Top Nintendo YouTubers Your Brand Can Work With

To help you navigate through the world of gaming on YouTube CloutBoost shortlisted these top Nintendo YouTubers your brand can work with.

In the midst of the “console wars” between Sony and Microsoft, it’s easy to forget that there’s a third player in the game: Nintendo. Their Switch console is truly unique, offering the ability to “switch” between handheld use and use as a traditional console. As a result, it is popular among both console gamers and fans of mobile gaming.

Nintendo Switch has sold nearly 80 million units since its launch in 2017. Sales are still growing. 2020 Switch sales were 36% higher than 2019’s, so there are more Nintendo gamers than ever before.

So, what is the total addressable market for a Nintendo game? The Switch has sold over 532 million games as of March 2021. Moreover, six of these games have sold at least 20 million copies. These include Animal Crossing: New Horizons, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Pokémon Sword and Shield, Super Mario Odyssey, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Expert Tip: Nintendo’s Animal Crossing became a massive success and non-gaming companies like100 Thieves, Highsnobiety, and Getty entered the Animal Crossing world with their branded offerings.

As you can see, Nintendo Switch console players represent a broad audience. YouTube influencer marketing is a proven way to reach this gaming audience and attract players. By partnering with the top Nintendo YouTubers for their video game marketing campaigns, gaming companies effectively reach the targeted gamer demographic.

15 Most Popular Nintendo YouTubers

Any one of these Nintendo gaming influencers will reach a wide audience. But to get the best value from your console game marketing budget, it’s more important to reach the right audience. For a savvy video game marketing campaign find an influencer who plays a game in a similar genre to yours to ensure an authentic partnership.



SMG4 tops the list of Nintendo YouTubers. SMG4 short for “SuperMarioGlitchy4,” isn’t just a YouTuber — it’s a full-blown online show. And with 4.27 million subscribers, it reaches more viewers than most network TV shows.

Created by Australian YouTubers Luke and Kevin Lerdwichagul, the show is a series of animated shorts created within popular games. This footage is often heavily modified and stars Mario as the dimwitted but well-intentioned hero of a series of wacky adventures. If you’re marketing a platformer or other “retro-style” game, this channel could be an excellent fit.



The most popular individual Nintendo YouTuber is also an Australian. BeatEmUps, whose real name is Wood Hawker, has over 1.22 million subscribers at the time of this writing.

Previously one of Nintendo’s top brand ambassadors, BeatEmUps is now an independent YouTuber. This has actually gained him a lot of clout since he is now perceived as having a more unbiased opinion. He’ll promote your game on his channel, but only if he genuinely likes it.



NintendoCentral is the official YouTube channel for the popular Nintendo gaming website of the same name. It has over 770,000 subscribers at the time of this writing, making it the third most-popular Switch YouTube channel overall.

NintendoCentral’s YouTube channel features “walkthroughs” which would be better described as “long plays,” — un-edited, commentary-free gameplay footage from skilled players. Their website features a broader array of content, including gaming news and reviews for new games.

Nintendo Unity


Nintendo Unity is a channel created by a team of gamers who play literally any Nintendo game on any system. Some of their most popular videos feature the Super Smash Bros. franchise as well as other Mario games.

With 656,000 subscribers, they’ve garnered a wide following. This is most likely due to the wide variety of content and search-engine driven titles like What is the Absolute Highest You Can Jump in Super Smash Bros? The channel is also known for their “Evolution” videos that show the progress of video game elements like characters, levels, etc. — this idea was later on replicated by many other YouTubers.

Channel’s sponsors include Express VPN, among other similarly tech-oriented companies.

Nintendo Life


Nintendo Life, like NintendoCentral, is the official YouTube channel of an existing eponymous website. The channel has over 570,000 subscribers, and features content from several contributors.

This channel posts a lot of reviews. To date, they’ve published 188 of them. They also post gameplay footage, walkthroughs, and offbeat gaming news stories you won’t see on most major sites. Their website is more of the same, but with substantially more content including a game store and a forum.

Hobo Bros


We’ve already met the stars of Hobo Bros, Australian gamers Luke and Kevin Lerdwichagul. They’re the creators of SMG4, the web’s most popular Nintendo gaming channel. Hobo Bros is their reaction and response channel, specifically for playing games for the first time, or for playing familiar games in new ways.

