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Top 24 Twitch Influencer Agencies for 2024

Acquired by Amazon in 2014, Twitch has become the go-to platform for live streaming commanding a dominant 90% market share in the arena. With over 2.5 million average concurrent viewers, Twitch offers a prime opportunity for influencer marketing, especially for brands targeting gamers.

Surpassing 15 million daily unique visitors who spend an average of 95 minutes per day on the platform, Twitch offers unparalleled engagement compared to platforms like YouTube or TikTok.  This, combined with its real-time interaction and community participation features, provides brands with significant opportunities to connect with their target audience on a deeper level.

Why Twitch Influencer Agency?

For brands looking to capitalize on this niche audience, partnering with a specialized Twitch influencer marketing agency is essential. Such agencies specialize in navigating the unique dynamics of the platform, including understanding audience demographics, content trends, and engagement strategies. They also typically have established relationships with a wide range of Twitch influencers, including both large and niche creators. By leveraging their knowledge of Twitch's ecosystem and best practices, Twitch Influencer agencies can help brands maximize their return on investment (ROI).

There are two main types of agencies that assist brands in connecting with Twitch streamers: talent agencies and influencer marketing agencies. Talent agencies represent individual Twitch streamers, assisting them in securing partnerships and managing their careers. Meanwhile, influencer marketing agencies specialize in creating and executing campaigns using streamers to promote brands or products. They work with brands to identify suitable influencers, develop campaign strategies, and manage collaborations, leveraging their expertise in targeting the right audience and handling legal and logistical aspects.

In this article, we'll explore the leading talent agencies and specialized influencer marketing agencies focused on Twitch influencer marketing.

Top 24 Twitch Influencer Agencies to Work With In 2024

1. Cloutboost

Type: Twitch Influencer Marketing, Twitch Influencer Marketing Platform

Established: 2017

Notable clients/projects: Sony, Samsung, Nexon, Owlcat Games, Wargaming, tinyBuild Games

Key services: influencer marketing, influencer data & analytics, UA licensing, retargeting, content repurposing, public relations

Specializing in acquisition-focused influencer marketing for the gaming industry, Cloutboost excels in executing large-scale campaigns tailored to brands of all sizes. Founded and operated by veterans in the gaming industry, the Cloutboost team guides clients through the complexities of influencer campaigns at different video game launch stages.

Cloutboost utilizes data science and AI technologies to optimize and scale their influencer marketing strategies. With one of the largest and continuously expanding databases of gaming influencers, they employ over 50 data points to thoroughly evaluate each influencer, ensuring maximum impact for every campaign. Boasting over 500,000 gaming channels and partnerships with 200+ gaming-focused talent agencies, Cloutboost excels in hyper-targeting influencers.

The AI-powered client portal empowers clients to effortlessly oversee, optimize, and scale campaigns, ensuring a streamlined experience. In addition to influencer campaigns, Cloutboost offers services like UA licensing, performance marketing, and public relations to maximize the impact of influencer collaborations.

Reasons to choose Cloutboost:

  • With a team comprised of veterans in the gaming field, Cloutboost understands the unique dynamics and challenges of gaming marketing, ensuring campaigns are optimized for success
  • Cloutboost utilizes advanced data science and a vast database of gaming talents to hyper-target influencers, optimize and scale campaigns, and deliver comprehensive reporting.

2. Loaded

Type: Talent Management

Established: 2016

Notable clients/projects: Prime Gaming, Gillette, Red Bull, Verizon

Key services: sponsorship management, talent management, brand strategy, merchandising 

Loaded, a pivotal player in the gaming and entertainment landscape, initially emerged as Loaded Talent Management in 2016. Originally based in Columbus, Ohio, Loaded merged with two other esports firms, Noscope and Catalyst Sports and Media, in 2018 to form gaming group Popdog. Originally dedicated to supporting creators in the gaming industry, it has evolved into a comprehensive ecosystem. Loaded offers a range of tailored services, from commercial and partnership support to merchandising and licensing, emphasizing a hands-on approach.

Recognizing the substantial impact of gaming, with 3 billion gamers worldwide, Loaded focuses on helping creators harness this cultural force. Their diverse portfolio, including entities like Open World for strategic consultation and tools like FanDX for digital community management, underscores their commitment to industry growth.

Company’s overarching mission is to play a crucial role in the development, marketing, and expansion of the video gaming industry. Rooted in talent-first principles, innovation, and transparency, Loaded continues to contribute significantly to the dynamic growth of the gaming realm.

