Top 10 YouTube Gaming Influencers: RTS YouTubers

Check out the list of top RTS YouTubers and learn how brands can collaborate with these gaming influencers to reach a new audience.

The popularity of Real-Time Strategy games on YouTube is growing, along with the number of people playing and streaming them. RTS video games are definitely fun and thrilling, but they are so much more than that. They encourage you to challenge yourself, plan ahead, perform critical thinking, and hone your analytical skills.

The reviving genre is getting attention not only from its fans but also from brands that are willing to collaborate with gaming influencers. Companies are engaging in partnership with leading RTS YouTube influencers to promote their products.

Cloutboost has put together the list of top 10 RTS gaming influencers on YouTube. Check it out to learn exclusive insights the influencers shared with our team.

Top 10 Most-Followed RTS YouTubers

Here are the top 10 most followed RTS YouTubers that can be a fit for your next influencer marketing campaign:


SergiuHellDragoonHQ has started his YouTube channel in 2012, and by the end of 2019, he has gained over 620 thousand followers. This famous gaming influencer built his channel on a single premise: “to exploit the games and push it to the very limits”.

Sergiu suggests the following tips to succeed on YouTube:

I always had a passion for video games and YouTube was the place where I could share that passion with other people. If you want to become successful on YouTube you must follow the trend, to bring a little bit of your own touch, to inspire, be creative, be consistent, to use the right thumbnail and SEO techniques and most importantly spot the trend before is trending!

Sergiu has worked with many gaming publishers to promote their games. Currently, he is working with Creative Assembly as a Content Partner, Firefly Studios and many other indie developers.
His latest sponsored videos include partnerships with Worlds of Warships from Wargaming, Total War: Arena from Creative Assembly, Immortal Conquest from Netease Games, and many others.


Pixelated Apollo is known for his Total War videos on YouTube. The influencer is one of the most-watched RTS YouTubers with over 600 thousand followers. Playing the award-winning Total War series, the gamer recreates real and fictional battles.

Pixelated Apollo registered his YouTube channel in 2012 as a little hobby and, eventually, reached to the point where he can make a living out of uploading videos. The gamer mostly plays Total War, Iron Harvest, Conqueror’s Blade, Mount&Blade, Hello Wars 2, and Mordhau.

YouTuber’s personality, charisma, and passion for history keep his audience engaged with his content. He believes creating content about RTS games allows him to do what he truly loves:

I love history and big battles so playing RTS games was a natural fit. I really enjoy commenting over the battle replays and reliving history.

Recently the gamer started a paid partnership with Displate A, a manufacturer that specializes in creating metal posters.


Iron Pineapple is a unique RTS gamer, known as “the biggest troll in Dark Souls”. He started playing video games and streaming them on YouTube in 2013 and has gained an ultimate popularity among more than 550 thousand viewers. Apart from Dark Souls, Iron Pineapple uploads For Honor, Sekiro, and Mordhau videos. His edgy content and unique gameplay attract not only followers but big-name sponsors, such as Ubisoft, ExpressVPN, and others.


DiplexHeated is an avid video gamer, who launched his YouTube channel in 2011 uploading Shogun 2 videos. Currently, a Swedish player is one of the most influential RTS streamers with more than 530 thousand followers. Playing video games was more of a hobby for DiplexHeated up to the year 2015, when he resigned from his job and decided to dedicate his time to creating videos on YouTube. Now he is constantly uploading cool videos playing RTS games such as Call of War, Men of War, Star Wars: Galaxy and Age of Empires.


iSorrowProductions is a gaming YouTuber from New Zealand, who launched his channel back in 2008. His popularity began to skyrocket the moment he started uploading Hearts of Iron IV gameplay. Since that time, he has focused his attention on RTS games, including Total War, Conqueror’s Blade, Europa Universalis IV and Anno 1800.

The creator of the channel remarks that the uniqueness of his content lies in the following approach:

Diluting RTS content down to more digestible pieces by only keeping in the interesting parts with some humorous commentary.

The gamer has around 470 thousand viewers and has done a lot of sponsored content. His most notable sponsored project is for Ironside Computers. The campaign turned into a big integral part of the channel, with a 10-second pre-roll running at the beginning of every video. This led to editing the intro of each video into memes or other funny clips using video editing tools. The YouTuber reminisces that sponsorship with warmth:

My channel wouldn’t be the same without that sponsorship now.

His other successful sponsored partnerships include various mobile games, ExpressVPN, World of Warships, Conqueror’s Blade, Tropico, and others.


Alex the Rambler. A popular YouTuber is known mainly for Hearts of Iron IV and Total War gameplay videos. He started his YouTube channel in 2013, and it has grown to 310 thousand subscribers by today. The British RTS gamer is far from being a great player, nevertheless, he attracts numerous viewers due to his incompetence in playing. Here’s what Alex says about himself:

“I basically make my living from being incompetent at strategy games.”

Rimmy is a well-known Hearts of Iron IV streamer from Australia, who creates amusing videos, mumbling around and winning battles. His channel was registered in 2011 and took off with the “Peace Hitler” video. Rimmy started publishing videos on YouTube inspired by Yogscast entertainment company. Little did he know that years later his channel will become a part of their network.

Now, the RTS gamer has almost 300 thousand followers, watching him playing Hearts of Iron IV, Mount&Blade, Europa Universalis IV, Arms 3 and Crusader Kings 2. Rimmy has successfully worked with companies like Paradox, Klei, Creative Assembly, Rebellion and Wargaming.


ReformistTM is an English video game player and YouTube commentator. James is known for playthroughs in the Star Wars series and Mount&Blade. The channel was started in 2012 and has reached 215 thousand subscribers in several years. ReformistTM plays a variety of video games, but Prophecy of Pendor and Mount&Blade remain his favorite.


Trmplays is notable for excellent content he makes, playing Mount&Blade, Civilization, Total War, Game of Thrones and Kenshi. Launched in 2013, the YouTube channel has always been popular among Trmplays’ fans for the enthusiastic approach of the player and the exclusive content he creates. Currently, it tallies roughly 190 thousand subscribers.


Resonant is a fun YouTube creator from the United Kingdom, who engages with the audience, gaining increasing popularity. Currently, the player has around 80 thousand subscribers, watching him explore Kingdom Come Deliverance, Total War, Arma 3, Mount&Blade and Mordhau. Here’s how Jacob explains the success of his channel:

I guess regular uploading and talking about subjects that are interesting to my audience helped grow the channel.

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