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Top 18 YouTube Gaming Influencer Agencies for 2024

With a massive user base of over 2.49 billion monthly active users, YouTube offers an unparalleled platform for reaching diverse audiences. Gaming has become a prominent genre on YouTube, driven by viewers' interest in watching others play video games. This has led to the rise of YouTube gaming influencers—professional gamers and content creators who use YouTube to promote and play online games.

YouTube serves as an ecosystem where gaming influencers create variety of content, from gameplay tutorials to live streams, drawing in a wide range of gamers and fans. The platform’s long-form content lets influencers dive deep into games, offering detailed info and how-to guides while sharing tips and tricks to help viewers improve their gaming skills.

Plus, YouTube is still one of the best platforms for influencer marketing. It ranks second in popularity among influencer marketers, making it a top spot for promoting games and connecting with a passionate gaming community.

Why YouTube Gaming Influencer Agency?

A specialized YouTube Gaming Influencer Agency provides Brands with access to a wealth of expertise and established networks within the gaming community. By leveraging the agency's knowledge and connections, brands can efficiently manage influencer campaigns, from strategy and planning to execution and analysis, allowing them to focus on their core business operations.

Additionally, YouTube gaming influencer agencies are adept at creating tailored marketing strategies that resonate with the gaming audience. They understand the nuances of the gaming industry and the YouTube platform, enabling them to produce high-quality, engaging content that not only promotes the brand but also entertains and educates the audience. Finally, YouTube Gaming Influencer agencies use data-driven insights to track campaign performance and make necessary adjustments, ensuring that brands achieve their marketing objectives and maximize their return on investment

In this article, we will explore the top 18 YouTube gaming influencer agencies that are adept at leveraging this powerful platform, connecting brands with influencers, and creating impactful marketing campaigns.

Top 18 Gaming YouTube Gaming Influencer Agencies to Work With In 2024

1. Cloutboost

Type: YouTube Influencer Marketing, YouTube Influencer Marketing Platform

Established: 2017

Notable clients/projects: Sony, Samsung, Nexon, Owlcat Games, Wargaming, tinyBuild Games

Key services: YouTube influencer marketing, influencer data & analytics, UA licensing, retargeting, content repurposing, public relations

Cloutboost specializes in acquisition-driven influencer marketing within the gaming industry, executing comprehensive campaigns for brands of all sizes. Founded and operated by experienced gaming industry professionals, Cloutboost expertly navigates clients through the intricacies of YouTube influencer campaigns across various stages of video game launches.

Harnessing the power of data science and AI, Cloutboost fine-tunes and scales their influencer marketing strategies on YouTube. They maintain one of the largest and most rapidly growing databases of gaming YouTube influencers, evaluating over 50 data points to ensure each influencer is a perfect fit for maximum campaign effectiveness. With access to over 300,000 YouTube gaming channels and partnerships with more than 200 gaming-focused talent agencies, Cloutboost excels in precisely targeting YouTube influencers.

Cloutboost AI-driven client portal provides clients with the tools to efficiently manage, optimize, and scale their campaigns for a seamless experience. Beyond YouTube influencer campaigns, Cloutboost offers services including Twitch Influencer campaigns, UA licensing, performance marketing, and public relations to enhance the overall impact of influencer collaborations.

2. A2Z Influencers

Type: Talent Management, Influencer Marketing Agency

Established: 2021

Notable clients/projects: JGoat Games, SpinX Games, CleanMyMacX, Plarium

Key services: Influencer marketing, talent management, user-generated content, community management

With a strong background in advertising, A2Z Influencers creates and manages integrated marketing campaigns from start to finish, helping brands focus their time and effort on other aspects of the marketing process.

Brands on YouTube will particularly benefit from the agency’s extensive experience with mobile gaming marketing. A2Z Influencers partners brands with the ideal content creators for their campaigns, ensuring seamless promotion by the creator while staying true to the brand’s tone and guidelines.