Reasons to choose Loaded:

  • Loaded excels in its commitment to representing gaming talent, with a particular strength in managing influencers on the Twitch platform.
  • Loaded utilizes their proprietary tool, NoScope.io to to handle the analytical aspects of the Twitch landscape. This tool allows measuring and assessing individual standings, scrutinizing growth patterns and identifying emerging trends within the dynamic Twitch community.

3. Mythic Talent

Type: Talent Management

Established: 2023

Notable clients/projects: Starforge, Corsair

Key services: sponsorship management, talent management, event management

Mythic Talent is a full-service talent management company dedicated to assisting content creators across all facets of the industry. Led by CEO William Lucas, a games industry veteran, and with guidance from OTK co-founders Tips Out and Asmongold, Mythic Talent emphasizes transparency, honesty, volume, and creator well-being as its core values. 

The company's mission is to set a new standard for talent management by prioritizing the well-being of staff and creators over profits and the corporation. Mythic Talent provides various opportunities, including sponsorship management and negotiations, along with in-house services such as merchandising, editing, and brand building. 

With a diverse roster of over 65 creators, including prominent figures like Cyr, Tectone, and Mizkif, and reaching more than 100 million fans, Mythic Talent delivers personal, authentic relations, transparent opportunities, individualized brand growth resources, and unmatched support for its talent.

Reasons to choose Mythic Talent:

  • Mythic Talent boasts an Impressive roster of prominent Twitch Streamers, providing influential choices for effective marketing.
  • With a mission to simplify the content creation process for creators, Mythic Talent is dedicated to ensuring fair and transparent dealings

4. GG Talent Group

Type: Talent Management

Established: 2018

Notable clients/projects: Bose, Capcom, Razer, Sony Pictures, Square Enix.

Key services: sponsorship management, tournaments, content support, concierge service, workshops and training 

GG Talent Group, led by co-founders Eric and Angela, is a pioneering influencer gaming marketing agency that has partnered with numerous brands across a wide array of impactful campaigns. With an extensive network featuring over 80 diverse content creators, spanning platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter, they specialize in curating partnerships that deliver high-quality and effective campaigns.

Founded on a shared passion for gaming, Eric, a former Twitch streamer and tournament host, joined forces with Angela, excelling in influencer marketing and event management. Together, they form a dynamic team dedicated to fostering meaningful connections between brands and gaming creators.

GG Talent Group's personalized talent management model treats creators as individuals first and internet personalities second. Guided by principles of respect, integrity, and hard work, they serve as advisors, career developers, and a reliable sounding board for creative success.

Reasons to choose GG Talent Group:

  • With a roster exceeding 80 influencers from 12 countries and a notable presence of POC creators, GG Talent maintains a close to 40:60 female-to-male ratio, solidifying its role as a major advocate for diversity and inclusion in the industry.
  • Founded by Eric, a capital markets analyst, experienced Twitch streamer, and tournament host, along with Angela, skilled in influencer marketing and event management, GG Talent Group brings a wealth of experience, understanding the trends and attributes of successful influencer campaigns.

5. Hypefactory

Type: Influencer Marketing Agency, Talent Agency

Established: 2017

Notable clients/projects: Riot Games, Wargaming, NetEase, Plarium

Key services: influencer marketing, talent management, performance marketing

HypeFactory is a leading global influencer marketing agency known for its ability to deliver measurable results across various platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch. With a focus on data analysis and trend forecasting, HypeFactory's team of marketing experts crafts innovative campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences. 

Leveraging advanced technology driven by neural networks and AI, HypeFactory team meticulously analyzes the audience and following of up to 36 million influencers across various platforms including Twitch. Their proprietary technology provides accurate capacity estimates for each influencer, considering 55 metrics to ensure hyper-targeting for optimal results

In addition to its cutting-edge technology and expertise in influencer marketing, HypeFactory offers a Talent Management Service aimed at establishing meaningful partnerships between influencers, content creators, and brands. This service provides comprehensive support to influencers and content creators, helping them secure quality collaborations with brands across platforms like Twitch.

Reasons to choose HypeFactory:

  • With its state-of-the-art analytics and innovative technology, HypeFactory ensures that each campaign delivers tangible results in line with clients' goals.
  • HypeFactory's technology employs over 53 patterns of behavior to detect suspicious activity, ensuring transparency and authenticity in influencer partnerships.