The Hobo Bros channel currently has 563,000 subscribers. However, as of December 31st, 2020, the channel is indefinitely on hiatus while Luke and Kevin focus on improving their main channel. The good news is that you can always find them at SMG4.



YouTuber Bradley Burke, AKA SwankyBox, is the seventh-most popular of our Nintendo YouTubers, but only the second-most popular individual creator. With over 469,000 subscribers, he certainly has enough reach to be an effective influencer.

Bradley’s videos focus mostly on game lore, Easter eggs, and story mysteries. However, he also posts a fair number of videos about glitches and exploits. Most of his content focuses on games from the N64 and GameCube eras, but he’s been known to play Mario Switch games and other popular franchises.



SwitchPlanet is run by a group of content creators who are obsessed with all things related to the Nintendo Switch. They currently have 423,000 subscribers and are an official Nintendo partner.

SwitchPlanet focuses primarily on new and upcoming games. Each week, they upload several videos, but two of their consistent series are new game announcements and new game releases. This makes them a good resource for free — or nearly-free — marketing.

RGT 85


RGT 85 is the YouTube channel of Shawn Long, former editor-in-chief of Nintendo Enthusiast. He started in 2016 as a small channel focused on retro games. However, starting in 2018, he changed things up and started covering new games as well. The change paid off, and Shawn now has over 379,000 subscribers.

Most of the channel’s content consists of reviews and news, in roughly an equal mixture. About 90% of Shawn’s videos are about Nintendo games. However, he occasionally covers PlayStation or Xbox news when something particularly notable is going on.



TetraBitGaming is a popular Nintendo Youtuber with 369,000 subscribers. He mostly plays retro Nintendo games such as Super Mario 64 and the early Mario Kart games. He’s also done a series of Super Smash Bros. videos on the Switch.

Currently, TetraBitGaming has a partnership with G-Fuel. He’s also a member of the popular Minus World YouTube group. This group includes other notable streamers like SMG4, SwankyBox, and Nintendrew.



The SwitchForce channel was established in late 2016, in anticipation of the release of the Nintendo Switch. It’s a collaboration between popular YouTubers GhostRobo and HereBeGabe, and currently boasts 354,000 subscribers.

As the channel name implies, SwitchForce focuses exclusively on Switch content. Their videos run the gamut from reviews to walkthroughs to news and promotions. This creates a number of opportunities for potential marketing partnerships.



Nintendrew is a creator who films videos about new and retro games alike. His focus is exclusively on Nintendo games, and at least half of his new content is about Switch games in particular.

Nintendrew makes a variety of videos, including gameplay, reviews, and overviews of classic games. He also posts a series of DIY videos teaching fans how to make homemade gaming accessories. This eclectic mix of content has been successful, netting Nintendrew over 300,000 subscribers.

Commonwealth Realm


Founded in 2014, Commonwealth Realm is a Norwegian YouTube channel that’s dedicated specifically to the Legend of Zelda universe. Their 277,000 subscribers enjoy videos discussing lore, mysteries, the game timeline, and a variety of fan theories.

Since the release of the Nintendo Switch, Commonwealth Realm has made a number of videos about Link’s Awakening, the latest entry in the Zelda franchise.



SwitchUp is a newer, fast-growing Switch gaming channel with 167,000 subscribers. It’s run by a team, with a handful of contributors, all based in the UK.

They have over a dozen playlists, some of which are updated more regularly than others. The one with the most videos is their reviews playlist, with an impressive 499 entries. They also post thoughts on upcoming games, major console news, and walkthroughs for a handful of select games.

Ircha Gaming


Ircha Gaming is the YouTube channel of Norwegian gamer Irene Marie Sørensen. She currently has over 57,400 subscribers, and her following is growing at a rapid clip.

Irene is well-known for her unboxing videos, mostly focused on hardware. However, she produces a number of reviews, mostly based upon fan requests. In addition, Irene produces some non-gaming content, such as hair and make up videos.

As you can see, each of these Nintendo YouTubers has their own unique value for a console game marketing campaign. But why go it alone? CloutBoost is a YouTube influencer agency with years of experience in video game marketing. Let us run your campaign, so you can focus on what you do best: making great games.

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