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Top Gaming Marketing & PR Agencies for Video Game Publishers

The gaming industry in 2024 presents a mixed picture, showing both remarkable potential and significant challenges. While ad spending is expected to reach $8.53 billion in 2024—a doubling from five years earlier,  the sector is navigating a highly volatile and competitive landscape.

Following a troubling pattern that began in 2023, the gaming sector has witnessed significant job losses, with over 10,000 positions cut in 2023 and an additional 8,000 lost in the first quarter of 2024 alone. These layoffs reflect the volatile nature of the industry, complicating its growth narrative. As the industry grapples with these layoffs and a rapidly evolving market, the need for effective marketing and public relations strategies has never been more critical.

Why Gaming Marketing & PR Agency?

As the gaming world becomes more saturated, distinguishing one's game from the crowd becomes a formidable challenge. A specialized Gaming Marketing & PR Agency helps games stand out through creative, targeted marketing and compelling public relations campaigns. They also provide crucial support in influencer marketing, content creation, and crisis management, ensuring that publishers can effectively engage with their audience and mitigate potential setbacks swiftly.

Partnering with a specialized agency not only boosts a game's visibility and appeal but also aligns marketing efforts with the broader business objectives of publishers, positioning them for success in a dynamic and crowded market.

Top 23 Gaming Marketing & PR Agencies to Work With In 2024

1. Cloutboost

Established: 2017

Region: North America, Europe, LATAM, Asia

Notable clients/projects: Sony, Samsung, Nexon, Owlcat Games, Wargaming, tinyBuild Games

Key services: influencer marketing, influencer data & analytics, UA licensing, retargeting, content repurposing, public relations

Specializing in acquisition-focused influencer marketing for the gaming industry, Cloutboost excels in executing large-scale campaigns tailored to brands of all sizes. Founded and operated by veterans in the gaming industry, the Cloutboost team guides clients through the complexities of influencer campaigns at different video game launch stages.

Cloutboost utilizes data science and AI technologies to optimize and scale its influencer marketing strategies. With one of the largest and continuously expanding databases of gaming influencers, it employs over 50 data points to thoroughly evaluate each influencer, ensuring maximum impact for every campaign. The AI-powered client portal empowers clients to effortlessly oversee, optimize, and scale campaigns, ensuring a streamlined experience.

In addition to influencer campaigns, Cloutboost offers services like UA licensing, performance marketing, and public relations to maximize the impact of influencer collaborations.

2. Reverb Communications

Established: 2003

Region: US

Notable clients/projects: Launched Rocket League, PUBG, ARK: Survival Evolved, ARK: The Animated Series, Arena Breakout

Key services: gaming PR, marketing, influencer marketing, brand strategy, advertising, events, website creation, market and competitive analysis, media training and demo prep, publishing

With over two decades of experience in the gaming industry and staffed by industry veterans, Reverb Communications helps clients navigate the increasingly complex world of video game marketing and promotion to reach their audiences. Staffed by passionate gamers, the agency tailors campaigns to generate sales, increasing awareness and profitability at the same time.

Games looking to connect with the broader gaming industry will benefit from Reverb's comprehensive support at all stages of development, release, and marketing. The agency’s team of comms pros, content creators, former journalists, and subject matter experts, crafts custom strategies to make your product stand out in a crowded market.

Reverb offers a wide range of PR services including media and influencer relations, event planning, first party logistics, and creative services.

3. Plan of Attack

Established: 2013

Region: Europe and North America

Notable clients/projects: Unity, FatShark Studios, All In! Studios, Amazon Game Studios, Sumo Digital,

Key services: planning and strategy, copywriting, media training and counseling, corporate communications, influencer management, events and conferences, social media management

Plan of Attack is a global video games PR agency, boasting a team of industry veterans from Europe and North America, and specializing in promoting games across all sizes and genres. The agency crafts bespoke campaigns tailored to the specific needs, budgets, audience types, and genres of each client, positioning itself as an agile and experienced marketing partner.

From strategic positioning to media relations and influencer partnerships, Plan of Attack guides its clients through every stage of public relations. The agency excels in creating flexible campaigns that adapt to client needs and audience responses, ensuring more engaging and effective promotional efforts.

