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Soft Launch Influencer Campaign

Key results

5 Influencers


Case Study: Preparing Darkfire Heroes For Battle

Rovio, thanks to the world-wide success of Angry Birds, has quickly become one of the most well-known brands within the mobile games industry. It’s particularly true for the casual market. But they wanted to break through in the mid-core RPG genre. And with the upcoming launch of Darkfire Heroes — a free-to-play real-time, hero-based RPG with a massive campaign and multiplayer coop — they looked to leverage their wide-appeal and global brand awareness.

We took to the challenge by partnering with five mid-tier influencers who had built an extremely loyal fanbase, and were known for playing mobile RPGs to deliver engaging ad integration into their YouTube videos.

Project goals

Gain awareness and increase game installs across North America among RPG fans


Help Rovio build a strong community base prior to launch, increase discoverability and fan engagement

About the Game

Darkfire Heroes is a real-time RPG mobile game featuring an immersive campaign, uniquely designed levels, deadly boss fights, exciting real-time PVP battles, larger monthly events and a ton of heroes & spells to collect and upgrade.

Campaign Strategy

We took to the challenge by partnering with 5 mid-tier YouTube Influencers who had built an extremely loyal fanbase, and were known for playing mobile RPGs. Selected Influencers created a buzz around upcoming launch of Darkfire Heroes and its “NewPlayer Welcome Bonus”. We leveraged 60-90 second YouTube integration as a means to help maximize reach and ROI.

Creator Content

Here are a few of the campaign’s highlights:


  • A total reach of more than 10 million
  • Video views exceeding 1.5M to date
  • A 98% positive sentiment towards the videos


Total # of Views
Engagement Rate
# of Influencers
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