Top 10 Tech YouTubers: List of Most Popular Tech Influencers

There was a time when tech news and media catered specifically to geeks, but take a look at YouTube today and you see that tech has captured the attention of the whole world. What used to be a nerdy niche has now become a mainstream viewing topic on YouTube, with tech influencers like Unbox Therapy pulling in millions of views. Let’s take a quick look at the top 10 Tech Influencers on YouTube.

Top Tech Influencers

Based in Canada and created in September 2014 by Lewis Hilsenteger and Jack McCann, the channel was inspired by Lewis’s love of unboxing videos and tech.

Their unique style, funny banter, and minimalistic aesthetic combined with the joys of unboxing the latest and greatest tech toys attract the eyes of millions. The most popular topic of their videos is cellphones reviews – this type of content gets millions of views and thousands of comments.

Since the founding of Unbox Therapy, the channel has grown to 16.5 million subscribers. They have worked with and been sponsored by many brands like McDonald’s and AliExpress while also promoting their own cellphone case brand.

2. Marques Brownlee

Started in March 2008 by Marques Keith Brownlee, his YouTube channel is known for tech review focused content. Marques grew a following with his in-depth, quality reviews of tech products. His channel currently boasts 10.9 million subscribers. When watching his videos, it is very easy to see why he is one of the most popular tech influencers of our time. His calm demeanor, clean and bright aesthetic, along with a bigger focus on cinematography makes for a visually engaging channel.

Being a US-based tech YouTuber Marques has been able to feature celebrities like Kobe Bryan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Elon Musk providing unique content for his audience and showcasing his ability to grow and expand.

3. LinusTechTips

Created in November 2008 by Linus Sebastien, Linus Tech Tips is one of 5 channels that Linus owns on YouTube. This channel provides a variety of content ranging from unboxing, product reviews, and comparisons in ways that many channels do not.

His channel appeals to his audience in a few ways. This tech influencer provides great reviews while also producing entertaining videos like how well an industrial purpose fan can cool a small PC. Not only does Linus publish in-depth reviews of products, but he has a greater appeal to the geekier side of tech who are more hands-on with their computers. His channel boasts 10.7 million subscribers and is based in the US.

4. TechRax

TechRax was founded in 2012 by Taras Maksimuk as a tech channel. His core appeal being tech destruction done in interesting and appalling ways. Taras presents the material in a way that is over the top and with unrealistic situations. His method of shock and awe utilizing wanton destruction of brand new perfectly usable products is apparent with titles like “Driving on 200 Apple Chargers Instead of Rubber Tires – Will it drive”, or our personal favorite, “How To Properly Cook an iPhone 6S in Hot Metal”.

TechRax is now one of the world’s most popular tech YouTubers with over 6.8 million subscribers. Taras was born in Ukraine and is now living in and based in the US.

5. JerryRigEverything

Created in 2012 by Zack Nelson this YouTube channel is focused on thorough teardowns of phones. It grew in popularity due to the influencer’s unique way of showing phones susceptibility to scratches and long term wear. His calm demeanor and focus on the teardown process make for relaxing yet very informative content.

JerryRigEverything has expanded beyond just phone tear downs and now produces content that showcases DIY projects and lifestyle. As part of his lifestyle persona, Zack documents his relationship with his now-wife, Cambry Kaylor. This US-based tech YouTuber currently has 5.6 million subscribers.

6. Austin Evans

Austin Evans is an established tech influencer who started to create videos on YouTube in 2007. His channel focuses on tech, whether it is building computers, making product comparisons, or purchasing products. Austin provides his insight to the audience of 4.3 million subscribers to help them make informed decisions.

Being a top tech influencer Austin attends the most important industry events including CES 2020 to bring the best highlights to his viewers.

7. Mrwhosetheboss

Arun Maini started his channel in 2011 and his content focuses almost exclusively on cellphones. This tech influencer provides in-depth comparisons and analysis of new products. Arun bundles a very pleasing narration with comely and easy to digest graphics in the video.

Mrwhosetheboss currently has 3.93 million subscribers which makes him UK’s largest tech YouTuber. Being quite young Arun has numerous brand partnerships with such giants as Huawei and PUBG Mobile. He expresses his creativity in various forms of content including collaborations with other famous YouTubers from this list:

8. TechSmartt

In 2010 Keaton Keller started a tech YouTube channel that provides both tech reviews and entertainment. Whether it is showcasing purchases from Wish to reviewing the hottest tech out in the market, this channel provides a variety of forms of content for the viewers. Keaton currently has 3.71 million subscribers. The list of his brand partnerships include campaigns for LG and King of Avalon mobile game.

9. UrAvgConsumer

Judner Aura created his YouTube channel in 2012. His videos showcase bright airy themes with a heavy emphasis on tech product reviews and tech gear recommendations. UrAvgConsumer currently has 2.83 million subscribers and the channel is being sponsored by tech companies like Lenovo and Dolby.

10. Jonathan Morrison

Jonathan started his channel in 2010 and like the other tech channels, focused originally on tech reviews and tech-related entertainment. As of recently, Jonathan has also started delving into the popular giveaway style of content. It will be interesting to see how this will affect his viewership. He currently has 2.69 million followers. Brands that enjoy working with Jonathan on sponsored collaborations include Dollar Shave Club, Amazon Prime and Michael Kors.

It is without a doubt that consumer now relies on tech influencers, to well, influence their decision. With so much tech in the open market, the reviews from tech YouTubers help every one of us make more informed decisions. Understanding what YouTubers provide in value for their audience is critical in helping you shape your own marketing decisions.

Interested in hiring these or other tech YouTubers for your next influencer campaign? Read our full guide to influencer marketing on YouTube to help you plan it out efficiently.

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