With a focus on enhancing client skills in media interaction, Plan of Attack improves brand messaging and strengthens brand identity for game studios. Additionally, the agency's extensive network of gaming PR partners in South Korea, Japan, and China helps Western games gain better access and support in these key markets, facilitating broader audience reach and engagement in these territories.

4. Kool Things

Established: 2010

Regions: Central and Eastern Europe including Turkey.

Notable clients/projects: Playtika, Epic Games, Square Enix, Riot Games, Razer, The Pokemon Company

Key services: Gaming marketing, social media, digital and live events, launch campaigns, creative design, performance marketing, media and influencer relations,, video production.

Kool Things, established in 2010, is the first and most experienced agency in Poland specializing in the promotion of games and related technologies, initially focusing on Central Europe and CIS countries. Over the years, the company has transformed into a global provider offering a wide array of specialized marketing services for companies that want to reach gaming audiences.. Kool Things uses an integrated marketing approach to help its clients establish  and maintain a consistent brand image across their campaigns, enabling them to get the exposure and recognition they deserve.

Consistency is often the key to many successful marketing campaigns, and Kool Things understands how to leverage it for the benefit of a client. It works closely with brands to make sure that their materials, content, and messaging remain consistent throughout their project lifespans, ensuring user engagement and long-term traction. Kool Things also offers support for clients who want more hands-on involvement in the details of their projects, conducting social media marketing and influencer management for better reach and clear messaging.

5. White Label PR

Established: 2018

Region: US, United Kingdom, Germany, France

Notable clients/projects: Tencent, MyGames, Meta Publishing, Larian Studios, Wargaming, Mantisco, THQ Nordic, Deep Silver

Key services: public relations, influencer marketing, corporate communications, events

With over 80+ games successfully marketed, White Label PR continues to provide enterprise-level support to game companies and their projects today. Its campaigns have been covered extensively by media outlets like IGN, Eurogamer, and Gamespot, cementing its capabilities to bring games to a wider audience. White Label PR has established itself as a professional and proactive gaming PR agency, known for its effective B2B capabilities that enhance games' visibility and growth by connecting them with other companies.

The team at White Label PR brings an average of 20+ years of experience to each project, ensuring high-quality service and results. Its expertise also extends towards influencer campaigns taking place on streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch, allowing for even more engagement between a game, its players, and its biggest spokespersons.

6. Fearless Media

Established: 2009

Region: US

Notable clients/projects: Epic Games, Valve, Turtle Beach, Redbox

Key services: media planning and buying, events planning, product integration, influencer marketing, social media management, search marketing

Founded in 2009, Fearless Media is a full-service digital marketing agency based in New York City that specializes in the video games and entertainment sectors. In 2020, the agency was acquired by ReKTGlobal, the parent company of esports giants Rogue and the London Royal Ravens, significantly enhancing its reach and impact within the digital and gaming landscape.

Fearless Media pursues a growth-centric strategy by helping its clients in-game promotion. The agency applies an integrated marketing approach to handling projects, allowing it to customize and adapt outputs in response to audience demand for higher engagement. The agency is known for prioritizing data-driven results, stressing the importance of real data that directly correlates with revenue.

With extensive experience working with some of the most prominent names in the gaming industry, Fearless Media has established itself as a leader in creating high-visibility and engaging content. It offers integrated marketing solutions that utilize the latest technology, current entertainment trends, and a deep understanding of project needs, enabling any game to reach a broader and more engaged audience through its vast network of media companies and partners.

7. PocketWhale

Established: 2014

Regions: US, Europe, and Japan

Notable clients/projects: miHoYo, PONOS, Vivid Games, Nexon, Wargaming, Day 1 Studios

Key services: strategy and market research, PR services, media buying, influencer marketing, creative and user acquisition licenses, events and tournaments

PocketWhale, a marketing agency specialized in mobile game titles, provides a comprehensive range of services leveraging its expertise in mobile game advertising, marketing, and support. Since its inception in 2014 as a division of Berlin-based AppLift, the Paris-based company initially aimed to revolutionize user acquisition (UA) by eliminating intra-network confusion and fraudulent clicks.

Today, PocketWhale has transformed into a savvy consultancy that bypasses traditional UA strategies, focusing instead on app store optimization and gaining visibility through media engagement. The agency employs a cross-media approach to ensure marketing consistency across all platforms and prefers a hands-on process involving every stage, from content creation to conducting focus groups.