With extensive experience both from the brand side and the agency side, A2Z Influencer manages to reach high ROI for their clients. A2Z Infuencers can serve as an extension of your marketing team, helping with a very easy execution of their client's influencer marketing campaign and also help with    launching and maintaining a content creator program for your game.

A2Z Influencers also manages 60+ exclusive content creators, most of them are PC and Mobile gamers

3. Right Click Culture

Type: Talent Management and Influencer Marketing Agency

Established: 2020

Notable clients/projects: Jynxzi, bbno$, Guitaro5000, YeahMad, Caroline Kwan, Amazon Prime Gaming, Rockstar Energy, Allied Gaming & Entertainment

Key services: Content creation, IP development, talent casting, influencer marketing, broadcast marketing, live events

Right Click Culture, founded by Sam Alavi and Sahil Mehta in May 2020, leverages its background in music and event production to connect brands with the biggest influencers in the music and gaming spheres. This talent management and creative agency is renowned for high-quality content production and event management, ensuring brands receive maximum visibility and engagement.

Jynxzi, Twitch’s most-subscribed-to streamer, recently signed with Right Click Culture for representation in all areas. Managed by Alavi, who spent a decade in the music industry, Jynxzi has already benefited significantly from this partnership. Within the first 30 days, Right Click secured over $1 million in brand deals for Jynxzi, including partnerships with Starforge Systems, Supercell, and many more.

Right Click Culture’s network of YouTube creators is highly interconnected, offering excellent marketing opportunities through collaborations. By centering games in their content, these creators enhance both visibility and interest in gaming campaigns. The agency’s expertise in music and broadcasting further amplifies these efforts, providing brands with diverse channels to market their games.

With their comprehensive marketing capabilities, Right Click Culture helps brands reach and engage audiences effectively, ensuring sustained interest and attention.

4. Digital Fox Talent Network

Type: Talent Management and Influencer Marketing Agency

Established: 2017

Notable clients/projects: PlayStation, Nintendo, Minecraft, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Capcom, Ubisoft, G Fuel, EA, Square Enix, Raid

Key services: Video production, content creation, social media, influencer marketing, content publishing, content marketing, content promotion, talent, 

With a reach of over 20 million followers, the Digital Fox Talent Network leverages its content production capabilities with more than 200 micro and macro entertainment influencers. Their content creators specialize in branded, consistent, and highly effective messaging across different platforms, focusing on entertainment and pop culture.

Brands can benefit from the agency’s extensive following and multi-pronged approach to content creation. In addition to pure promotions, their content creators manage audience sentiment, cater to specific gaming audiences or demographics, and conduct interviews.

With its holistic approach to gaming marketing, Digital Fox Talent Network has quickly become a favored agency for gaming brands and companies. Whether looking for ambassadors or additional content support, this agency has a service to meet any needs.

5. Elusive Talent Agency

Type: Talent Management and Influencer Marketing Agency

Established: 2018

Notable clients/projects: Logitech, Wargaming.net, Audible, Epidemic Sound, NVIDIA, Epic Games

Key services: Creator relations, video and content production, campaign development, event planning and management, creative concepts, media planning, brand partnerships and sponsorships, content and brand strategy

Elusive Talent Agency is a talent management and full-service esports agency that represents the world's greatest professional players, content creators, and streamers, helping them turn their passion for gaming into long-lasting careers. Specializing in multi-faceted marketing campaigns, Elusive connects clients with the biggest brands in the esports and gaming industry and builds long-lasting relationships to achieve their goals.

Recently acquired by Quebec, Canada-based GameAddik, Elusive represents more than 100 creators with a collective audience of 20 million, hitting 100 million monthly views on YouTube. This strategic approach puts Elusive among top providers focused on smooth integration between campaigns and goals, bringing out the unique appeal of partnered brands.

