MMO Games: Top 20 MMO YouTubers

Here’s your list of top MMO YouTubers!

What is an MMO game? MMO is short for “massively multiplayer online” which is nowadays used to refer to any game with large numbers of players who share an online game world.

Gaming has solidified its stance as a powerful platform that not only captures a wide audience but keeps people coming back for more. MMOs focus on captivating a large audience through equally entertaining gameplay and community. The YouTube community is hot when it comes to MMO coverage.

MMO games make up one of the most popular genres in all of gaming, and MMO YouTubers are among the most followed video game influencers. For any MMORPG game developer, this represents a huge opportunity. By partnering with an MMO YouTuber, you can get your game in front of audiences who are already interested in the genre.

But the real question is this: Who do you put your money behind?

People might be fooled into thinking that the best channel for a YouTube sponsorship is the one with the most subscribers. Sure, you could go after someone like PewDiePie, the Kim Kardashian of YouTube with a dazzling 110M followers to date. However, the better choice might be a partnership with a gaming YouTuber who is specifically targeted for your particular market and game genre. With proper targeting, celebrity endorsements can help marketers reach up to 10 to 20 percent in conversion.

Influencer marketing on YouTube only works if you’re partnering with the right YouTube channels. To give you some insight into the trends in MMO gaming content on YouTube, CloutBoost shares this list of the 20 most popular MMO YouTube channels, along with their vital stats.

Top 20 MMO YouTubers

We’ve weighed in on the most reputed talents in the world of MMO games on YouTube. Plug in your joysticks, get your button-mashing finger set, and get ready for the top YouTubers in MMO games:

1. Arekkz Gaming

MMO youtuber arekkz gaming

Arekkz Gaming is a channel that’s primarily run by Arekkz, a 31-year-old YouTuber from the UK. However, there are two other contributors, TwoSixNine and Paradise Central, who are also British. All three have a focus on “loot based” games, and they play more than just MMO video games.

That said, they do play some MMOs, and Paradise Central in particular is one of the world’s most avid MMO subscribers. Roughly one in three of their recent videos is him playing Lost Ark.

Arekkz has partnered with several smaller developers in the past, including a promotion for Wargaming’s Pagan Online.

MMOs Covered: Lost Ark, Monster Hunter Rise, New World

2. Force Gaming

MMO youtuber force gaming

Force Gaming is an American YouTuber best known for his dry sense of humor. He plays a wide number of MMOs, from Destiny to WoW. He’s also had some high-profile partnerships, such as his sponsorship video for Halo Infinite multiplayer.

Lately, Force Gaming YouTube channel has been focusing on weekly “best of” videos with gaming news, tips, and tricks. These videos can be about any type of game, from MMO to single player to multiplayer.

MMOs Covered: Black Desert Online, Destiny, ESO, Star Wars, Wildstar, WoW

3. Asmongold TV

MMO youtuber Asmongold TV

Asmongold TV is the YouTube channel for Zack, AKA Asmongold, a Texas-based streamer. He got his start on Twitch in 2013, where he first came to prominence streaming World of Warcraft. He’s known for being shy and reserved, and was actually a smaller channel until the release of WoW Classic in 2019.

That winter, he took a hiatus to adjust to his newfound fame, but ultimately returned to streaming. In early 2021, he switched from WoW to primarily streaming Final Fantasy XIV. His YouTube channel continues to feature news and commentary on both games.

MMOs Covered: Final Fantasy XIV, WoW

4. FightinCowboy

MMO youtuber FightinCowboy

FightinCowboy is an American YouTuber who plays a wide variety of games, including some of the most popular MMOs. He also plays a lot of Dark Souls and Assassin’s Creed titles, as well as many anime titles, ranging from major franchises like Sword Art Online to more obscure indie games.

Given his wide reach, FightinCowboy has endorsed a handful of games. Among these is the hardcore FFP slasher Ghostrunner.

