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Influencer campaigns are complex. Turn them into a stress-free experience.

Finding and connecting to the right influencers all while managing multiple relationships, contracts, deadlines, and expectations can be overwhelming. Cloutboost puts you back in control.

At Cloutboost, a dedicated team of gaming industry veterans guides you through the process. Leveraging AI, we select influencers from a curated database of 500K+ gaming influencers. Our client portal tracks and organizes each campaign step, enabling you to efficiently manage, optimize, and scale campaigns.

Why Cloutboost?

Traditional Agency? Limited data & scalability
Self-Serve Platform? Generic & time-consuming


Our team picks the best talents from a curated database of 500K gaming influencers
Access gaming-focused influencer data in real-time, covering over 50 key points
We handle all aspects of campaigns; clients oversee it effortlessly through our user-friendly portal
Get lifetime lifetime access to automated reports updated daily from social media APIs
Clients enjoy free portal access with our services

Influencer Marketing Agency

Agency oversees a limited pool of influencers
Basic influencer metrics, manually updated, quickly become outdated
Campaign details get messy with multiple shared documents, emails and chats, leading to errors
Manual reports submitted post-campaign launch miss long-term insights
Clients require extra budget for influencer analytics and project management tools

Self-Serve Influencer Platform

Limited pool of gaming influencers with no specialized search criteria like game/genre/platform
One-size-fits-all metrics lacking focus on platform-specific and gaming-related measures
Clients manage the most labor-intensive parts of influencer campaigns
Automated management fails to address the unique requirements of individual campaigns
High fees plus additional software charges

Our Services

Maximize influencer campaign results through integration with paid advertising and PR

As a full-cycle influencer marketing agency, Cloutboost seamlessly guides brands through the entire process. The team consists of experienced video game marketers, influencer managers, social media experts, and marketing analysts.

Our services encompass every aspect of influencer marketing, including campaign strategy, influencer selection, optimization and scaling, as well as detailed analytics and reporting.

While it takes 6-8 touchpoints to secure a sale, retargeted users consistently demonstrate 3 times higher click-through rates. At Cloutboost, we capitalize on the power of retargeting by strategically reengaging users who have interacted with influencer content.

We create a custom made design for every client. There is no predefined universal design that fits all the requirements and websites. Which is why before starting any project we will learn as much as possible about your user persona, the project’s philosophy, your goal.

In the competitive world of gaming, getting people talking about your game is essential. Our media relations experts specialize in tailored strategies to highlight your game's strengths and USPs, ensuring it stands out in the market. 

With experience across all platforms, from PC to VR, we work with indie start-ups to global publishers, crafting campaigns from pre-production to post-launch. Our PR services encompass crafting game messaging, market analysis, press releases, press kit distribution, copywriting, editing, and data-focused reporting.

Predictable Results

Want insights on your campaigns results? Use our Influencer Campaign Calculator

Calculate Your Influencer Marketing Campaign ROI

Empower your game's journey with predictions on influencer reach, conversions, and estimated returns. Our tool ensures a strategic and transparent marketing spend, guiding you to impactful results from your influencer partnerships

Success Stories

“Over the past years, Cloutboost has helped us launch successful influencer campaigns for our game releases, including Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader and Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. We're truly impressed with how the company continues to evolve and consistently raises the bar in their standard of work”
- Nikita Putilin,
PR Director at Owlcat Games
Working with Cloutboost has been a great experience. Cloutboost's dedication to understanding our specific goals and tailoring the influencer campaigns accordingly truly stood out to us. Cloutboost team’s experience and attention to detail have helped us collaborate with a variety of influencers that meet our needs. We are highly satisfied with the services provided by Cloutboost and look forward to continuing a successful partnership.
- Duk Jae Cheon,
Community Lead at Neople
“Since we were looking to expand our presence worldwide, we needed a partner that understood local opportunities with top creators while caring that our players always received quality content suitable for all audiences. Cloutboost offered this local knowledge that allowed global campaigns to be performed exactly as we envisioned and with great results, improving our acquisition and market presence.”
-Julia Januario,
Community Lead at Afterverse
“Video Games Europe worked with Cloutboost on our annual campaign focusing on sharing tips & tricks with parents on responsible video gameplay. Polina and her team were clear, professional, met all of our deadlines (despite some being short), gave us excellent advice, and exceeded our expectations in terms of campaign results. Communication was outstanding throughout the entire process. A very easy agency to work with!”
-Jenny Lee,
Marketing and Communications Manager at Video Games Europe

AI-Powered Portal

Access the largest gaming influencer database for unparalleled reach and ensure effective, transparent engagement with our AI-powered tools

We are Global

CloutBoost works with influencers around the globe

Agency Alchemy


We help Brand acquire high-quality gamers through paid media, PR, and Influencer Marketing leveraging data in a personalized way.

World-class team

We apply over 20 combined years of first-hand experience in video games Marketing & PR to guide Clients through each stage of the process.

Precise data analytics

We utilize proprietary data-mining technology that analyzes millions of outlets in real-time to optimize performance and increase ROI.

Tailored strategies

We tailor our strategies around the needs of each brand — gaming and non-gaming brands of all sizes in different life-cycle stages.

Reach gamers at scale with Cloutboost.

We specialize in promoting video games through expert-led,
data-driven approach to gaming influencer campaigns.

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