Creating experiences is key to driving engagement—an approach Elusive heavily utilizes. Apart from numerous partnerships with gaming brands, they’ve collaborated with gaming-related businesses, gaining a comprehensive overview of the gaming marketing landscape. Brands benefit from Elusive’s extensive experience and network of influencers, ensuring seamless integration of a brand’s products with a creator’s content.

6. Peanut Butter & Jelly Talent Agency

Type: Talent Management

Established: 2022

Notable clients/projects: Lenovo Legion, NVIDIA, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Stunlock Studios, Paradox Interactive

Key services: Talent Management, Sponsorships Management, Business Development

Peanut Butter & Jelly Talent Agency, based in Berlin, Germany, was founded in 2022 with a mission to provide personalized and dedicated management services to gaming creators. Representing both English and German-speaking creators, this boutique agency aims to maintain a close-knit community, ensuring a healthy talent-to-talent manager ratio to deliver the best possible service and care.

In addition to ensuring their creators' happiness, Peanut Butter & Jelly Talent Agency places a strong emphasis on the welfare of their talent managers. They empower their managers with autonomy and freedom, aligning their workflow with the dynamic nature of the job while still providing the perks of being part of a team. Talent managers are key in fostering strong bonds with the agency's creators on a day-to-day basis.

Among the notable talents represented by Peanut Butter & Jelly Talent Agency are Force Gaming, GoodTimesWithScar, PlayStationGrenade, BdoubleO100, and RvNxMango. The agency remains committed to staying relatively small for the foreseeable future to maintain their high standards of service and personalized care.

7. Levity Media

Type: Talent Management and Influencer Marketing Agency

Established: 2017

Notable clients/projects: EA, Ubisoft, NVIDIA, 2K Games, Oculus, Discord, Activision Blizzard, Epic Games

Key services: Reporting and data analysis, campaign strategy and logistics, content production, influencer management, campaign deployment, brand guidance, legal support

Founded by content creators, Levity Media focuses on connecting brands with the most suitable partners for long-term, organic, consistent campaign engagement. Based in the UK, their team manages large branded campaigns globally, representing famous gaming YouTube influencers like Call Me Kevin and LevelCapGaming. The agency provides immediate access to top gaming influencers and creators today, with their managed creators generating video views totaling over 18.74 billion.

Levity Media emphasizes a comprehensive approach to matching brands with content creators, leveraging years of experience, a vast network of creators, and proprietary analytics software for the best results. It aims to provide an integrated experience in connecting a brand with its audience, supported by the content of its matched collaborators.

This holistic approach to sponsorships is critical in distinguishing brands on YouTube, as gaming audiences flock to more accommodating and adaptable creators. By matching brands with the right talent, Levity Media designs experiences that accommodate specific brands and their ideal audiences.

8. Screenwave Media

Type: Talent Management and Influencer Marketing Agency

Established: 2011

Notable clients/projects: Available upon request

Key services: YouTube marketing, video on demand, search engine optimization, YouTube multi-channel network, website development, digital media, AdSense, video production, game publishing, game development, brand sponsorships, indie game support

Screenwave Media is a technology-driven company that brings together talented content creators and gives them the tools to succeed on multiple publishing platforms including YouTube. They work with premium video content, from in-depth reviews, commentary, and news, to original web series, cartoons, comics, and more. 

Screenwave Media has been trusted by gaming brands, music creators, and animators with their marketing campaigns for years. They manage prominent YouTube gamers including FusionZGamer, Blitz, and Cinemassacre.

With extensive experience in marketing and a multi-pronged approach to content creation, the agency brings out the best in brands for a more engaged audience. Specializing in YouTube marketing, Screenwave Media uses its expertise in the platform and its roster of influencers to craft highly engaging campaigns. By leveraging their knowledge of the YouTube algorithm, the agency helps increase both organic and paid visibility, resulting in more views and overall engagement.

