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Key results

5 Niche Influencers


Biped: Influencer Campaign for an Indie Game

When NExT Studios reached out to us, they set clear goals for this influencer campaign – to introduce a new niche game to the relevant audience in North America and maximize game downloads.

Project goals

Promote Biped launch on Steam and drive game purchases


Showcase Biped as an exciting cooperative game best played with friends online or locally

About the Game

Biped is a game developed by Chinese indie studio Next Studios. It is an entirely cooperative game based on the interaction between two players. Two little bipedal robots, Aku and Sila, walk side by side overcoming original challenges and saving Earth from going dark. Biped supports both local 2 player co-op and solo play with AI partners.

Campaign Strategy

Cloutboost helped with the game’s launch in North America based on our experience with marketing Asian games to the American audience. Our team selected five gaming YouTubers who were the best fit for this puzzle co-op game. We closely worked with each influencer to introduce them to the game’s features.

The influencer content had to be released on a specific date in order to tie in together with the date of the game’s launch on Steam.

  • Cloutboost selected 5 video game influencers who were the most relevant for this campaign.
  • Our team provided those influencers with a detailed briefing about the game features that were important to be showcased.
  • Each influencer selected a gaming buddy so they could record the video together.
  • Each influencer recorded a dedicated video about their Biped gameplay experience.
  • Viewers were encouraged to try out the game via referral links in the description of each video.

Creator Content

  • The campaign hit over 270,000 Views during the first weekend of the game release.
  • While 3 out of five influencers on our list were playing the game with their friends, two other influencers challenged each other to play Biped together. As a result, they both posted gameplay videos on their channels. This collaboration perfectly displayed the game’s interactivity and added to the authenticity of the content.
  • Due to their relevance to the target audience, the sponsored videos showed high viewer engagement.

Key Takeaways

Selecting the right gaming influencers is the key to exposing your game to the right audience. It is important to take into account the genre of the game and the specific interests of your target audience when launching an influencer campaign for a video game.


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