Long-Term Influencer Campaign for a Non-Gaming Brand

Key results

80+ Hours of Live Streaming


Hotspot Shield VPN: How To Promote A Non-Gaming Brand with Twitch Streamers

Twitch has become a favorite media channel for popular gamers and their fans. It’s crowded with a very specific demographic, so it gives marketers an incredible opportunity for precise targeting like no other medium.

Project goals

Establish Hotspot Shield as a go-to solution for Gamers with a focus on access and data privacy


Drive landing page visits/product downloads and establish brand awareness among gamers

About The Product

HotSpot Shield is a free gaming VPN that improves players gaming experience by preventing bandwidth throttling, decreasing latency, encrypting gaming data, and keeping online profiles anonymous.

Campaign Strategy

Cloutboost Identified and recruited top Twitch Streamers playing popular online games: Fortnite, League of Legends, PUBG and World of Warcraft. We built a tailored communication strategy for each Streamer to share their personal experience with products key features (data privacy, reducing ping time, accessing restricted games etc.).


  • Sponsored Twitch streams. Influencers were mentioning the brand during Twitch streams highlighting the VPN’s product features.
  • Giveaways. Twitch streamers promoted giveaways hosted by the Cloutboost team. We used the tool to set up and manage the giveaways. The platform allows you to run giveaways easily and is trusted by major influencers and streamers.
  • Chatbot call-to-action. Reach and CTR have been amplified by activating chatbot messages with Hotspot Shield calls-to-action throughout the streaming sessions.
  • Branding. Influencers engaged their audience through other platforms (YouTube, Twitter & Discord) by branding their handles with the Hotspot Shield logo.
  • Ad Banners. Twitch Streamers placed Hotspot Shield banners in the channel’s Info Panel and Stream Overlay.


Using a new approach in the communication strategy, we helped turning a non-gaming product into a product of choice for avid gamers.

  • 80 Hours of Live Streaming
  • 30k Unique Views on Twitch
  • 10k Clicks
  • 900k YouTube Views
  • 2500 Giveaway Entries


Total # of Live Streaming Hours
Total # of Views
Giveaway Entries
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