Top 20 Gaming YouTubers in the UK

Are you looking for gaming YouTubers in the UK? Check out this list by Cloutboost!

YouTube is home to a myriad of content creators, including gaming YouTubers. No matter how vast their reach, their influence is fundamentally different from that of mainstream celebrities. Still, they can give brands great opportunities to reach wider audiences.

On top of that, YouTube influencers promote deeper brand engagement. They are four times more effective at driving brand familiarity than celebrities.

Whether you’re looking for gaming influencers in the US or the UK, there’s a wide array of influencers that you can possibly collaborate with. Whoever you choose, make sure that they are an exact fit for your brand.

The 20 Best Gaming YouTubers in the UK

Cloutboost has rounded up the top gaming YouTube channels in the United Kingdom.


Dan Middleton, a.k.a. DanTDM, is one of the most well-known British gaming YouTubers. Currently, he has 23.7 million subscribers. He covers a broad variety of games, including Fortnite, Pokemon, Robox, and Minecraft.

One of his biggest brand collaborations, by far, was with Disney for Ralph Breaks the Internet. He voiced a character called eBoy in the film.

Check out his recent video sponsored by Google Stadia:

2. KSI

Olajide “JJ” Olatunji, also known as KSI, is a rapper, actor, amateur boxer, and gamer. He made his millions by streaming FIFA and Modern Warfare 2 games on his channel. He is also a member of The Sidemen, a group consisting of the most popular gaming YouTubers.

With 21.8 million subscribers, it’s no surprise that he’s worked with big businesses like Microsoft, UFC, and G Fuel.

3. Ali-A

Ali-A, which is short for Alastair Aiken, rose to fame because of his Call of Duty and Fortnite gameplay series. He has 17.3 million subscribers and counting. Over the past few months, he has collaborated with Final Fantasy VII, Spotify, EA, Samsung and Nvidia:

4. TheSyndicateProject

Thomas Cassel, who is known online as Syndicate, has a YouTube channel with 9.76 million subscribers. Although he started out with Halo and Modern Warfare II videos, it was his Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies, Minecraft, and GTA V videos that propelled him to fame.

He has worked with several brands outside of gaming—Seafire Resort and LG Ultra Gear, to name a few.

5. Miniminter

Simon Minter, a.k.a. Miniminter, has 8.84 million subscribers on his main account. His MM7Games channel, where he posts exclusive gaming content, has 4.38 million. He is one of the most famous gaming YouTubers in The Sidemen. His huge following has brought him partnerships with big brands like EA Sports and Captain Morgan.

Check out his recent video where the YouTube promotes Raid Shadow Legends mobile game:

6. YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon

YOGSCAST is a YouTube gaming group. They cover a variety of games – from AI Dungeon and Minecraft to Skyrim. They’ve amassed 7.2 million subscribers. They’ve collaborated with 2K Games, which sponsored a live-streaming series for Borderlands on their channel. They’ve also worked with Noble chairs among many other brands.

Here’s a dedicated video review produced by Yogcast in collaboration with Oculus Quest:


Vikram Barn, more popularly known as Vikkstar123, is a member of two YouTube groups: The Sidemen and The Pack. His main channel has 6.51 million subscribers. His streaming channel, VikkstarPlay, has a little over a million subscribers. Some of the brands that he has worked with include Three UK, Polo Ralph Lauren, and JBL.

Vikram is also supported by Activision, the developer of Call of Duty:

8. Grian

Grian has gained 5.84 million subscribers by making Minecraft and Hermitcraft videos on YouTube. Some are focused on gameplay, while others are tutorials on all things Minecraft. Unsurprisingly, he landed a brand deal to promote Minecraft Earth. It is an augmented reality spin-off of Minecraft, which debuted last year.

Sponsors like Nvidia support this YouTube creator:

9. Mini Ladd

Craig Thompson, more commonly known as Mini Ladd, is a gamer, comedian, and vlogger with 5.58 million subscribers. His gaming content ranges from Mini Golf and Minecraft to virtual reality. Some of his most recent brand collaborations were with LG for their OLED TV, OnePlus for their 7 Pro smartphone and EA.

