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Case Study: Samsung Influencer Campaign at CES

No matter how big the brand or budget, standing out during CES is tough. And Samsung found themselves in that similar conundrum.

That’s why for CES 2020 Samsung tasked us with helping navigate through this challenge of reaching a wider audience. As a solution, we enlisted six micro-influencers in photography, gaming, tech, movie reviews and music production to authentically cover the Samsung CES experience for their respective communities.

According to BuzzRadar CES 2020 has generated around 800k mentions across social media, making it one of the most often mentioned tech events in the world. In order to cut through the media noise and stand out from the competition, brands need to plan ahead for their digital exposure at the event.

Project goals

Help unveiled Samsung products and reach a wider audience


Showcase how Samsung’s CES products serve multiple purposes and hobbies

About the Products

Products included: Micro LED, QLED 8K, the Sero, and the Frame

Campaign Strategy

Cloutboost team invited several Influencers from a variety of relevant niches to attend Samsung’s keynote and booth at CES 2020. Through their own enjoyable and immersive experience, Influencers shared their excitement about new products with their online communities.

1. We selected 6 Thought Leaders who:

  • Evoked strong, likeable personalities
  • Could produce high-quality content
  • Built a highly engaged community
  • Genuinely championed the Samsung brand
  • Represented niche’s adjacent to the showcased products. 
Including: Photography, Movie reviews, Games, Tech, and Music production.

2. In collaboration with Influencers, we developed communication strategy for each Influencer to present Samsung products in relation to their respective sphere of influence

  • Which products to cover based on influencer’s niche, allowing them to provide a creative spin on how these products would enhance their profession/hobbies
  • Platforms to use and frequency of posts
    18 Tweets
    18 Instagram Stories
    1 YouTube product demo
    These included a welcome post, daily event updates, and wrap-up posts
  • Brand/Product, Event-Specific, and Conversation-Driving hashtag protocols, such as:
    #QLED8K    #SamsungTV    #CESUnveiled    #8K
  • We optimized each influencer’s event coverage time by inviting them to attend media day, scheduling time to interview Samsung representatives and managing all travel arrangements

Creator Content

Influencer generated unique and highly creative content covering a variety of themes from displaying high-quality photos on a wall to experiencing movie-theater quality to throwing a karaoke party.

Each Influencer produced a dedicated video review covering their experience at CES 2020 and featuring Samsung products in great detail.

Each Influencer shared frequent social posts to showcase their experiences with the products. They also used the branded hashtags to create awareness for the brand



Over 100 Instagram stories garnering an audience of 685K

6 dedicated YouTube videos published on Influencers’ channels and Samsung Official YT Channel

93 Tweets fetching over 4.5K Likes

Creators generated high-quality visual & video content that has been later repurposed by Samsung for marketing campaigns (under the licensing agreements secured by Cloutboost).

Due to the combined efforts of its international team, Samsung became the most mentioned brand of CES 2020.


# of Instagram Stories
# of Tweets
# of Views
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