6. SideQuest Media

Type: Talent Agency

Established: 2020

Notable clients/projects: LG, Ubisoft, Nvidia, Activision Blizzard

Key services: talent management, brand partnerships, data analysis & protection, content strategy development

SideQuest is a talent management company dedicated to video game influencers. Specializing in Twitch streaming and multiplayer games, the agency prides itself on approachable professionalism, blending friendliness with business acumen to offer creators peace of mind with the right management team.

The SideQuest team, composed of avid gamers deeply connected within the gaming industry, combines a passion for gaming with expert guidance to help creators navigate and succeed in the gaming landscape. The agency has curated a select group of Twitch streamers, including renowned multiplayer creators such as Bajheera, Delrith, and Crendor, among others. 

As a full-service management company specializing in multiplayer and large-scale activations, SideQuest offers various support services, including managed sponsored opportunities, personal branding, analytics reviews, and more. Employing a data-driven approach, the agency analyzes key metrics to provide creators with insights into their performance and growth potential.

Reasons to Choose SideQuest Media:

  • The agency's team, composed of avid gamers deeply connected within the gaming space, provides expert guidance to Clients
  • With a focus on the dynamic and engaging world of multiplayer gaming, the agency has developed expertise in understanding the unique challenges and opportunities within this space.

7. Click Media Group

Type: Talent Agency, Influencer Marketing Agency

Established: 2017

Notable clients/projects: Epic Games, Samsung, Amazon, TikTok, Maybeline

Key services: talent management, sponsorships management, UEFN development, strategy, content production

Click is a leading gaming agency that represents some of the world's biggest online gaming personalities. Established in 2017, Click has become the go-to agency for top gaming influencers across Australia and the US. Click provides unparalleled support to creators, guiding them to maximize their potential while delivering exceptional results for clients.

Over the past 5 years, Click’s team has delivered thousands of campaigns for some of the world's largest brands, leveraging proprietary research and extensive experience in the gaming sphere. With access to an exclusive roster of talent, Click advises brands on effectively reaching and engaging with gaming audiences, ensuring authentic connections that drive results.

The team comprises creators, strategists, and creatives who are passionate experts in gaming and its dedicated community.

Reasons to choose Click:

  • Click provides access to an exclusive roster of top gaming influencers, allowing brands to collaborate with the most sought-after personalities in the industry and has deep experience working across both talent and brand strategy and execution.
  • Click's track record speaks for itself, having delivered successful campaigns for global brands, ensuring effective partnership and results in gaming influencer marketing.

8. Viral Nation

Type: Talent Agency, Influencer Marketing Agency

Established: 2014

Notable clients/projects: Ubisoft, Tencent Game, Activision, Microsoft

Key services: talent management, influencer marketing, performance marketing, experiential marketing

Viral Nation stands out as a leading Twitch influencer marketing agency, seamlessly connecting brands with influential streamers to create compelling content. Founded by Mathew Micheli and Joe Gagliese, both named to the Top 30 Under 30 of 2014, Viral Nation has a youthful and dynamic team. 

Boasting an extensive network of  influencers, Viral Nation has successfully executed more than 2,000 campaigns, establishing itself as a significant player in the industry. The agency collaborates with influencers across various categories, including gaming, lifestyle, and entertainment, offering campaign management services and influencer partnerships to generate revenue. 

Beyond offering influencer marketing services to businesses, the agency functions as an influencer talent agency actively scouting talented Twitch influencers. With a focus on 360 monetization services, Viral Nation Talent represents over 800 content creators across 35 industry verticals, emphasizing a comprehensive approach to influencer marketing.

Reasons to choose Viral Nation:

  • With a track record of executing over 2,000 successful campaigns, Viral Nation has demonstrated its unmatched expertise in influencer marketing. 
  • Viral Nation_CreatorOS™ gives its brand customers a new level of intelligence and assurance, creating a proactive approach that ensures complete brand alignment

9. Fenix Down

Type: Talent Management

Established: N/A

Notable clients/projects: Nvidia, Intel, Sony, Discord

Key services: email management, brand sponsorships, rate advice, data analysis, financial reports, branding consultation, professional support, career guidance

Fenix Down, based in San Diego, CA, is a talent management company and licensed talent agency specializing in online influencers within the gaming niche. Established by former staff members of the now-closed Online Performers Group (OPG), the founding team brings nearly a decade of collective experience in collaboration with content creators. 

With a commitment to transparency, integrity, and diversity, Fenix Down aims to empower content creators by fostering successful brand partnerships and streamlining business logistics. The agency proudly represents over 35 creators, including prominent streamers like GassyMexican, ProfessorBroman and KingGothalion.