PocketWhale has executed several successful campaigns for some of the world's most recognized mobile games, simultaneously delighting existing users and attracting new players. This shift to a more traditional yet innovative method of engagement positions PocketWhale as a forward-thinking player in mobile game marketing.

8. Luna PR

Established: 2020

Region: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Notable clients/projects: The Game Company, World Mobile, The Sandbox, Polygon

Key services: social media management, community management, influencer management, launch events, brand strategy, campaigns and activations

Luna PR, a leading Web3 public relations agency and consultancy, is committed to demystifying Web3 and showcasing its potential through superior media exposure. By partnering with industry leaders and pioneering projects, Luna PR delivers first-hand insights to a broader audience, enhancing public understanding and engagement with Web3 technologies.

With a robust background in blockchain, fintech, and emerging technologies, Luna PR provides a comprehensive suite of marketing and public relations services designed to ensure high-visibility for client campaigns. The agency's focus on public relations fosters strong connections between brands and their customers, which is particularly vital in the gaming industry where engagement can directly influence success.

Luna PR also specializes in events and activations, an area where many brands have placed their trust. These efforts not only strengthen community ties but also effectively showcase client projects. Furthermore, Luna PR's proficiency with emerging technologies allows for the integration of cutting-edge tech into campaigns, not only captivating audiences but also clearly conveying the client’s core messages.

9. Dead Good PR

Established: 2012

Region: United Kingdom and Canada

Notable clients/projects: Owlcat Games, SEGA, Larian Studios, Happy Volcano, Modus

Key services: PR strategy support, influencer relations, case studies, media outreach

Founded in 2012 by industry veteran Stu Taylor, Dead Good PR revolutionized the UK gaming PR scene with a "no-nonsense" approach built on Taylor's extensive experience in games media and agency/in-house PR. As pioneers, they were the first in the UK to form a dedicated in-house team for influencer and content creator outreach, setting new standards in the industry.

Under the leadership of Co-Directors Stu Taylor and Carly Moxey, Dead Good PR excels in creating dynamic and engaging campaigns, working intimately with clients through all phases of game promotion and development. This includes everything from initial brainstorming to robust community management. The agency is known for its fervent passion for gaming and has earned the trust of major game studios through its adaptable, client-focused strategies.

Expanding their vision, Dead Good opened C'est Mortel Media Inc. in Montréal, Canada, in the summer of 2020 to enhance support for North American clients, providing local assistance for game launches and events. For smaller developers or those with limited budgets, Dead Good offers GameTomb.gg, a bespoke game key distribution service that connects over 5,000 media and content creators with new gaming opportunities daily.

10. Evolve PR

Established: 2006

Region: Canada

Notable clients/projects: Nexon, Epic Games, CD Projekt RED, Sega, Kakao Games

Key services: media and influencer relations, social media management, community engagement, video and content creation, research and analysis

Evolve PR stands out in the video game marketing landscape by taking a proactive and comprehensive approach to promoting games. Their method involves engaging in-house experts across all stages of game development and marketing to craft campaigns that captivate and engage audiences. The agency's commitment to transparency and clarity fosters a trusting relationship with clients, empowering them to pursue effective long-term promotions.

Evolve PR distinguishes itself with its dynamic approach, integrating services across PR, social media, video creation, and research. This multidisciplinary strategy ensures that each game receives tailored and impactful exposure, drawing from years of industry experience. They pride themselves on offering fair and ethical services, focusing on sustainable business practices rather than mere profit.

With a track record of working on high-profile games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Fortnite, Evolve PR offers a blend of seasoned expertise and innovative strategies, ensuring that each project stands out in a crowded market. They emphasize a "no bullshit" philosophy, providing straightforward assessments and strategic guidance to navigate the complexities of game marketing.

11. Game Marketing Genie

Established: 2018

Region: US, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia

Notable clients/projects: Wargaming, Com2uS, Lazy Giant Games, Casino Ventura, Goldfire Studios, Activision, Rekt Games

Key services: game marketing strategy, digital advertising, social media management, influencer marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing

Game Marketing Genie is a full-service, data-driven marketing and creative agency that specializes in promoting gaming and entertainment companies around the globe. By integrating technical expertise with data-driven intelligence, the agency delivers measurable business growth and robust ROI for its clients.

