Top 11 Gaming Influencer Agencies to Work With in 2024

In 2023, the video game industry made an impressive 406 Billion USD, and it's expected to reach an even bigger 455 Billion USD by the end of 2024 – a solid 12% increase. At the same time, the global gamer community is set to expand to 3.32 billion in 2024, marking a substantial 26% growth over the past five years.

Gaming influencers have a significant impact on their audience and the entire industry. There's no doubt that obtaining the support of an influencer can be a great asset for marketing campaigns. However, given the complexities of acquisition, alignment, and management between an influencer and their sponsoring brand, having the support of an experienced third party can drastically improve both relationships and the overall outcome. This article explores how brands can choose the right gaming influencer agencies and highlights some top agencies worth considering.

Why Gaming Influencer Marketing Agency?

Navigating the gaming industry requires a nuanced understanding of its unique dynamics and intricacies. Gaming-focused agencies bring invaluable expertise and experience tailored specifically to the gaming landscape. Their familiarity with the industry gives them a strategic edge in developing and executing campaigns that resonate with the gaming community. 

Unlike general marketing agencies, specialized gaming agencies possess a deep understanding of video game launch stages and intricacies of different gaming platforms and genres. Their expertise extends to a strong awareness of the social media channels and media formats that drive optimal engagement within the gaming sector. For instance, a generic agency might struggle to distinguish the nuances between promoting an isometric RPG on Twitch and a casual mobile game on TikTok. Moreover, their well-established connections with influential figures in the gaming industry enhance the effectiveness of influencer collaborations.

For brands trying to tap into the gaming audience, especially game publishers, working with a gaming-focused influencer marketing agency is crucial. It ensures not only access to a vast and engaged audience but also a strategic approach that aligns seamlessly with the unique demands and preferences of the gaming community.

Top 11 Gaming Influencer Agencies to Work With In 2024

1. Cloutboost

Established: 2017

Notable clients/projects: Samsung, Rovio, Nexon, Wargaming

Key services: Influencer campaign management, retargeting & repurposing, public relations management

Cloutboost utilizes a combination of AI-powered tools and industry expertise to efficiently handle, optimize, and scale gaming influencer campaigns. The agency was established in 2017 by experts in video game marketing and data science, driven by a mission to optimize influencer marketing within the video game sector. Specializing in data-driven influencer marketing, the agency oversees every aspect of influencer campaigns, providing clients with a dedicated portal for comprehensive analytics and streamlined campaign management, ensuring transparency.

Cloutboost is exclusively focused on the gaming industry, showcasing years of expertise working with games across various platforms and genres. What sets Cloutboost apart is its commitment to using data science to refine marketing strategies. The agency maintains the world's largest database of gaming influencers encompassing over 500K gaming channels. 

The agency has recently introduced its proprietary data-science enabled influencer tool GamerGraph, dedicated to aiding brands in connecting with gaming influencers. This platform simplifies influencer selection, outreach, management, and reporting for brands of all sizes.

Cloutboost also offers a suite of services that include public relations and paid media, all designed to amplify the impact of influencer campaigns. 

Reasons to choose Cloutboost:

  • Cloutboost offers a data-driven campaign management portal to help Clients have full oversight and control over their campaigns
  • The agency's supplemental services are built around the goal of retargeting influencer audiences and repurposing user-generated content to maximize campaign reach and effectiveness. 

2. Socially Powerful

Established: 2017

Notable clients/projects: Legion by Lenovo, ESL Gaming

Key services: Influencer Marketing, Paid Social, Video Production, Social Media Community Management

The company initially began as a video production house, led by James Hacking and Tassilo Labuzinski, crafting social media content for brands. In 2016, they ventured into influencer campaigns, sparking a #1 Trending campaign on Twitter (now known as “X”). This success led to influencer marketing becoming a primary service for the newly established “Socially Powerful” in 2017.

Specializing in campaign production, support, and oversight for major brands—including those in the gaming industry—across various social media channels, the agency has since expanded its global reach. Alongside influencer marketing, Socially Powerful offers paid social media ads, social media content strategies, community management, and video production services.

Now, Socially Powerful focuses on enhancing its technological capabilities with AI solutions, emphasizing a social-first marketing approach for its client brands. Continuously diversifying its expertise across different industries, such as beauty, alcohol, and sports, the company stays at the forefront of innovation.