9. Tribe Gaming

Type: Talent Management and Influencer Marketing Agency

Established: 2017

Notable clients/projects: Samsung, AT&T

Key services: eSports, digital media production, content marketing, mobile marketing, talent development, sponsorships, mobile gaming marketing, content production, creator management

Tribe Gaming (TRB) is a North American mobile gaming esports and entertainment organization headquartered in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2017 by mobile gaming influencer Patrick “Chief Pat” Carney, Tribe fields professional teams across multiple mobile video game titles, including Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, and Call of Duty: Mobile. In addition to esports, Tribe Gaming creates unique entertainment featuring a diverse roster of mobile gaming content creators. 

Tribe Gaming is well-suited to working with clients that operate within the mobile space. Mobile games have already carved out a niche on YouTube, and Tribe Gaming’s roster of talent guarantees that brands will be connected to experienced and established creators for their marketing campaigns. This not only improves engagement across the board but also plays perfectly into the mobile gaming demographic.

Few agencies can do it better for any mobile-centric gaming brand looking for additional marketing support than Tribe Gaming. Their deep understanding of the mobile game market makes them an ideal long-term partner for marketing campaigns.

10. Up North Management

Type: Talent Management Agency

Established: 2018

Notable clients/projects: Fortnite, Call of Duty, Madden NFL

Key services: eSports and gaming talent management, brand building, content production

Up North Management is an entertainment and media agency with expertise in talent management. Brothers Cole and Cody Hock, Forbes 30 under 30 co-founders with backgrounds in the music and law industries, founded Up North Management Group in 2018. 

They represent 20 top gaming content creators and streamers with a collective reach topping 40 million followers. For these clients, they’ve negotiated partnerships with premium brands such as Nissan, AT&T, Samsung, Ford, Nesquik, Amazon Studios, HBO Max, and American Eagle. They also provide their clients with opportunities to invest in early-stage gaming startups.

Up North is a diversified entertainment and media company specializing in talent management, brand building, creative content, and original business ventures. They represent top content creators in the digital space division and incubate and launch creator-led brands in partnership with creators, such as Enjoy Basketball with Kenny Beecham.

11. Long Haul Management

Type: Talent Management Agency

Established: 2013

Notable clients/projects: Ubisoft, Disney, Microsoft, PlayStation, Displate

Key services: Direct response offers, custom content production, social media marketing

Long Haul Management Inc. is a Streamy-award winning talent management and brand deal agency, representing some of the most recognizable names on social media and YouTube. Specializing in gaming, film, TV, and sports channels, Long Haul Management collaborates with its diverse roster of influencers and content creators to craft engaging, long-term campaigns across all promotional channels for gaming brands.

The agency’s impressive roster includes MatPat from Game Theory, whose Game & Film Theorists and GT Live channels boast over 18 million YouTube subscribers and 50 million monthly views. Long Haul Management has played a pivotal role in the success of its talents. They were the Executive Producer on the Streamy-winning YouTube Red series MatPat's Game Lab, managing everything from selling the show to securing IP licensing from video game publishers like Ubisoft, EA, and Konami. Additionally, Long Haul facilitated MatPat’s hosting of the Ben Affleck and Matt Damon produced series The Runner on Verizon's go90.

Brands partnering with Long Haul’s creators benefit from increased visibility to an engaged audience and the trust these influencers command. Long Haul has successfully conducted branded integrations with over 30 major traditional and media brands, including Disney, Fox, and Microsoft. For brands seeking quality content support and reliable access to an engaged audience, Long Haul Management Inc. provides the star power and comprehensive support necessary to achieve their marketing goals.

12. 28th Ave Management

Type: Talent Management and Influencer Marketing Agency

Established: 2017

Notable clients/projects: Available upon request

Key services: Content management, content production, digital media, branded content, consulting, content creation

28th Ave Management, based in Los Angeles, is a full-service management and production company that caters to the next generation of digital content creators. The agency specializes in a broad range of services including brand integrations, merchandising, gaming and esports partnerships, podcasting, licensing, and publishing, and has a strong presence across all social platforms, TV, film, and events.