The company distinguishes between agency and management functions, with the former procuring work and the latter ensuring the seamless execution of tasks. Fenix Down's collaborative approach between the talent management company and talent agency provides clients with comprehensive support in both business management and exploring new work opportunities.

Reasons to choose Fenix Down:

  • The team brings nearly a decade of combined experience to the gaming industry and have built a wealth of trusted partnerships in the space
  • Fenix Down employs a team-based structure where all of its agents represent all of the firm's talent ensuring collaboration among agents, efficiency and flexibility. 

10. NightMedia

Type: Talent Agency

Established: 2015

Notable clients/projects: EA, eBay, Honey, Nestle

Key services: talent management, influencer marketing, branding, sponsorships

Night Media is a talent management and digital marketing agency specializing in influencer marketing, gaming, esports, technology and lifestyle activations. Established in 2015 by Reed Duchscher, a former sports agent turned digital talent manager, Night Media has risen as a leading talent management company, representing most prominent gamingt creators, including MrBeast, who recently crossed 100 million subscribers on YouTube and ranked as the highest-earning YouTuber in 2021, earning $54 million. 

Duchscher, serving as the CEO, leads Night Media's strategic vision, while the role of president, assumed by Ezra Cooperstein since 2020, brings additional expertise. Cooperstein, an early employee of the now-defunct Fullscreen and the former president of Rooster Teeth, contributes valuable industry knowledge to Night Media's leadership team

In response to the evolving digital landscape, Night Media extended its services to Twitch, currently managing talents like Asmongold and Karl Jacobs, both boasting 3 million+ followers. Night Media's continuous expansion is evident in the substantial growth of its talent roster. From 10 clients in 2020, the company now lists about 65, showcasing its commitment to fostering digital talent. 

Night Media has diversified into various ventures, including venture capital investing (Night Capital), original programming (Night Studios), and seed-stage investing (Night Ventures). This multifaceted approach reflects Night Media's commitment to providing comprehensive support and opportunities for its clients in the dynamic digital landscape.

Reasons to choose Night Media:

  • Night Media represents some of the largest and most influential creators in the gaming and internet landscape. 
  • In 2022, the company created an in-house studio for producing content which is led by the former Head of Unscripted Originals at YouTube, Alex Piper

11. Miro MGMT

Type: Talent Management

Established: 2020

Notable clients/projects: PUBG, Sony, Among Us Toys, Apple

Key services: branded content & sponsorships, events & public appearances, media, publicity & PR

MIRO MGMT, founded by talent manager Rome McElroy in 2020, specializes in managing online creators, influencers, streamers, and various creatives. While Rome McElroy has been managing talent since 2007, she ventured into the digital space in 2013 by representing YouTubers Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita. 

The agency represents a select group of Twitch streamers, featuring notable creators such as Julien Solomita, Gab Smolders, and Chris Melberger.

With extensive experience in event coordination and public appearances, MIRO MGMT excels in handling bookings and coordinating various requests, including media support and meet-and-greets. Their past collaborations include notable events such as Vidcon, TwitchCon, Streamy Awards and more. Additionally, MIRO MGMT has a successful history of facilitating media and interview requests with top tier media like The New York Times and Variety. 

Reasons to choose MIRO MGMT:

  • Under the leadership of talent manager Rome McElroy, MIRO MGMT brings over 15 years of extensive experience in overseeing online creators, influencers, and streamers. 
  • The agency not only excels in talent representation but also demonstrates proficiency in event coordination, public appearances, facilitating media and interview requests. 

12. GameInfluencer

Type: Influencer Marketing

Established: 2016

Notable clients/projects: SEGA, Samsung, Nexon, Nvidia, Tencent

Key services: Influencer Marketing, UA Licensing, Influencer Events, TikTok Campaigns, eSports Partnerships, Channel Sponsorship Campaigns

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, GameInfluencer stands as a premier Twitch influencer marketing agency driven by a team deeply passionate about gaming. Facilitating connections between game publishers, brands, and top-tier gaming talent, the agency boasts an impressive portfolio, collaborating with industry giants like Facebook, Sega, Tencent, and NVIDIA.

The GameInfluencer team combines extensive expertise in game publishing, marketing, and promotion, tailoring its services to meet the unique needs of each client. Utilizing its proprietary database housing over 3 million influencers, partners gain access to influencers aligned with their brand, categorized by channel size, audience demographics, and campaign performance.

