Best RTS Games You Need to Know

For many years, Real-Time Strategy games were on the bandwagon. Despite the vast majority of RTS titles rarely hold on to viable communities for a long time, there are several stand-out exceptions, like Civilization 6, XCOM, Total War, Stellaris, Halo Wars, Starcraft, and others. In this blog post, Cloutboost uncovers the main features of Real-Time Strategy games and puts together a list of the most popular games in the genre.

Real-Time Strategy Games – Key Features

The notion of “real-time strategy” appeared in the early 1990s with the release of Dune II and immediately started to attract an increasing number of players. The genre has held popularity for many years due to challenging gameplay, spectacular playgrounds, and opportunities to practise critical thinking.

Even though the releases of the genre slightly declined in the mid-2000s, being displaced by first-person shooters from the leading position, RTS still has a significant amount of devoted fans. In 2018, 3.7 percent of all video games sold in the United States were strategy games.

The genre also has strong positions in PlayStore:


Image Source: https://www.wepc.com/news/video-game-statistics/

Time pressure and competition are the key components of any RTS game. The interest is usually intensified by the need to seek information about the vulnerabilities, strengths, and tactics of the opponents. In short, RTS is a game where players take part in competitive economics in order to gain an advantage and attain victory. The genre is appreciated by players, streamers, and viewers due to its unique specifications and opportunities for self-development.

Check out this list of top RTS games:    

  • Civilization 6 is usually called the best game in the genre. The game was created by legendary game designer Sid Meier. Civilization is a strategy game in which your goal is to build an empire to become the Ruler of the World. The captivating gameplay allows you to lead a civilization from the Stone Age to the Information Age.

Image Source: https://civilization.com/news/entries/civilization-vi-gathering-storm-new-expansion-release-date-pc-february-14-2019/

  • Stellaris by Paradox Development Studio is a game of choice for science-fiction fans. A player can explore a vast galaxy, colonizing remote planets and integrating alien civilizations.

Image Source: https://console.stellaris.com/

  • Total War has always been known as an outstanding fantasy game. Every new saga of the series allows you to immerse yourself into a breath-taking universe, where you can command your armies and crush your enemies.
  • Offroad Trading Company allows you to master entrepreneurship skills while colonizing Mars. Give freedom to your imagination and develop the colony, competing with other companies for territories and influence.
  • Starcraft by Blizzard is a great RTS option for novice players due to its simple game plan. Select your mode – single-player campaign or fast-paced multiplayer matches – and dip into the epic storyline of the interstellar mission.

The list of popular RTS games is increasing now, as well as the number of passionate streamers and their followers. So, if you are not fond of Battle Royale, FPS or MOBA games and you have written them off as “not for you”, consider Real-Time Strategy as an alternative.

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