MMOs Covered: Anthem, Black Desert, Destiny

5. RageGamingVideos

MMO youtuber RageGamingVideos

RageGamingVideos is a YouTube channel run by Josh Bell, a quirky and energetic British gamer. His partners include Aaron, Jake, Juke, Tyde, and two guys named Will, among a larger rotating group called the “crew.”

The channel is split more or less equally between MMOs like Lost Ark and Monster Hunter Rise, and an unending parade of Pokemon games. Josh has also had some significant sponsorships, including one from Square Enix for NieR Re[in]carnation.

MMOs Covered: Lost Ark, Monster Hunter Rise

6. The Lazy Peon

MMO youtuber TheLazyPeon

Craig, better known as The Lazy Peon, is a quirky British YouTuber who specializes in “first impression” videos on new releases. As a result, it should come as no surprise that he’s played a wide variety of games, including RPGs.

Many of his videos are sponsored, sometimes by major studios. For example, Blizzard gave him an early look at their WoW Shadowlands pre patch.

MMOs Covered: Black Desert Remastered, ESO, Final Fantasy XIV, New World, SWTOR, WoW

7. Rhykker

MMO youtuber Rhykker

Rhykkeris an American streamer who focuses on action RPGs. He’s a huge fan of Diablo, and has even streamed from BlizzCon to cover news on Diablo IV. That said, he also doubles in Diablo-style isometric slashers that are also MMOs. These include games like Lost Ark and Path of Exile.

Rhykker’s videos range from gameplay to gaming news to reviews of new games. Like many YouTubers, he also partners with various brands, such as his promotional videos for The Bard’s Tale IV.

MMOs Covered: Lost Ark, Path of Exile

8. Nixxiom

MMO youtuber Nixxiom

Nixxiom’s YouTube channel has one overwhelming focus: WoW. From gameplay to DLC reviews to news to discussion, he’s basically an encyclopedia of everything Warcraft-related. From time to time, he’ll sprinkle in some ESO gameplay, discuss fantasy films, or even post about general life questions.

In addition to his Warcraft coverage, Nixxiom is also open to sponsorships. Not long ago, Gameforge sponsored him for a review of Kingdom Under Fire 2.

MMOs Covered: ESO, WoW

9. MrMattyPlays

MMO youtuber MrMattyPlays

MrMattyPlays is one of the more energetic gaming YouTubers out there. He plays all kinds of RPGs, with most of his focus on single player games. If it fits even loosely in the roleplaying genre, he’s probably done a video on it.

Mr. Matty loves to review brand new games and has accepted several sponsorships. Among others, he partnered with Owlcat Games to promote Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.

MMOs Covered: SWTOR, Dragon Age, Elder Ring

10. Bajheera

MMO youtuber Bajheera

Bajheera is one of many MMO YouTubers who focuses primarily on World of Warcraft. He has numerous videos on gameplay, builds, and patch reviews. During gaps between WoW updates, he also releases videos on other games, usually Lost Ark and New World, but sometimes even FPS games.

Among his several sponsors, Bajheera has done a sponsored review for End of Dragons, a Guild Wars 2 expansion.

MMOs Covered: Lost Ark, New World, WoW

11. MMOHuts

MMO youtuber MMOHuts

MMOHuts is a weekly update channel that covers all kinds of news from the wide world of gaming. While the channel’s main focus is on MMOs, they also feature other multiplayer games, hardware previews, and even convention coverage.

The channel itself is run by an entire team, which shows in their high-quality editing. MMOHuts’ production values make them attractive to sponsors like Exos Heroes.

Learn more about CloutBoost’s marketing campaign for Exos Heroes in our recent case study.

MMOs Covered: ESO, Guild Wars 2, HeroWarz, Star Trek Online, Twin Saga, Warhammer 40k, and many more

12. Fextralife

MMO youtuber Fextralife

Fextralife loves RPGs of any type. From offline classics like Diablo II to the latest MMOs, he dabbles a little bit in everything. He’s also a fan of isometric and side-scrolling games, which don’t often get as much love as they should. Videos range from overviews to tips to actual gameplay footage. Among others, he’s been sponsored by Albion Online.

