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Interview with Mixer Streamer: MythicTreez

Cloutboost reached out to MythicTreez, Mixer streamer and professional content creator to talk about the massive potential of the streaming industry.

We were lucky to connect with this passionate streamer and get answers to several hot questions: why he prefers Mixer over Twitch, what are some predictions on the Twitch vs Mixer wrestle, and why brands should take a closer look at partnerships with Mixer streamers.

Read on to see what he had to say.

Cloutboost: When did you start streaming and why?

I started streaming in January of 2017. I found out about Twitch a few months prior when I started playing Smite. I was absolutely terrible at the game and my friends suggested I watch some streamers to improve. After bouncing around a bit I saw there were streamers making a good living playing games. I’ve always been good at video games and love talking to people so I thought I’d give it a try. Getting paid to play video games is literally the dream job for me.


Cloutboost: How long have you been streaming on Mixer?

I’ve been streaming on Mixer since the end of March 2018.

Cloutboost: Where did your username come from?

Treez has been my nickname since middle school. I used to play a ton of WoW doing mythic raids/dungeons. MythicTreez seemed perfect.

Cloutboost: What platforms do you focus on other than Mixer and why?

I focus on Twitter and Instagram. YouTube will be coming soon. I think it’s important to take advantage of multiple social media platforms to increase discoverability. The days of going live and being successful are over. Too many people want to be streamers. These days you have to get your content in front of as many eyes, in as many places as possible.

Cloutboost: What are the key factors behind your success on Mixer?

I think my previous knowledge from Twitch helped my growth. When I came to Mixer there were a lot of brand new streamers who didn’t really know what they were doing. The HypeZone was also at its peak when I first switched over.

Playing a lot of Fortnite and being a top tier player led me to be featured on it a few times a day. This exponentially increased my follower growth. Mixer also randomly features content creators, Partners or not, on the front page. A few of those really boosted my CCV (Concurrent Viewership – editor’s note)  as well.

Cloutboost: How long do you usually stream for? Can you walk us through your typical day as a Streamer?

I stream much longer than your average person. I would say 8-10 hours a day. On a typical day, I wake up around 1-2 pm. I go through Twitter and respond to content. Then, I review my clips from the night before and find one to post on Instagram. After that, I hit the gym for an hour or so, come home, relax and fire the stream up at 8 pm. I stream late nights so I start around 8 pm and will go until 4 am or later the next day.

Cloutboost: What’s your favorite part about being a streamer and a gaming influencer?  

I love meeting new people from all around the world. The interactions and conversations I have with my community is unlike anything else. It’s always interesting to hear the opinions of people from other cultures. Plus, I get to play video games all day… who wouldn’t love to do that? Lol.

Cloutboost: What most critical advice would you give to a gamer who wants to become a Streamer?

Make sure you get a name that is unique and brandable across all social media. You want viewers and companies to have an easy time finding you. Fortnitepro826263 on Mixer isn’t unique and then having JimmyFortnite on Twitter is going to make it extremely difficult for anyone to look you up.

You want X streaming platform, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to all be the same. For social media at the very least you want the first part of your name to be the same so it’s more likely to pop up or simply put “gg” or “tv” after it (MythicTreezTv).

Cloutboost: Please share your experience with being featured on Mixer. How can Streamer get featured in the “Featured” and “Partner Spotlights” sections? What kind of advantage does it provide for Streamers (and Brands)?

Featuring on Mixer has helped me out 10 fold. The ability for users to click on the site and see me is a game-changer. Featuring can be scheduled for Partners or randomly happen through their algorithm whether you’re a Partner or not.


Partner Spotlight I think is another amazing idea. I was blessed enough to be on there for one full week and saw a big spike in new viewers. Many of which are now subs and regulars to my channel. This is, obviously, a Partner only feature that Mixer schedules. It’s had the biggest names (Ninja, Shroud, Goth) as well as brand new Partners with maybe 3K-4K followers. I truly think this one place Mixer stands out. They do more for content creators of all sizes to be discovered than any other platform out there. It’s not just about the .001%.

Cloutboost: Which feature do you wish Mixer had that would change how you stream

I don’t think there’s a feature that would necessarily change how I stream. However, mass sub gifting or some type of free sub system would be great for monetization.

Cloutboost: How long have you been working with brands? What was the first partnership like?

I’ve been working with brands since April of 2019. The first brand I was able to work with was Meta Threads. It started out as a standard affiliate. Then through enough sales, I worked my way up to a full partnership with my own clothing line. My experience with them has been nothing but amazing. The entire staff is always helpful if I have questions or needs of any kind. I met them at PAX (video games convention – editor’s note) before starting to work with them. I knew they were good people with a product I already wore and loved. It was a perfect fit.

Cloutboost: What do you think makes Mixer Influencer Sponsorships attractive for brands? What’s something you wish more brands knew about Mixer Streamers?

It’s a brand new untapped streaming market. I have tons of users who only know of streaming because of their Xbox and Mixer being on the front page. It’s an opportunity to reach a whole different market of consumers you would never see on Twitch.

Mixer is also a much more community-centered platform. On Twitch a lot of streamers ignore chat. Whereas on Mixer it’s all about that interaction. I think that gives a far greater value to sponsorship because our communities are more likely to believe we have faith in said products, leading to more sales.

Cloutboost: What are your future ambitions?

I just want to help form Mixer into the next massive streaming platform and be one of the faces of the platform. I love talking with my community and playing games. Vlogging is my other major goal. Becoming a personality that people will want to watch, taking trips and experiencing the world.

Cloutboost: What are your thoughts on Mixer vs Twitch vs YouTube Gaming and the future of streaming?

I think Twitch was the first and has gotten complacent. They’re too focused on making a profit instead of innovating these days. It’s one big constant ad when I go on there. Don’t get me wrong ads are necessary for the platform and streamers but there’s a happy medium to it.

I personally think Mixer has the most visually pleasing UI and is much easier to navigate. Mixer being younger has its growing pains of course. Fewer features and speed bumps from time to time. However, long term I think it will surpass Twitch. Being integrated into the Xbox and owned by Microsoft will be massive for discoverability. It’s just going to take some time.

Youtube Gaming I haven’t checked into a ton. Their UI is extremely hard to use and it turned me away from the site. I think the fact that you can turn your VOD into an instant Youtube video is amazing. However, they have some work left to do. It’s hard to tell who’s actually streaming or if your just clicking on a Youtube video.

Streaming overall though is going to take over cable television. Streamers will be the celebrities of this next generation. The crossover is already starting with streamers being in commercials (Tim & Ninja in Super Bowl ads), actors being in video games (Keanu Reaves in CyberPunk) and TV shows coming out about streamers personas (Dr. Disrespect). We’re just starting to see a small portion of this industry’s true potential.

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