With a focus on creating content on popular platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, 28th Ave Management utilizes its roster of content creators for both long-term and short-form campaigns. The agency is particularly skilled in cross-promotion across these platforms, enabling seamless promotion and helping YouTube talents extend their reach beyond a single platform for increased visibility.

28th Ave Management prides itself on its personalized approach, crafting unique long-term strategies for each client. The agency’s ability to deliver detailed attention and maintain open communication has led to successful collaborations with some of the most influential creators, major brands, and leading agencies globally. Among their notable gaming youtubers are DidYouKnowGaming and MYSTIC7, who benefit from the agency’s expertise in maximizing viewership and engagement for impactful marketing campaigns.


Type: Talent Management and Influencer Marketing Agency

Established: 2018

Notable clients/projects: Activision Blizzard, Gnu, World of Tanks, Wild Rift, Konami

Key services: Creative campaigns, artist management, concept development, consultancy, project management, campaign management, partner relations, content production

INSTINCT3 is an industry-leading influencer marketing agency with dedicated Artist Agency and Creative Agency units, part of the I3 Holding group alongside Eintracht Spandau, Z1MT, and BRAV3. Founded by a prominent German influencer, the agency emphasizes integrity, creativity, and character.

INSTINCT3 takes a proactive approach to content creation, balancing business goals with influencers' creative expression to market organically. Their expertise in media production, especially short films, makes them ideal for YouTube advertising, attracting audiences through high-value storytelling.

The agency represents top talents like HandOfBlood, the DACH market’s most successful variety gaming YouTuber, known for his authentic and engaging product placements. HandOfBlood’s awards include "Best Gaming YouTuber" at the Web Video Award 2016 and "Best Let’s Player / Streamer" at the gamescom award 2018. He participates in live events like Gamevasion and Operation: Streamfest.

For brands seeking innovative and impactful game promotion, INSTINCT3 offers creative and effective strategies to drive long-term engagement and success.

14. MonRae Management

Type: Talent Management Agency

Established: 2021

Notable clients/projects: Available upon request

Key services: Digital advertising, influencer marketing, talent management, IP development

MonRae Management, founded in 2021 by Elspeth Rae and Bronagh Monahan, is a talent management and production company that has quickly partnered with some of the most recognizable names in the gaming sphere. Their roster includes TommyInnit, DanTDM, and Yammy—exceptional creators with a strong following among younger audiences.

With Elspeth’s background as a managing director at Endemol and Bronagh’s experience as a talent manager at Gleam and development executive at BBC Studios, MonRae Management is uniquely positioned to advise in the digital-first talent and media space. The agency is adept at advertising for gaming brands on YouTube, where younger audiences are deeply invested in their favorite creators. This approach increases visibility and engagement for games, setting the foundation for long-term growth. In Summer 2021, MonRae launched MonRae Productions, reinforcing their belief that online talent can transition to traditional media if the content is developed with a digital mindset.

MonRae's overall experience in advertising and its talented roster make it well-suited for gaming brands seeking video marketing and content support. The agency's digital-first approach to marketing, combined with their talent and production capabilities, ensures they can create new content and diversify talent’s existing IP.

15. Studio 71

Type: Talent Management and Influencer Marketing Agency

Established: 2011

Notable clients/projects: Disney, Nickelodeon, Activision

Key services: Branded content, channel strategy, podcast advertising, influencer marketing, original content production

Studio71 specializes in creating high-production content for brands and then marketing or producing it with the help of its roster of talent, creating polished, immersive, and engaging experiences crucial for garnering attention and brand loyalty. With over 13 billion monthly views on YouTube, the agency is well-suited for brands seeking visibility and improved brand awareness. By partnering with their content creators, brands can connect with diverse audiences, both within and outside their target demographics.