Game Marketing Genie is passionate about harnessing the interplay between human decision-making, psychology, and technology to enable its clients to deliver superior customer experiences. The agency has been rapidly expanding its operations, with established offices in Australia, Singapore, and India.

The agency develops custom solutions precisely tailored to meet the unique needs of each game, drawing upon the deep expertise of its team of marketing specialists.

12. fortyseven Communications

Established: 2006

Region: US

Notable clients/projects: Flight School Studios

Key services: interactive entertainment, mobile game marketing, public relations, corporate communications, media relations, VR, influencer marketing

fortyseven Communications, often flying under the radar while letting their clients shine, operates out of Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco as a full-service PR agency. Awarded by GamesIndustry.biz as one of the Best Places To Work in 2021, fortyseven Communications prides itself on its roster of gaming experts from a variety of different fields

The team excels at crafting personal narratives for clients ranging from major industry players to emerging names with compelling stories. With a deep focus on brand positioning, media and influencer campaigns, crisis communications, and real-life events, fortyseven becomes an integral part of each client's mission, navigating the complexities of entertainment and technology with ease. Their notable presence in the video game sector includes extensive experience with product launches, streaming services, and consumer electronics.

Unlike agencies where senior leadership is seldom seen, fortyseven prides itself on a senior-led approach where everyone from the founder to interns plays a direct and daily role in every account. This ensures that each client benefits from seasoned insights and innovative strategies, guaranteeing services that truly meet the needs of their projects.

13. Heaven Media

Established: 2002

Region: United Kingdom

Notable clients/projects: Electronic Arts, Alienware, ASUS, Riot Games, Intel, Disney, Twitch, Samsung

Key services: influencer marketing, public relations, events, content creation, creative assets, social media management, paid strategy development, data and research, esports

With over two decades of gaming marketing experience, Heaven Media has become one of the most sought-after gaming promotion agencies today. Aside from years of experience, the agency connects its clients to leading experts, creates strategies to help campaigns reach an engaged audience, and innovates on existing trends for long-term results.

Drawing on its expertise with both the gaming industry and the technology that drives game growth and development, Heaven Media creates engaging and authentic campaigns that resonate with gamers around the world. The agency strongly believes in an integrated approach with their client's campaigns, ensuring that games delight audiences old and new.

14. Vicarious PR

Established: 2017

Region: North America, LATAM, Asia

Notable clients/projects: Behaviour Interactive, Nvizzo Creations, Half Human Games, Orc Chop Games, Firesquid

Key services: game messaging, market analysis, store page creation/optimization, corporate communications, marketing activations, influencer management, paid media, monthly reporting

Vicarious PR was established by two former games journalists and content creators who brought their extensive experience in game development and publishing to the forefront of PR and marketing. This foundation provides Vicarious PR with a comprehensive understanding of the gaming industry’s lifecycle, from development to launch and beyond. Their in-depth knowledge particularly equips them to manage the complex approval processes often associated with large gaming IPs, ensuring that marketing strategies are effectively aligned to minimize friction and adapt to the fast-paced changes that typify the gaming landscape.

Vicarious PR offers a transparent, data-driven approach, constantly refining their strategies based on real-time analytics to ensure optimal engagement. With a global reach and a comprehensive suite of services, Vicarious PR handles all aspects of PR, influencer engagement, and advertising, making them the go-to partner for achieving scalable, measurable success in game marketing.

15. iQU

Established: 2011

Region: Netherlands

Notable clients/projects: Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, MyGames, Wargaming, Bigpoint

Key services: performance marketing, fraud detection, branding, influencer marketing, media buying, gamer profiling, data insights

iQU is a dedicated digital media agency focused on the gaming industry, offering tailored marketing solutions that span the entire game development process. From player acquisition and branding at launch to consultancy and PR for ongoing support, iQU provides custom services designed to connect games with their target audiences effectively.

Leveraging deep industry insights and a robust promotional strategy, iQU helps developers navigate various stages of a game’s lifecycle, ensuring optimal market reach and engagement. Renowned for its success, iQU has acquired over 40 million players for 3,000 games and is trusted by major publishers like Electronic Arts, Wargaming, Ubisoft, and others. This makes iQU a reliable partner for game studios looking to expand their player base and enhance their market presence.