GameInfluencer excels in Twitch marketing, utilizing the platform's rich gaming content to create customized strategies. With a pool of both popular and up-and-coming Twitch streamers, brands have a variety of influential choices for effective marketing. The agency is known for its creative Twitch marketing strategies, offering a flexible approach for brands targeting gaming audiences. Whether showcasing products, services, or boosting brand awareness, GameInfluencer tailors Twitch marketing strategies to fit specific brand needs.

Reasons to choose GameInfluencer:

  • GameInfluencer has collaborated with renowned industry leaders, establishing a track record of successful campaigns.
  • Offering the best of both worlds, the agency combines data-driven strategies with creative innovation, ensuring impactful and engaging influencer marketing.

13. Evolved

Type: Talent Management

Established: 2016

Notable clients/projects: Epic Games, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Sony Pictures

Key services: sponsorship management, talent management

Evolved is an independent esports and gaming talent agency specializing in engaging with esports and digital audiences. Evolved operates as a licensed agency with experienced agents dedicated to advocating for player rights within the esports industry.

Beyond esports players, Evolved represents passionate content creators who captivate and inspire millions of fans worldwide. The agency facilitates opportunities for creators to collaborate with trusted brand partners, leveraging the value they've built. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Evolved Talent Agency has grown to represent over 200 content creators and esports professionals including prominent streamers like Amouranth, xQc, and Kitboga. 

The Evolved team employs diverse strategies, including in-video placements, digital advertising, and social activations, to ensure the success of its players. The agency is committed to cultivating strong relationships with brands, guiding them into digital-creator marketing through managed campaigns.

Reasons to choose Evolved:

  • Evolved represents many of the world’s largest esports professionals participating in renowned leagues like the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) and the Overwatch League (OWL)
  • Evolved serves as a global marketing and consulting partner for brands ranging from startups to multinational corporations, offering expertise in engaging with esports audiences 

14. United Talent

Type: Talent Agency

Established: 1991

Notable clients/projects

Key services: talent management, brand partnerships, data & analytics, corporate advisory, entertainment marketing

United Talent Agency (UTA) stands out as a premier talent and entertainment company deeply involved in the gaming industry. Since its establishment in 2018, UTA's Gaming & Esports division has consistently held the industry leadership position in representing gamers, esports athletes, streamers, and gaming organizations. Boasting the largest dedicated gaming and esports division among major talent agencies, UTA represents over 125 professional esports athletes, content creators, and streamers with a collective fanbase surpassing 420 million followers.

UTA is recognized for its ability to craft synergies among talent, platforms, development studios, and publishers. The agency offers a comprehensive range of services, encompassing talent strategy and integrations, brand partnerships, content development, IP expansion into film, and various other areas. 

UTA's gaming roster includes influential figures such as NickMercs, Pokimane, Swagg, Valkyrae, and more. The agency is a representative force for entities like Garena, FaZe Clan, Loud Esports, and Fourth Frame Studios. 

Reasons to choose United Talent:

  • With a robust roster of over 125 professional esports athletes, content creators, and streamers, UTA has a profound influence in the gaming space, representing iconic figures such as NickMercs, Pokimane, Swagg, Valkyrae, and more.
  • UTA Games is a key player in representing renowned game developers and studios. With deep expertise in areas like publishing deals, employment contracts, intellectual property agreements, and corporate development, UTA Games provides unparalleled support to clients in the dynamic gaming industry.

15. Kairos Media

Type: Influencer Marketing Agency

Established: 2015

Notable clients/projects: Activision, Epic Games, Rovio, Sony, Plarium

Key services: influencer marketing, creative strategy, content production, social strategy, data and insights, and paid media.

Kairos Media, a rapidly growing social creative agency in the UK, was founded by the dynamic '30 under 30 co-founders.' With a team of 100 creatives, they embody a 360-degree approach that merges science and art to deliver creative strategy and execution for brands. Specializing in gaming, Kairos Media extends Twitch influencer marketing services, considering influencer collaboration as the essence of their business.

With a vast network of over 75,000 influencers across 55 countries, Kairos Media stands as a leader in creating authentic digital spaces. Their innovative sponsored streaming solution, "Kairos Live," transforms streams into highly interactive experiences, amplifying the value of impressions beyond traditional metrics. Through their data and insights service, KLabs, Kairos Media utilizes in-house analytics tools and extensive research to understand audience interests, contributing to their success

Originally an influencer marketing agency, Kairos Media has expanded its services to include creative strategy, content production, social strategy, data and insights, and paid media.

