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PK XD Global Influencer Marketing Campaign Targeting Young Gamers

PlayKids XD (PK XD) is a wildly successful sandbox game for preteen kids that has grown to 25 million users in the first year. PK XD features a virtual world of tons of mini-games that challenges players in each and every step of the journey.

We launched a global Influencer campaign for PK XD across 10 countries. The campaign focused around dedicated videos and integrations on Youtube and short videos on TikTok, while also producing high-quality content for repurposing.

Project goals

Promote PK XD to Roblox and Minecraft fans across Northern America, LATAM and SEA regions. Increase the number of players on mobile devices


Create highly engaging, kids-safe user-generated content to fuel user acquisition campaign across paid Social Media and Ad Networks.

About the Game

PK XD is a virtual world for players to explore and customize. The player starts with creating a fully customizable avatar who then can interact with other players, build and decorate a house, and explore various items like clothes and accessories for characters. There’s also a school, a playground, and a huge pool to visit. Players can add friends to their list, and hang out together in the PK XD’s virtual world.

Campaign Strategy

PK XD is designed for children and pre-teen players targeting a highly competitive sector. Promoting a new title to young gaming audience requires deep understanding of their interests and preferences.

To achieve our goals, we partnered with 27 medium to large-sized gaming influencers strongly associated with Roblox and Minecraft. Beyond high reach and game association, we focused on influencers with highly engaged audiences and kids-safe content.

To maximize engagement, we worked with Influencers on creating dedicated gameplay videos (10-15 minutes in length). We boosted Influencers accounts with free content to positively impact the gameplay and generate audience excitement.

Gameplay videos have been posted over the weekends to maximize reach and ROI. Influencers also ran giveaways to boost engagement and encourage game downloads, further amplifying the published content.

Finally, we helped PK XD acquire content usage rights for the gameplay videos to engage in content repurposing. This enabled the brand to run 30-second ads across YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and AdNetworks like Unity and Vungle.

Creator Content

PlayKids XD is created for children, so we ensured all content was created to be child-friendly. For example, language inappropriate for young audiences was avoided in gameplay videos.

Since the campaign was targeting not only English-speaking audience (NA/CA/UK0 but also players across LATAM Southeast Asia, Turkey, and Russia, we worked with native translators from each country to proofread every script video.


In total, we activated 27 influencers who drove over 68 million views on YouTube/TikTok and counting.

More than 40 videos were released during the campaign hitting the goal of converting Roblox and Minecraft content creators to release multiple PK XD videos.

Our dedicated gameplay videos generated high engagement and positive sentiment due to hyper targeting.

We’ve been a trusted partner of Playkids and continue to launch successful influencer activations on a monthly basis.


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