16. Triple Point PR

Established: 2002

Region: US

Notable clients/projects: Blizzard Entertainment, Sega, Paradox Interactive, Meta

Key services: communications strategy, media training, competitive intelligence, event management, software investments, software investments, messaging development, influencer marketing

Specializing in coverage and public relations, Triple Point PR delivers a strategic, targeted approach to game marketing and promotion. Drawing an analogy from thermodynamics, Triple Point PR operates at the convergence of media, technology, and gaming, maintaining equilibrium by actively engaging in all aspects of its clients’ businesses. The agency uses its long-standing relations with some of the biggest names in media, leveraging its in-depth knowledge of the games industry to create highly engaging campaigns.

Triple Point PR dives beyond PR efforts into full integration with their clients’ marketing and promotional needs. With its experience with media and press coverage, the agency creates competitive-focused stories that allow clients to outshine their competition. Triple Point PR has also invested heavily in software, incubating projects like Woovit, an influencer marketing software used by publishers and agencies across the game industry. Additionally, the TriplePoint Video Game Index (ticker: GAMER) tracks companies that represent industry performance. Owned and composed by TriplePoint, it is calculated by S&P Dow Jones Indices.

17. Plug In Digital

Established: 2012

Region: France, North America, Latam

Notable clients/projects: Bandai Namco, Quantic Dream, Focus Entertainment, Paradox Interactive

Key services: game distribution, business development, subscription services, special ops, local republishing

Trusted by more than 250 of its game development and distribution partners, Plug In Digital helps studios and publishers bring their games to a global audience. From local releases to physical distribution, the agency enables games to thrive on an increasingly international stage.

Plug In Digital’s services don’t just stop at gaming promotion—they also offer extensive support for the distribution and marketing of games. Its experience with different sales channels and business development can help any game close to completion reach a wider audience, while its local expertise around the world makes distribution far easier for publishers.

18. The Game Marketer

Established: 2020

Region: Taiwan, United Kingdom, Germany

Notable clients/projects: Ubisoft, Riot Games, Electronic Arts, Paradox Interactive

Key services: video game marketing, video game advertising, social media management, creative services, mobile game marketing, video game PR, eSports, influencer marketing

The Game Marketer is an agency of marketing veterans from some of the biggest game franchises to date. It creates player-focused campaigns that leverage an audience’s love of a game, as well as a network of trusted partners across the globe, to create highly successful campaigns.

The Game Marketer offers a comprehensive support package to all its clients, from strategy development to creating visual assets. The agency communicates with its partners with streamlined reports, regular updates, and other methods of collaboration to ensure that their goals are always on track with client expectations. With numerous accreditations, The Game Marketer can help studios and publishers reach today’s global gaming landscape.

Beyond just marketing, The Game Marketer is deeply rooted in the gaming culture. Its team members are gamers themselves, bringing a diverse range of professional experiences from journalism to game publishing and graphic design. This rich background informs their unique approach to marketing, where understanding the nuances of each game and its community is paramount.

19. Project N

Established: 2020

Region: United Kingdom

Notable clients/projects:  Riot Games, Amazon Games, CD Projekt RED, From Software, Square Enix

Key services: social campaign strategies, copy and script writing, live-action production, community management, analytics and reporting, landing pages & activations

Project N offers extensive game launch and marketing, helping clients with every aspect of optimizing their brand and game to reach a wider audience. From cultivating communities online to designing dedicated websites, Project N provides comprehensive support that increases visibility within the games industry.

The agency relies on its extensive customer research data capabilities, allowing it to create data-driven campaigns that meet an audience at all touchpoints of its customer journey. Project N creates unique and engaging content that allows their campaigns to reach audiences that grow with a brand long-term.

20. The Goat Agency

Established: 2015

Region: US, United Kingdom

Notable clients/projects: Deep Silver, Electronic Arts, Crash

Key services: influencer marketing, social media strategy, paid social, content production, social media management

Driven by influencer marketing, The Goat Agency leverages the global reach of gaming influencers to drive interest and engagement to clients and their games.