GAMERS! We trying out Apex Season with the boys @I_AM_WILDCAT & @NoahJ456 on stream with the new legend Loba! If you want to check it out, watch this trailer and tune into my stream https://t.co/SnFWULCYe6 #ApexLegends #SponsoredByEA #ad @PlayApex pic.twitter.com/0xDxrlIWCR

— Mini Ladd (@MiniLaddd) May 12, 2020

10. LDShadowLady

With 5.27 million subscribers, Elizabeth Batty or LDShadowLady is one of the most popular female gamers on YouTube. She does a lot of Minecraft, Shadowcraft, and Sims content. She partnered with Disney for the launch of DisneyPlus in the UK. She was even turned into a Simpson character to promote the animated series on the streaming service.

11. Daz Games

Darren Black a.k.a. Daz Black runs a YouTube gaming channel with 5.1 million subscribers. He posts a lot of reaction videos and games. He plays a wide variety of games, ranging from GTA V and Minecraft to The Forest. Recently, he collaborated with brands like Honor and ExpressVPN.

12. The Gaming Lemon

Brad Leman is the man behind the popular YouTube channel, The Gaming Lemon. He has 3.99 million subscribers. Every week, he uploads a variety of gaming videos, ranging from GTA V, The Red Dead Redemption 2, and The Sims 4. Last year, he did a video on Oh He’s a Pirate, which was sponsored by KFC and made in collaboration with Activision.

13. The Gaming Beaver

The Gaming Beaver is run by a gamer named James Beavers, thus the name. He has no beaver-related videos, but he does have a ton of dinosaur-themed game content such as Jurassic World, The Isle, and Minecraft. He even partnered with Mattel for an unboxing video of Jurassic World toys called “Dinosaur Rivals”.

14. ZerkaaPlays

ZerkaaPlays is John Zerker’s gaming channel, which has 2.4 million subscribers. He mostly posts FIFA and Call of Duty content. As one of the seven members of The Sidemen, he, too, has partnered with big brands. Recently, he collaborated with JD Official to launch giveaways for an Adidas Originals ZX 2K Boost and a PS4 Pro.

Here’s one of his recent videos sponsored by Activision:

15. W2SPlays

Harold “Harry” Shaw, also known as W2S, has a gaming channel on YouTube with 2.26 million subscribers. His FIFA series is his most successful game series by far. Occasionally, he does some random games. Even his brand collaborations are related to football. That includes his partnership with Three UK, where he did a Chelsea virtual kit.  

One of his recent brand sponsorship was done with Raycon:

16. Duncan

Duncan Jones has 1.78 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he posts daily videos. Some of the games he plays include Minecraft, Skyrim Together, and Grounded. He also does multiplayer and co-cop videos with his fellow members from Yogscast.

17. Clare Siobhan

Clare Siobhan Callery is one of UK’s most popular gamer girls. She has 1.76 million followers on her YouTube channel, where she mostly plays Sims 4 and Minecraft. But she also enjoys Final Fantasy VII. She even collaborated with them to promote the demo’s launching on the PlayStation Store.

One of Clare’s recent videos was created in partnership with Audible:

18. Arekkz Gaming

The Arekkz Gaming channel has 1.13 million subscribers. Although it covers a vast range of games, it is focused mostly on loot-driven games. They feature Monster Hunter, Destiny 2, The Division 2, and Borderlands 2 gameplay, tutorials, and live streams. He became Grenade’s first gaming ambassador.

One of his latest videos was sponsored by Virgin Media:

19. Fruity

Fruity is a relatively small gaming channel with 499,000+ subscribers. It’s been managed by a kid named Harrison since 2016. Although he started doing Rocket League videos, he now focuses mostly on Fortnite gameplay, guides, and tutorials.

Some of the brand collaborations of this Youtuber include a video sponsored by Mattel:

20. Preach Gaming

Preach Gaming is a group of streamers who are well-known Warcraft players. They started their niche channel in 2010. It now has a little over 400,000 subscribers. They make gameplay videos and guides for World of Warcraft.

His brand partnerships include a video sponsored by Oculus:

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