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This case study explores the journey of Totally Reliable Delivery Service (TRDS), a ragdoll physics indie simulation game, as it sought to rekindle player interest and boost recognition upon its Steam launch. Published by TinyBuild, TRDS had initially appeared on various platforms, and this campaign aimed to increase its visibility on Steam, attracting more wishlists and game purchases, while also engaging existing players from other platforms. To achieve these goals, the campaign strategically used influencer marketing and content creation, resulting in over 5 million YouTube views, increased Steam wishlists and a flourishing player community.

Project goals

Boost brand recognition for the “Totally Reliable Delivery Service” Steam launch, increasing wishlists and purchases on Steam


Re-engage past users who enjoyed the game on other platforms

About the Game

Totally Reliable Delivery Service (TRDS) immerses players in the role of couriers, navigating a world of hilariously terrible package deliveries. Gamers must employ bizarre machinery, handy gadgets, and physics phenomena to deliver packages with precision. Seattle-based publisher TinyBuild, renowned for the Hello Neighbor franchise, acquired TRDS indie developer We're Five Games in 2021. The game debuted on Steam on April 1, 2021, marking the first anniversary of its original launch. It had previously been available on Epic Games Store, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, App Store, and Google Play.

Campaign Strategy

Ever since its initial release on PC, consoles and mobile, TRDS boasted a remarkable track record, with over 14 million downloads and more than 15,000 content creators live streaming the game, accumulating 988,178 hours of gameplay.

TRDS aimed to reignite interest from previous players while captivating a new audience.  The primary focus was on conveying to existing players how the Steam version of the game is significantly improved with regards to gameplay mechanics, networking, graphics, and character animation. Essentially, to curate a positive environment for the new launch on Steam. The campaign was also strategically tailored to target new audiences across five regions: EN, FR, DE, PT, and RU.

To ensure a wide-reaching launch, CloutBoost unleashed influencer videos over a single weekend. The content came in various formats, including live streams, integrated videos, and dedicated reviews. A meticulous selection process identified 13 mid-tier gaming YouTubers based on their compatibility with games akin to TRDS (Among Us, Fall Guys, TABS), their preference for PC/Steam games, and their consistently high engagement and true reach scores (active audience percentage).

Additionally, TRDS acquired content usage rights for repurposing. On launch day, they re-streamed influencer content on their Steam community page.


Creator Content

The campaign encompassed various influencer marketing tactics and content formats, such as YouTube integrations, dedicated YouTube videos, and YouTube live streams.

  • Four YouTube gaming influencers released dedicated videos, providing an in-depth look at the game.

  • Eight YouTube gaming influencers seamlessly integrated 60-90-second clips within the first three minutes of their full-length videos

  • Kuplinov engaged the audience with a live, two-hour TRDS session, later publishing the stream recording on the YouTube channel. His Let’s Play accumulated 1,8M views as of 2023


With influencer content strategically timed for a single weekend release, the campaign garnered over 4.5 million YouTube views over time. One of the primary goals of the campaign was to boost wishlists on the Steam platform. Through the engagement of gaming influencers and the compelling content they produced, the campaign significantly contributed to a noticeable increase in wishlists for Totally Reliable Delivery Service. The campaign's impact extended beyond wishlists, translating into tangible results with a surge in Steam purchases. The re-streaming of influencer content on the platform nurtured a sense of community engagement. It allowed players to interact, share experiences, and dive deeper into the TRDS world, fostering a robust player community around the game.


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