Reasons to choose Kairos Media:

  • As a global influencer marketing agency specializing in gaming, Kairos Media collaborates with Twitch influencers, amassing over 8 billion content views and establishing a vast global reach. 
  • Specializing in influencer marketing, creative strategy, content production, social strategy, data insights, and paid media, Kairos Media ensures an effective and comprehensive solution for influencer marketing campaigns.

16. WeHype

Type: Twitch influencer marketing platform

Established: 2016

Notable clients/projects: Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Scopely, Tencent

Key services: self-serve influencer sponsorship management, influencer marketing

Wehype stands as a prominent Twitch influencer marketing platform, engaging with over 2 billion gamers globally. The platform leverages smart technology, in-house expertise, and extensive data to provide a comprehensive influencer marketing campaign management system.

The core of Wehype's success lies in its proprietary technology, which consistently gathers Twitch data and updates its analysis every fifteen minutes. This approach allows Wehype to rapidly identify optimal influencers for new game launches, effectively boosting interest and driving sales.

Wehype offers brands a complete suite of tools, enabling them to discover influencers, create and manage campaigns, and monitor campaign performance. The platform also incorporates various features, including the ability to craft creative briefs and track influencer engagement, empowering brands with insights to better understand the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Reasons to choose WeHype:

  • Wehype utilizes proprietary technology to ensure a real-time and accurate understanding of the gaming landscape.
  • Wehype offers a complete influencer marketing campaign management system, allowing brands to discover influencers, create and manage campaigns, and track performance—all within a single platform.

17. Novo

Type: Talent Agency, Influencer Marketing Platform

Established: N/A

Notable clients/projects: Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, Uber

Key services: sponsorship management, talent management, video production 

NOVO, co-founded by influencers Matt Zagursky and Devin Nash, addresses persistent challenges in the digital landscape, leveraging their eight years of influencer experience. The agency emphasizes thoughtful influencer selection, authenticity in marketing campaigns, particularly on platforms like Twitch, and a dedication to campaign optimization. With a background in influencer management (N3RDFUSION) and esports (Counter Logic Gaming), NOVO stands as a solution-oriented agency deeply attuned to industry nuances.

With a 360° approach, Novo boasts a full-time creative team adept at translating brand messages for new demographics, an exclusive roster of innovative talent from Twitch and YouTube, and a dedicated in-house production staff operating from a spacious studio equipped for custom solutions. This all-encompassing approach ensures a seamless and high-quality process, eliminating the need to engage multiple entities for a well-produced ad in the new media space.

Novo Nexus, an extension of NOVO, serves as a free resource connecting content creators with sponsorships from over 200 vetted brands. The platform provides a human-managed, white-glove experience without fees or exclusivity. Creators of all sizes can register, share their interests, and access personalized sponsorship opportunities, addressing the challenge of connecting smaller creators with brands for collaborations.

Reasons to choose Novo:

  • Novo, founded by seasoned influencers Matt Zagursky and Devin Nash, brings eight years of influencer experience to the table. This guarantees brands personalized and impactful influencer partnerships, especially on platforms like Twitch.
  • Novo simplifies the complex process of advertising on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and new social media by offering an all-in-one solution. Novo stands out with its 360° approach, catering to various business needs at different stages of the process. 

18. AFK Creator

Type: Influencer Marketing Agency, Talent Agency

Established: 2018

Notable clients/projects: Amazon Games, Kakao Games, Plarium, Wargaming

Key services: attention marketing, talent management, esports consultancy, media buying

AFK is a premier talent management and influencer marketing agency specializing in eSports and gaming. Their objective is to bridge the gap between brands and world-class influencers, empowering brands to realize their marketing vision while enabling creators to focus on content creation and long-term goals. 

With a vast network of talent in key international markets, AFK assists creators in securing sponsorships and campaign opportunities with top brands. AFK Pros, an extension of AFK, provides vital support to esports athletes globally. This specialized arm offers comprehensive representation, drawing from the agency's expertise in influencer marketing and brand partnerships. 

AFK’s roster includes renowned esports talents such as Fit1nho, FNS, and Knoqd. Additionally, they have collaborated with prominent esports teams like Cloud9, FaZe Clan, NRG, and others.

Reasons to choose AFK:

  • AFK provides brands with access to a wide range of professional esports athletes, allowing them to collaborate with individuals whose personal brand aligns seamlessly with their marketing objective
  • AFK offers comprehensive support to both brands and influencers in the eSports and gaming industry, ensuring that their marketing goals are achieved efficiently and effectively.