MMOs Covered: Albion Online, ESO, Lost Ark, New World, Path of Exile, Phantasy Star 2 Online

13. MMOByte

MMO youtuber MMOByte

MMOByte’s videos are just what the name advertises: lots and lots of MMOs. He mostly focuses on news and reviews for new and upcoming games. This makes him a perfect fit for sponsorships, such as this video he recorded for V4. That said, he also posts some gameplay footage, and he’s not afraid to give a game a bad review if he’s not a fan.

MMOs Covered: Aion, Blade & Soul, Elyon, Final Fantasy XIV, Lost Ark, Maplestory, Odin Valhalla Rising, and many more

14. ZealsAmbitions

MMO youtuber ZealsAmbitions

ZealsAmbitions is primarily an anime YouTuber, who also plays a lot of anime games like Genshin Impact. However, his channel has recently grown in popularity due to his Lost Ark guides and beta gameplay. Considering all the buzz around Lost Ark, this presents an opportunity for sponsors.

MMOs Covered: Lost Ark

15. KhrazeGaming

KhrazeGaming is a Romanian YouTuber who first came to fame in 2017 for his Mass Effect: Andromeda build guides. Since then, he’s made guides for a number of popular RPGs, including Cyberpunk 2077. He has also recorded a long, ongoing series of videos about No Man’s Sky.

His sponsors include Epic Games, for their release of Marvel’s Avengers.

MMOs Covered: New World, Zenith, Cyberpunk

16. Steparu

MMO youtuber Steparu

Steparu is an anonymous YouTuber who posts gameplay videos from a slew of RPGs and MMOs. These range from two-minute one-off tricks to massive 20-minute PVP raids. Steparu never speaks and tends to review Japanese and Korean games, but we know nothing about their identity other than the fact that they live in California.

This anonymity hasn’t stopped Steparu from garnering a few sponsorships. For example, the channel recorded promotional gameplay videos of Atelier Online.

MMOs Covered: Black Desert, Blade & Soul, Dragon Nest 2, Lost Ark, Riders of Icarus, Swords of Legends, War of Genesis 4, and more

17. Zizaran

Zizaran is a top-100 Twitch streamer who almost exclusively streams Path of Exile content. On YouTube, he shares gameplay footage, character builds, crafting recipes, and news on upcoming updates. In addition to Path of Exile, he occasionally discusses other games like Lost Ark, or posts paid promotions like this one for NARAKA: Bladepoint.

MMOs Covered: Lost Ark, Path of Exile

18. Quin69

Quinton Crawford, better known as Quin69, is a New Zealand-based professional World of Warcraft player who streams much of his gameplay online. In addition to WoW, he’s a fan of other MMOs like Path of Exile, as well as survival games like Valheim and Resident Evil.

MMOs Covered: Final Fantasy XIV, Lost Ark, Path of Exile, WoW

19. KiraTV

KiraTV is a self-proclaimed “Critical Brit” who loves to review terrible games. That said, he generally has an honest take, and he also posts tips and gameplay for games he genuinely enjoys, like Chronicles of Elyria.

In addition to his own videos, he’s also open to partnerships, such as his sponsored review for Virtuverse.

MMOs Covered: Albion Online, Black Desert, Chronicles of Elyria, Final Fantasy XIV, Lost Ark, New World, and more

20. Skylent Games

MMO youtuber Skylent Games

Skylent Games produces a mixture of content, ranging from new game reviews to gameplay tips to his popular “best of” series. This series covers a huge range of MMOs from relaxed idle games to intense dungeon crawlers. Skylent has even recorded sponsored videos, like his review of the 2019 Skyforge expansion.

MMOs Covered: Guild Wars 2,  WoW and more

Well, there you have it. At Cloutboost, we identify the most relevant and efficient MMO YouTubers, with targeting that goes beyond subscribe and video view count. We also work with brands and influencers to seamlessly integrate marketing messages within their channel content. By tailoring our marketing and content strategy to each channel’s specific focus, we are able to achieve the best possible results.

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