Reasons to choose Socially Powerful:

  • Their expertise with TikTok, a leading social platform for gamers and gaming influencers, makes them a valuable partner for gaming brands aiming to boost their online social engagement.
  • With a robust portfolio and capabilities in content production and community management, the agency seamlessly handles all stages of a campaign’s lifecycle, from strategy to execution.

3. Goat Agency

Established: 2015

Notable clients/projects: Deep Silver, Dell, M&M’s, Formula E

Key services: Influencer Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Content Production

Goat Agency brings a wealth of experience and insights to influencer marketing, employing a social-first, data-driven approach. Specializing globally in gaming campaigns, the agency collaborates closely with influencers to amplify client reach.

Goat Agency, also adept in various industries including food, beauty, automotive, and tech, was founded in 2015 by Arron Shepherd, Harry Hugo, and Nick Cooke. Recognizing the potential of influencers in 2012, they established the agency to harness the customer acquisition and ROI influencers could generate.

Goat Agency takes pride in its global approach to gaming campaigns, collaborating closely with its network of influencers to attract audiences and garner attention for its clients. The agency extends its services beyond gaming marketing to include data tracking and personalization, enabling brands to gain a comprehensive understanding of their campaign performance.

Viewing influencer marketing as a full-funnel approach, Goat Agency utilizes influencers' powerful engagement across the entire buyer's journey, from brand awareness to conversion and advocacy. Their holistic approach offers brands a comprehensive marketing solution aligned with their business goals.

Why choose Goat Agency:

  • Extensive experience in the dynamic gaming industry, leveraging insights for successful campaigns.
  • Holistic influencer marketing approach, covering the full buyer's journey for comprehensive solutions.

4. Heaven Media

Established: 2002

Notable clients/projects: AMD Gaming, Riot Games, Twitch

Key services: ​​Data and Strategy, Creative Solutions, Influencer Marketing, Events

Heaven Media, a marketing and creative agency specializing in gaming and technology, boasts over two decades of experience since its founding in 2002. With its commitment to innovation, the agency has witnessed the evolution of PC technology, internet trends, and the exponential growth of gaming over the past 20+ years.

The agency's core focus is on collaborating with seasoned creators, prioritizing authentic content for clients' creative campaigns. Heaven Media works closely with its handpicked influencers to ensure that their messaging, content, and overall narrative align with their partner brands. By doubling down on this approach, the agency ultimately aims to create personalized experiences for the target audience, helping them connect with both the influencer and the brand.

Heaven Media isn't confined to the digital realm; alongside online expertise, the agency excels in offline experiences, organizing various esports tournaments and gaming exhibitions. Positioned as a long-term partner, Heaven Media offers comprehensive solutions for gaming brands, covering branding, marketing, and strategy.

Why choose HeavenMedia:

  • Heaven Media’s extensive experience and portfolio of gaming projects have made it a trusted name in the gaming industry, marketing anything gaming-related from hardware to eSports championships.
  • In working with influencers, the agency heavily pushes an authentic approach for their marketing efforts—a crucial distinction that can enable brands to reach better campaign ROI.

5. Viral Nation

Established: 2014

Notable clients/projects: Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, Logitech

Key services: ​​ Influencer Marketing, Paid and Performance Media, Creative and Content, Social Experiential Marketing, B2B Marketing

Founded in 2014 by Joe Gagliese and Mat Micheli, Viral Nation is an acclaimed influencer and social media marketing agency, specializing in cultivating partnered talent into content powerhouses. Recognized with four AVA Digital Awards in 2019 for digital creativity, strategic planning, and branding excellence, the agency has pioneered global influencer marketing.

The agency focuses on end-to-end solutions for brands, ranging from talent acquisition and company reputation management to employee advocacy tools. Viral Nation continues to enhance and expand its portfolio with partnerships with some of the biggest content creators on social media today, developing tools and platforms that can help brands with their marketing efforts and talent management. 

Leveraging business intelligence and data science, Viral Nation's data-centric approach utilizes its proprietary platform, CreatorOS, to connect brands with influencers, facilitating precise audience targeting. The agency's diverse network spans various industries, enabling them to drive awareness, create social-first content, and generate hype for events and broadcasts.

Why choose Viral Nation:

  • Viral Nation offers end-to-end solutions for brands, covering talent acquisition, company reputation management, and innovative employee advocacy tools. 
  • Leveraging business intelligence and data science, Viral Nation utilizes its proprietary platform, CreatorOS, to connect brands with influencers, facilitating precise audience targeting and providing comprehensive campaign metrics.

