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Making marketing as rewarding and enjoyable as games themselves

Why Cloutboost?

At CloutBoost, marketing is our expertise, data our passion.
We take the pain out of campaign management and scaling by cutting 80% of the manual overhead while keeping your team in control.

Our 360 approach

Campaigns integrating 4 or more digital channels outperform single or dual-channel campaigns by 300%. By turning data into hyper-educated decisions, we champion Brands to leverage every channel and every asset maximizing campaign ROI.  

We believe in

Niche expertise

We cut through the noise with our deep understanding of the gaming industry and gaming marketing. We know what it takes to publish a game and how marketing mix can be leveraged at each stage of a game launch.


With media and technology constantly changing, it becomes even more important to creatively adapt with it. Our proprietary technology sifts through Gaming Video Content in real time to optimize campaigns performance


Our partnerships and campaigns we create are built on trust. And that trust requires transparency in everything we do — from the data we utilize to channel selection to pricing strategies.


We value guiding and coaching brands through this ever-changing, technologically advanced space, so that they can properly tap into gamers in the most effective way possible.

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