19. Famesters

Type: Influencer Marketing Agency

Established: 2017

Notable clients/projects: Opera, AtlasVPN, Konami, Netease

Key services: creative strategy, media planning, distribution strategy, measurement and reports, fraud protection

The Famesters influencer marketing agency utilizes Twitch streamers to engage with audiences and enhance global brand visibility. Famesters emerged as an independent influencer marketing agency, stemming from the roots of BuzzGuru, an all-encompassing influencer marketing platform. Since its establishment in 2017, Famesters mission is to demystify the world of content creators, offering clear insights and measurable results to clients. 

The agency has extensive experience working with brands across different industries, ranging from Gaming and iGaming brands to FinTech startups and Apps developers.With over 7 years of industry experience, they have executed more than 7,000 campaigns across 65 countries, collaborating with over 40,000 Twitch influencers. 

Famesters team handles all aspects of Twitch marketing strategy, from research and analytics to content selection and influencer partnerships. Focused on thorough market research and understanding the target audience, they develop tailored marketing strategies to meet the unique needs of each brand.

Reasons to choose Famesters:

  • Extensive experience and proven track record in executing successful Twitch influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Famesters' data-driven approach ensures measurable results, with an average organic traffic growth of 50% and a campaign conversion rate of 40%. 

20. Creative Artists Agency (CAA)

Type: Talent Agency

Established: 1975

Notable clients/projects: Riot Games, Minecraft, Coca-Cola, Netflix

Key services: talent management, sponsorships management, business development, operational services, business analytics

Creative Artists Agency (CAA) stands as a leading force in the video game industry, having pioneered representation within this dynamic sector. With a history dating back to 1975, CAA has evolved into a leading entertainment and sports agency, extending its influence across diverse domains including digital media, marketing, and television.

Within the gaming realm, CAA offers comprehensive consulting and dealmaking services tailored to each phase of a project, from inception to launch, covering all aspects of production, marketing, and execution. Renowned for its expertise, CAA enjoys the trust of the world's most esteemed game developers, studios, and publishers, who rely on its guidance to bolster their capabilities and elevate their presence in the gaming realm. 

Esteemed agents like Peter Letz collaborate closely with gaming content creators and influencers on Twitch, providing comprehensive representation to clients like DrDisRespect and NickEh30, both boasting millions of followers. In addition to talent representation, CAA partners with brands for consulting, brand management, partnership sales, and more, catering to enterprises seeking to navigate the evolving gaming landscape. 

Reasons to choose CAA:

  • CAA stands as a trailblazer in the video game industry, pioneering representation since its inception and bringing unparalleled expertise and experience to the table
  • CAA offers comprehensive consulting and dealmaking services tailored to every phase of a gaming project, covering production, marketing, and execution. 

21. The Kinetic Group

Type: Talent Agency

Established: 2018

Notable clients/projects: Electronic Arts, Sony, Activision, Logitech

Key services: talent management, sponsorships management, financial management, strategic planning, and brand development

The Kinetic Group, based in Los Angeles, is a talent management firm dedicated to representing the most ambitious talent in the digital sphere. Specializing in esports and gaming, their mission is to adapt and empower their clients, enabling them to share their passions with audiences worldwide.

They manage renowned personalities such as Nicholas “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff (6.7M followers on Twitch) and Ali “SypherPK” Hassan (6.6M followers on Twitch). Additionally, their Emerging Talent division, led by industry expert Joowon Lee, focuses on nurturing rising stars like YourRAGEGaming, Kruzadar, and HunterTV. 

The Kinetic Group believes in converting talent into thriving businesses. Beyond content creation and monetization, they offer comprehensive services, including financial management, strategic planning, and brand development. Their holistic approach ensures that clients achieve their dreams and aspirations in the digital landscape.

Reasons to choose The Kinetic Group:

  • The Kinetic Group's impressive roster encompasses both established Twitch icons like NICKMERCS and promising up-and-coming talent nurtured through its Emerging Talent Division.
  • The company's comprehensive management services ensure that influencer campaigns are strategically aligned with brand objectives, maximizing the impact and effectiveness of collaboration

22. Underscore Talent

Type: Talent Agency

Established: 2021

Notable clients/projects: Walmart, Clinique, Google, Amazon, Verizon

Key services: talent management, sponsorships management, growth and optimization strategy

Underscore Talent, a talent management company that helps creators build long-lasting careers, was founded in 2021 by entertainment industry pioneers Michael Green, Reza Izad and Dan Weinstein—former founders of Studio71 and The Collective (CDS). With decades of experience representing top talent from both traditional and digital spheres, the founders bring a wealth of expertise to the company.