6. Kairos Media

Established: 2015

Notable clients/projects: Blizzard Entertainment, KFC Gaming, Samsung, Epic Games

Key services: Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Content Production, eSports and Games Marketing

Kairos Media, a go-to-social marketing agency founded in 2015, specializes in providing a wide range of marketing services, with a focus on excelling in the gaming market and connecting businesses with gamers through their expertise in the creator economy. Over the years, Kairos Media has collaborated with major brands such as KFC and Heinz, assisting them in reaching the gamer demographic through influencer-driven campaigns and gamer-centric content.

Beyond influencer campaigns, Kairos Media serves as a one-stop-shop, offering additional services like social media marketing, e-sports marketing, content production, and design. With an influencer-centric approach, the agency leverages its digital-first background to deeply understand online audiences, facilitating the identification of the best influencers for brand partnerships.

Kairos Media distinguishes itself by helping brands navigate the competitive gaming space, offering strategic assistance and leveraging connections with well-known influencers. Notably, the agency excels in eSports gaming, catering to a more technically demanding audience. Their meticulous study of gaming audiences, considering specific segments, allows for tailored strategies that capture maximum engagement. Capitalizing on the high loyalty rate of gamers, Kairos Media utilizes influencers and its production capabilities to consistently deliver successful campaign results.

Why choose Kairos Media?

  • Kairos Media stands out as a go-to social marketing agency offering a comprehensive suite of services, including influencer campaigns, social media marketing, e-sports marketing, content production, and design.
  • The agency particularly shines in eSports gaming, navigating the competitive gaming space with strategic assistance and leveraging connections with well-known influencers. 

7. Wehype

Established: 2016

Notable clients/projects: Ubisoft, Square Enix, miHoYo, EA, Activision Blizzard

Key services: Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Content Creation

Founded in 2016 by brothers Emil and Gustaf Smith, alongside Robin Åström, Wehype operates as a two-sided online platform connecting brands with Twitch streamers  for effective collaborations. With over 35,000 creators activated in 90 countries, Wehype stands as a reliable influencer source for game publishers, irrespective of genre, port, target demographic, or audience interests. 

Leveraging smart technology, in-house experts, and big data, Wehype offers a comprehensive solution to manage all aspects of influencer marketing campaigns. The Wehype campaign team extends support through personalized invitations, influencer briefings, assistance, and more. The platform provides comprehensive reports and analytics, offering insights into the effectiveness of influencer marketing campaigns. 

Wehype excels at fostering close relationships between influencers and sponsored brands, managing both parties to convey a unified message for successful campaigns. With its creator collaboration platform, Wehype simplifies strategy, influencer matching, execution, and analysis, enabling brands and influencers to focus on impactful actions that drive campaign performance. This emphasis on simplicity allows for scalable marketing based on audience demand and facilitates influencer audience growth through optimal sponsor matches. 

Why choose Kairos Media?

  • For brands looking to harness the power of Twitch, Wehype's specialized focus on the platform makes it a standout choice for impactful and targeted influencer marketing campaigns.
  • By prioritizing simplicity, the platform's straightforward approach ensures that both brands and influencers can focus on the essential aspects of large-scale campaigns

8. We Are Social

Established: 2008

Notable clients/projects: Riot Games, ACER, Samsung

Key services: Influencer Co-Creation, Gaming, Social Insights, Competitor Analysis, Cultural Intelligence, Content Creation

Established in 2008, We Are Social harnesses its deep understanding of online culture and social dynamics to craft memorable digital experiences for brands. With its specialized arm, We Are Social Gaming, and collaborations with influencers, the agency identifies, strategizes, and executes opportunities to connect brands with the most dedicated gaming audiences.By leveraging its comprehensive knowledge of gaming demographics, the agency simplifies brands' journeys through the gaming ecosystem.

Offering a broad spectrum of services including content creation, social media strategy, and digital marketing, We Are Social stands out for its ability to forge connections between brands and their audiences through creative storytelling and strategic planning.

With an intimate understanding of gaming culture and its audience, We Are Social designs immersive campaigns that help brands connect with their audience in novel ways. The agency collaborates closely with influencers and their followers, ensuring that all content authentically represents the brand's message and resonates with viewers.

Why Choose We Are Social?

  • We Are Social prioritizes an audience-centric approach, leveraging We Are Social Gaming's expertise in gaming culture to effectively engage the target market. 
  • Renowned for its outstanding customer service, the agency delivers personalized attention and support to clients throughout the entire process, ensuring a seamless and successful collaboration.