Content creators are some of the most effective spokespersons for a game. The Goat Agency leverages this dynamic for tapping influencers to drive gaming awareness and promotion, capitalizing on their already dedicated audience base to bring new and existing games to a wider audience. With a keen understanding of how influencers work and the experience to match them with their best clients, The Goat Agency helps games grow with a loyal audience.

Viewing influencer marketing as a full-funnel approach, Goat Agency utilizes influencers' powerful engagement across the entire buyer's journey, from brand awareness to conversion and advocacy. Their holistic approach offers brands a comprehensive marketing solution aligned with their business goals.

21. Big Games Machine

Established: 2014

Region: United Kingdom

Notable clients/projects: SOHO Live, Floppy Club, Parity Games, Gamechoir, SimulaM, Savvy Games Group

Key services: strategy, B2B PR, consumer PR, social media management, influencer marketing, research and insight, creative services, events and activations, sponsored media

Big Games Machine works within B2B marketing spaces, allowing games to reach audiences beyond consumers. This helps the agency connect games and technology, giving it the capability to create tech-centric campaigns that can both promote and develop games.

Founded by industry veterans James Kaye and John Ozimek, who have extensive backgrounds in both top-tier agencies and the gaming industry, Big Games Machine is more than a traditional PR agency. It leverages deep relationships within the media and uses its broad knowledge of the gaming sector to create highly effective and engaging campaigns. This approach is particularly beneficial for companies offering services and technology to game developers and publishers, which often lack clear marketing solutions that merge technical B2B know-how with gaming industry insight.

Big Games Machine differentiates itself by offering a flexible, outcome-based billing model, extensive insider contacts, specialized mobile gaming expertise, and a global reach through specialist partner PR agencies. This comprehensive service suite makes Big Games Machine a powerful ally for any entity in the gaming industry, from indie developers to global publishers and tech suppliers.

22. Newgen Agency

Established: 2015

Region: Turkey

Notable clients/projects: Vodafone, Monster Energy, Nivea, LC Waikiki

Key services: brand strategy and integration, events and tournaments, product placement, social media management, content creation and production, media visibility and engagement

Specializing in eSports, Newgen Agency helps market games to a younger generation, capturing their enthusiasm and admiration for professional gamers with engaging campaigns.

eSports regularly draws in crowds of their dedicated audience, and Newgen Agency taps into this market to help strengthen eSports games and brands with a loyal player base. The agency has extensive experience with promoting games to the Middle East, helping any games expand into the region with the understanding of local gamer culture and the trends that drive the gaming industry.

23. Loopr Marketing

Established: 2020

Region: US

Notable clients/projects: Short Sleeve Studio, Le Studio Imaginaire, Pet Project Games, CCG Lab Inc., Cryptozoic Entertainment

Key services: marketing strategy, content creation, public relations and media engagement, influencer marketing, paid media and advertising

Loopr Marketing specializes in helping games and brands stay relevant in a fast-paced online space, where they can reach an engaged player base while marketing to new audiences. It offers tailored marketing and promotional services to its clients, working closely with internal teams to create effective marketing strategies that can be quickly implemented online. Using innovative digital solutions, connections with some of the biggest names in gaming media, and a strong network of influencers, Loopr Marketing helps games reach the audiences they need to grow.

Loopr’s team is a blend of seasoned publicists, digital strategists, content marketers, and copywriters by day, and passionate tech enthusiasts and gamers by night. This unique combination makes them especially equipped to handle PR and marketing for diverse tech and gaming entities. Startups, tech companies, game studios, and esports brands consistently choose Loopr for its tailored, budget-flexible plug-and-play services.

Expanding its horizons, Loopr PR & Marketing recently introduced Loopr Partners, an advisory arm designed to assist game startups with fundraising, publishing, and M&A activities. This strategic expansion builds on the agency’s decade of expertise in the gaming sector, aiming to nurture the next wave of gaming innovators.

In conclusion, as the gaming landscape evolves, the pivotal role of marketing and PR agencies becomes ever more crucial. These agencies are instrumental in syncing marketing strategies with broader business objectives, and strategically positioning game publishers in a vibrant and saturated market. By offering essential support to stand out in a crowded field, employing innovative marketing tactics, and executing strong public relations initiatives, these agencies ensure games capture the spotlight they deserve.

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