Underscore first launched its gaming division in the summer of 2021, just six months after its inception. Managed by partners Daniel Kang and Bill Kenney, the division quickly secured partnerships with top-tier streamers and esports players like Aydan (3M Twitch followers) and Scump (1.6M Twitch followers), solidifying its presence in the gaming landscape.

The company's mission is to help creators, personalities, artists, and entrepreneurs navigate today's "attention economy" to build enduring and prosperous careers. Underscore Talent provides a personalized and comprehensive 360° management experience across various areas, including endorsements, brand partnerships, ecommerce, social media, gaming, and more.

Reasons to choose Underscore Talent:

  • With a diverse roster of influential streamers and esports players, Underscore Talent offers brands access to a wide range of talent capable of resonating with target demographics. 
  • Underscore Talent was founded by industry pioneers with decades of experience in both traditional and digital entertainment. Their team includes former founders of Studio71 and The Collective (CDS), who have represented some of the biggest names in entertainment. 

23. REV/XP

Type: Influencer Marketing Agency

Established: 2015

Notable clients/projects: Pepsi, T-Mobile, Chipotle, Verizon, Turtle Beach

Key services: Sponsorship Management, Marketing Communications, Creative Strategy, Media Services, Live Events 

REV/XP is a global leader in gaming and esports marketing. An internal agency of rEvolution, a sports marketing agency, REV/XP is dedicated to revolutionizing the gaming and esports community. With their parent company being a prominent player in the sports marketing industry, REV/XP benefits from extensive experience and expertise in understanding brand dynamics, fan engagement, and marketing strategies.

Leveraging its expertise in conventional digital marketing for the gaming industry, REV/XP engages brands and talents in exciting collaborations, live streams, and insightful interviews. Their extensive network includes professional esports players, championship teams, influencers, and creators. With exclusive connections and a customized approach, they can seamlessly connect any brand with its desired audience.

Reasons to choose REV/XP:

  • REV/XP benefits from being a part of rEvolution, a leading brand-focused sports marketing agency. This affiliation brings a wealth of experience and expertise in traditional sports marketing, which they seamlessly translate into the esports and gaming industry. 
  • With an extensive network of top-tier companies, professional esports players, championship teams, influencers, and creators, REV/XP can connect brands with their desired audience seamlessly.

24. Rumble Gaming

Type: Talent Agency, Influencer Marketing Agency

Established: N/A

Notable clients/projects: Twitch, Corsair, Amazon 

Key services: Talent Management, Sponsorship & Licensing, Content Creation & Distribution, Live Events & Activations

Rumble Gaming is an industry-leading talent agency specializing in bridging the gap between brands and the gaming and esports ecosystem. As a global agency and media company, they facilitate partnership opportunities, influencer marketing, content creation, and distribution. With production studios in Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles, they are equipped to create and distribute content across digital and linear media platforms.

Rumble Gaming boasts a roster of nearly 600 affluent esports athletes, gamers, and creators with a total of 25M followers on Twitch. Their services include helping creators understand their value in the gaming ecosystem and connecting them with brands worldwide. They provide support through negotiation and legal protection, ensuring their clients' interests are safeguarded while maximizing opportunities for collaboration.

Rumble Gaming is catering to both endemic and non-endemic brands through audience-centric activations. Their expertise in the esports and digital realms ranks them among the top influencer agencies worldwide. While headquartered in Toronto, they operate across the US, Europe, and Asia, solidifying their reputation as a reliable representative for passionate influencers, creators, and esports talents.

Reasons to choose Rumble Gaming:

  • With a roster of nearly 600 esports athletes, gamers, and creators boasting a collective following of 25 million on Twitch, Rumble Gaming provides access to a vast audience. 
  • With production studios strategically located in Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles, Rumble Gaming is equipped with cutting-edge facilities to create high-quality content tailored to brands' needs.

In conclusion, partnering with a specialized Twitch influencer marketing agency is crucial for brands seeking to engage with Twitch's diverse audience effectively. These agencies offer tailored strategies and established relationships with Twitch influencers, ensuring maximum return on investment. From data-driven approaches to talent-first principles and emphasis on creator well-being, these agencies provide unique strengths to navigate the Twitch ecosystem.

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