Studio71, led by co-CEOs Adam Boorstin and Matt Crowley, focuses on turning social media personalities into brands. The company provides comprehensive creator services, including production, marketing, distribution, advertising, and sponsorship sales, allowing creators to expand their reach and optimize their businesses. 

The agency helps creators transition from simple video content to expansive media businesses, as exemplified by FGTeeV, which evolved from video game commentary to launching FAST channels and graphic novels. Studio71 ranks No. 6 among YouTube partners and No. 13 among YouTube’s top video properties as of January 2023, reflecting its significant influence in the digital video space.

16. RE6L (“Reelsix”)

Type: Talent Management 

Established: 2012

Notable clients/projects: 

Key services: Creator management, content production, brand partnerships and deals, consultancy

Based in Toronto, RE6L ("ReelSix") is a bespoke, high-service talent management agency specializing in creator management and representation services. This YouTube-focused agency consists of a small team dedicated to helping content creators build their empires on the YouTube platform. Founded by Duke McKenzie (CEO), Kat Peterson (co-founder and vice president of business development), and Sam Ryley (co-founder), RE6L offers comprehensive services, including brand deals and partnerships, content production, new business ventures and revenue streams, and day-to-day business operations.

RE6L manages a select group of top YouTube creators, including the platform’s most popular gaming creator, PewDiePie, who boasts a 111-million subscriber base. Other notable talents include BigTimeAdulting, ItsMarziaPie, Luzu Games, and Hello I'm Lana. The agency's expertise in influencer media and ecommerce has helped these creators grow their followings, secure brand deals and partnerships, craft high-quality content, and enter profitable business ventures.

For brands, RE6L occasionally serves as consultants, helping them navigate the complexities of influencer marketing on YouTube. The agency's deep understanding of the platform and its dynamics allows them to guide brands in developing effective influencer campaigns that resonate with their target audiences.

17. Kaizen

Type: Talent Management and Influencer Marketing Agency

Established: 2017

Notable clients/projects: Lilith Games, NetEase Games, IGG

Key services: Influencer marketing, brand outreach, content editing

Since 2017, Kaizen has been offering its expertise and guidance in influencer marketing and talent management. The agency has handled more than 600 campaigns, 3,000 influencer activations, and 400 million sponsored views. 

Kaizen has partnered with popular brands over the years, honing their specialty in data-driven campaigns. One noteworthy case study is its partnership with online game portal IGG. Kaizen activated the Paul Brothers to promote IGG’s Lords Mobile game on YouTube. The result? The sponsored video gained over 13 million views and 660,000 likes and comments. Kaizen’s current roster of gaming YouTubers includes Thelazypeon and MitchManix. 

18. MoreYellow

Type: Talent Management and Influencer Marketing Agency

Established: 2005

Notable clients/projects: NVIDIA, Ubisoft, Disney

Key services: Campaign strategy and planning, content creation, social media management, optimization

MoreYellow is a leading digital campaign agency that collaborates with some of the industry’s largest entertainment brands, specializing in influencer marketing and strategic partnerships. With a managed roster of talent that generates over 200 million views of inventory, MoreYellow focuses on creating impactful influencer campaigns that connect brands with their target audiences through authentic and engaging content.

As a hybrid creative and talent agency, MoreYellow is proud to work small while serving large. They have been entrusted to work on some of the largest programs for premier entertainment and technology brands, including Dreamworks Entertainment, Disney, Warner Bros., NBC Universal, Logitech, NVIDIA, and ASUS. This unique approach enables MoreYellow to deliver personalized, high-quality services while maintaining strong relationships with their clients.

MoreYellow excels in developing campaign strategies, executing engaging content, and leveraging their extensive network of influencers to maximize brand visibility and engagement. Their commitment to excellence and innovation has made them a trusted partner for brands looking to navigate the dynamic world of digital marketing and influencer partnerships.

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