitch marketing agency

Are you looking for a streamer to promote your game or product? CloutBoost can provide expert analysis of a Twitch channel's reach and effectiveness in line with your marketing campaign. Contact us today whether you're planning to partner with a streamer for the short or long term.

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