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Top 10 US Gaming YouTubers

Here’s your list of the most influential US gaming YouTubers.

Throughout the years, the popularity of video gaming has continuously been growing, with the number of players and fans increasing. Gaming has taken its place in different areas of life, far beyond the borders of the industry.

Being a gamer is an exciting experience. Additionally, it gives you an excellent chance to interact with peers and share your passion with like-minded individuals. The development of broadcasting has contributed to sharing one’s gaming experience online, with Twitch and YouTube becoming leading live streaming platforms.

Currently, gaming videos are ultimately popular on YouTube, shaping new stars of the media landscape. More gamers are now becoming YouTubers to share their passion with the community. Uploading videos with personal comments to the play-through and building armies of loyal fans, some YouTubers have reached an insane level of fame.

Here is an interesting fact showing how huge gaming is on YouTube: 5 out of the top 10 search queries in the US are gaming-related:


Gaming YouTube channels, no matter if they focus on shooters or RTS games, have thousands and millions of subscribers. Their popularity gives brands a great opportunity to target the gaming audience by collaborating with gaming influencers.

Top 10 Gaming YouTubers in the USA

Cloutboost has put together a list of the most influential gaming YouTubers, based on the number of channel’s subscribers.

1. PewDiePie

PewDiePie is a Swedish content creator who is known for being among the first “letsplayers” on YouTube. Felix Kjellberg is one of the most iconic internet celebrities with over 102 million YouTube subscribers and 22 billion views.

His YouTube channel was launched in 2010, and since then, the popularity of the gamer has been growing. PewDiePie’s questionable and unpredictable behavior of the influencer only boosted the interest towards his channel.

PewDiePie started uploading tutorial videos on Minecraft, filmed himself playing Amnesia, and in 2013 he became one of the most followed gaming YouTubers. Moreover, for a long time, his channel was known as the most subscribed YouTube channel in the world.

PewDiePie is definitely a game-changing personality on YouTube. The gaming influencer has a long history of brand partnerships, promoting such brands as FaZe, GFUEL, NordVPN and many others.

2. Markiplier

Markiplier is a Korean-American YouTube gamer who is a proud owner of the second most popular gaming channel. Currently, the influencer has around 24 million subscribers and over 12 billion video views. The gamer specializes in indie games and “Let’s Play” commentary videos, mainly of action and survival horror games.

Markiplier created his channel in 2012 and has gained the reputation of a down-to-earth, kind, and generous YouTuber. He has done several charity live streams, donating to various organizations, like Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and Doctors Without Borders. A special feature of Markiplier as a YouTube influencer is his attitude towards viewers. The gamer enjoys interacting with his fans on social media and appreciates the support of the community.

3. Ninja

Ninja is a world-famous American gaming personality, professional eSports player, and Mixer streamer. The gamer is known for his Battle Royale videos and streams. Tyler’s energetic personality and gaming skills helped him get over 22 million subscribers on YouTube and many fans beyond.

Ninja is one of the most subscribed channels in the whole Fortnite community. Apart from Fortnite, Tyler also uploads videos of Sea of Thieves, Realm of Royale, Apex Legends, Halo, and others. Almost 2 billion views on YouTube make him a desirable influencer to collaborate with.

4. PopularMMOs

PopularMMOs runs one of the most successful and influential YouTube channels that has over 16 million subscribers. Patrick Brown created the channel in 2012 and, since that time, hosted “Let’s Play” videos, Minecraft “Modes vs. Maps videos”, Minecraft Mob Battles, and Arena Battles. Together with his wife, PopularMMOs creates videos for the channel, developing a series of characters, such as Jelly Bean and Captain Cookies.

One of his most successful brand campaigns was the promotion of Monster Legends mobile game. 2 videos of Patrick playing this mobile RPG generated over 10 million views and over 24 thousand clicks on the tracking links.

5. Jelly

Jelly is a gaming YouTuber and a member of a small group, called Robust. Jelle Van Vucht plays mainly Scrap Mechanic, Golf it, GTA V, and Garry’s Mod. Additionally, he uploads Q&A videos and vlogs. Currently, Jelly has over 14 million subscribers and interesting history of collaborations with other YouTubers. PewDiePie, the most subscribed gaming influencer, partnered with Jelly to create unique “PewDiePie vs. Jelly vs. Kwebbelkop (Lethal League)” video.

Brand sponsorships can often be found on Jelly’s channel, as they help him to grow and create engaging content for his viewers. GFUEL, for instance, announced Jelly to be their brand ambassador in May 2019.

6. SSundee

SSundee is a well-known American YouTuber. Ian Markus Stapleton is 32 years old, and he has over 10 years of experience of uploading gaming videos on YouTube. He started his career with Dota, Call of Duty, and League of Legends videos, proceeded to Q&A vlogs, and ended up with entertaining content, like “Funny Kids Test Answers” or “Am I More Famous than Kylie Jenner”. Nowadays, SSundee has over 12 million fans, who watch him playing Minecraft.

One of the recent Ssundee’s brand partnerships was a collaboration with Lilith Games. The sponsored video for Rise of Kingdoms mobile game has hit over 2.4 million views and brought over 21 thousand clicks to the game’s website.

7. FGTeeV

FGTeeV is a family-hosted gaming YouTube channel that is more known as FUNnel Vision and The Family Gaming Team. Skylander’s family started their online career in 2013 and since then, has gained a significant influence among their followers. Currently, the channel has over 12 million subscribers and a total number of 12 billion views.

The team creates content, playing various games, such as Soccer Physics, Injustice Gods Among Us, Despicable Me Minion Rush, Minecraft PE, The Escapists, Red Ball 4, and others.

The gaming influencer has successfully executed promotions for companies such as Epic Games, Nintendo, and others.

8. The Game Theorist

The Game Theorist does not resemble any other YouTube video game influencer, as the player is more focused not on the action, but cultural and educational aspects of the games. Due to his unusual approach to video gaming, Matthew Patrick has an impressive number of subscribers. Since 2009, the channel has gained more than 12 million followers and 2 billion views. The Game Theorist channel covers games-related topics, like history, background, and context of games.

9. H2ODelirious

H2ODelirious channel is on the list of top 10 most influential YouTubers, however, its creator has managed to stay anonymous for over a decade. The channel was created in 2007 and is one of the oldest gaming profiles on YouTube. The owner of the channel identifies himself as Jonathon, and he never shows his face on camera. Instead, he dedicates the whole screen to the game. Still, the YouTuber has over 12 million subscribers who enjoy his “Let’s Play” videos about well-known games, such as Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto, Hitman, and Fallout 4.

10. Sky Does Everything

Sky Does Everything aka Adam Dahlberg started his channel in 2011 with Minecraft “Let’s Play” videos, role-playing, and machinimas. The gamer has developed a community of over over 11 million fans. Apart from Minecraft, Sky Does Everything uploads videos of famous fighting games, such as The Walking Dead, Grand Theft Auto, The Dark Descent, and others.

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