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When you partner with CloutBoost, we only introduce you to brands and games that gel with your channel. The data we utilize ensures this, all while maximizing campaign results. But you can see that for yourself.

Gaming platforms we influence

PC gaming and streamers

With 48% of all gaming happening on the PC, it’s easy to understand why brands are constantly looking for PC game streamers. CloutBoost works with PC streamers to unite with the perfect brands and games to make a meaningful impact in their community.

Console gamers

The simplicity of consoles means that more gamers have the ability to become impactful influencers. No matter if you’re a Nintendo Influencer, an Xbox YouTuber, or a PlayStation Streamer, CloutBoost works with you on bringing to life result-driven Influencer Marketing campaigns.

Mobile gamers

Mobile games dominate the market in just sheer numbers. This is because as tech has gotten better, so too have the mobile device’s RAM and processors. As a result, iOS and Android gamers have been highly sought after when it comes to mobile game promotion and mobile user acquisition.

Influencer geolocation marketing

No matter the country, CloutBoost works with influencers around the globe. This means we can put into place global strategies and hyper local implementation that help both brands and influencers.

Platforms we thrive with

When it comes to scalable influencer marketing, YouTube is an essential aspect. Just look at the fact that people watched over 100 billion hours of gaming content on the platform. That’s why CloutBoost partners with popular YouTube influencers.

Twitch is king of live streaming gaming content. But it’s popularity has grown so much that even non-gaming brands are looking to partner with Twitch streamers. CloutBoosts streamlines this partnership by connecting the right Twitch influencer with the right brands.


With Facebook being one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, it’s easy to understand why brands leverage it for influencer marketing. This only increased when they launched a live streaming gaming service. Now brands can engage with FaceBook influencers to ensure they find the target audience they need.

In 2020 TikTok became the fastest growing social media platform, making it an extremely powerful tool for brands’ Influencer Marketing strategies. And trends show that it is breaking into gaming in a big way. As a result, CloutBoost looks to pair TikTok Influencers with brands to make a global impact.

Due to Instagram’s popularity and its ability to closely track performance, it’s become a lynchpin in many Influencer Marketing plans. Gaming is no different. CloutBoost works with Instagram influencers that will enable brands to tap into the right target audience.

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