9. Famesters

Established: 2017

Notable clients/projects: Konami, Mobile Legends, Belka Games, ChillBase

Key services: Influencer Marketing, Creative Strategy, Media Planning, Measurements and Reports, Fraud Protection

Founded in 2017, Famesters is an influencer marketing agency that offers turnkey solutions for businesses and brands, guiding them through various stages to ensure long-term success. With a focus on the gaming industry, the agency provides consultancy services to enhance brands' understanding of the gaming landscape and connect them with influencers crucial for successful campaigns.

Famesters adopts a data-driven approach, considering influencers not just as traffic drivers but as brand representatives. By aligning the influencer's messaging with the brand's communication objectives, the agency ensures a cohesive and impactful message.

Famesters optimizes campaigns for cost and conversion by strategically allocating 40% of the budget to determine the most cost-efficient direction. Analyzing the results guides them in deploying the remaining 60% to maximize the effectiveness of the optimal strategy.

Why Choose Famesters?

  • Famesters collaborates closely with brands to curate influencer marketing strategies. By identifying the strengths of the brand image, messaging, and campaign goals, the agency connects brands with influencers whose values align seamlessly.
  • The agency actively participates in the strategy and execution of influencer-led campaigns. From content reviews to performance reporting, Famesters provides comprehensive support, ensuring a unified and effective message.


Established: 2016

Notable clients/projects: SEGA, Samsung, Nexon, Nvidia, Tencent

Key services: Influencer Events, TikTok Campaigns, eSports Partnerships, Channel Sponsorship Campaigns

GameInfluencer is a full-service influencer marketing agency founded in 2016, dedicated to strategizing and executing creative campaigns for publishers. Despite its relatively small team of just under 20 employees based in Germany, the agency has delivered significant results for notable titles like Battle Cats, Persona 5 Royal, and Rainbow Six: Siege.

GameInfluencer offers G.IO, an online platform enabling brands to seamlessly connect with influencers and execute campaigns based on performance. This innovative model allows brands to pay for the total campaign cost depending on the achieved number of app installs, offering scalability and tangible results for marketing budgets. Beyond campaign collaborations, GameInfluencer's G.IO platform facilitates the licensing of organic content pieces and negotiations for the creation of new branded content. Whether brands need video documentaries, live streams, ads, or game trailers, the platform offers versatile content creation options.

GameInfluencer collaborates with major tracking and attribution systems, including AppsFlyer, Adjust, Tune, and Kochava- easing KPI tracking and measurement.

Why Choose GameInfluencer?

  • The agency offers a complete range of services, encompassing strategic planning, influencer selection, campaign execution, and thorough post-campaign analysis. 
  • GameInfluencer partners with a diverse range of creators, including gaming, vlogging, social media, and streaming influencers, totaling over 3.1 million individuals. 

11.The Outloud Group

Established: 2008

Notable clients/projects: Wizards of the Coast, Rocket Money, NordVPN, Grubhub

Key services: Influencer Marketing, Individual Partnerships, Organic Activations, Content Sponsorships, Branded Content

The Outloud Group, established in 2008, stands out as a results-driven agency in the influencer marketing arena, prioritizing substance over hype. Specializing in brand building, the agency has garnered over 15 years of experience, successfully executing campaigns across diverse platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, podcasts, Twitch, and more. Noteworthy achievements include securing screen time for GrubHub in The Game Awards of 2021 and 2022, underscoring its ability to deliver impactful campaigns across varied platforms.

Specializing in connecting brands with gaming audiences, The Outloud Group's seasoned team of gaming experts offers comprehensive services, including live streaming, in-game promotions, integrations, partnerships, social activations, and esports tournament sponsorships. The Outloud Group stands out in fostering brand affinity and community building in gaming through individual partnerships, team collaborations with leading esports teams, and organizing events and tournaments. 

The agency provides a comprehensive service package encompassing strategy, partnerships, media planning, product logistics, campaign execution, and analytics. This hands-on approach ensures brands a seamless and impactful experience in reaching and resonating with audiences in the gaming community.

Why Choose The Outloud Group?

  • The agency emphasizes brand building as the core of its campaigns, aiming for authenticity in messaging to engage influencers and their audiences.
  • The agency doesn't impose long-term contracts or upfront retainer fees, catering to brands with short-term campaigns or those exploring influencer marketing options.

In conclusion, the surge in the gaming industry's growth, coupled with the expanding global gamer community, underscores the significance of gaming influencer agencies in today's marketing landscape. By partnering with the right agency, brands gain access to comprehensive solutions that optimize campaign performance and maximize ROI.

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