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How to Promote Your Game with Mixer Streamers?

Who are Mixer streamers? Here’s your comprehensive guide on how to promote your game efficiently within the Mixer community.

Spoiler: you can get your game featured on Mixer’s main page to draw more eyeballs to it.

Read this blog post to learn how Mixer streamers can expose your game to a wider audience.

What is Mixer?

YouTube, Twitch, and now Mixer are the platforms where video game fans can follow the top players, communicate with them, and discover gaming insights. Amazon’s Twitch keeps dominating in the game-streaming world, but Microsoft-owned Mixer made its presence felt well enough starting in August 2019. This live-streaming platform was officially launched back in 2016 as Beam and was purchased almost immediately by Microsoft.

Relatively small and not-so widely used, Mixer received a boost of popularity when a top gaming influencer Ninja announced his shift from Twitch to Mixer, bringing a massive share of his audience with him. Currently, the platform has over 30 million active users per month, including both Mixer influencers and viewers.

As Mixer is winning more market share, it becomes a new player in the ongoing Twitch vs YouTube battle.

Mixer in a nutshell

Here are key data points about the Mixer platform to help you build a proper influencer marketing strategy:

  1. Owned by Microsoft, Mixer is a default app on all Xbox consoles, no download required.

Agency tip: It would make great sense promoting your Xbox game on Mixer if your goal is to get more players on this console.

  1. Mixer claims to have lower latency compared to other platforms, which means improved actual real-time experience.
  2. The platform has its own currency – Sparks. Users pay with Sparks to watch specific streams, enable interactive features, and leverage some community-created apps.
  3. Squad Streaming is an exclusive feature that immediately comes to mind when one is doing the Twitch vs Mixer comparison. This feature allows several players to merge their streams for joint gaming.
  4. Mixer viewers can vote and influence some significant streamer’s actions in the game that is live.
  5. Mixer allows ads placement only on the partnered channels (like Ninja’s), and subscribers with premium accounts won’t see these banners. By the way, only the platform itself is earning on ads at the moment – Mixer streamers do not share the profits.

Why do gaming influencers choose Mixer?

Since Mixer is only gaining pace, it is easier for new streamers to catch the eye of the audience and keep its attention, as compared to the fierce competition on Twitch. And while there’s a way to go before Mixer streamers reach Twitch volumes, gaming influencer marketers are starting to pay attention to this platform.

More and more streaming professionals switch to Mixer and seem to be happy about this move. Celebrity streamer QueenEliminaton has shared her impressions with the community:

“Starting my career on Mixer was the greatest decision I ever made. I didn’t just join a platform, I joined a family.”

Gaming influencers move to Mixer because of the beneficial conditions provided by the platform, among other things. Mixer partners receive a share of the revenue from the paid subscriptions, in addition to the ability to test new features first and some other perks. Also, Mixer promises to share a portion of ads revenue as well.

It seems that Microsoft is betting on its cloud services that can help blend the PC and console gaming markets together. With this fulfilled, Mixer can win a significant share of the game streaming industry.

Now, let’s dive into this ultimate guide on landing a successful partnership with Mixer streamers for your game.

How do you launch an influencer campaign on Mixer?

Promoting a game on Mixer might look quite straightforward:

  1. Choose a streamer to sponsor.
  2. Ask this streamer to play your game.
  3. Let the magic happen.

Looks pretty easy, right?

However, in order to achieve your business goals, an influencer campaign might need more than that. There are several essential steps to be taken to maximize the number of new players for your game.

Mixer streamer sponsorship: How to make the most out of it?

Here’s your checklist for a successful influencer campaign on Mixer:

Select influencers that are relevant to your game

While Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends are among Mixer’s most popular games, the platform has a great community that supports streamers playing a variety of other titles. It is important to understand the specifics of different game genres and the preferences of players.

A good idea would be to do some prior research on your target audience to make sure you engage the most relevant streamers.

Plan your influencer campaign in advance

Consider acquainting the influencers with your game beforehand. It’s better to give them time to dive into the game and learn some specifics before launching the campaign.

Amplify the exposure on social media

Specify that the gaming influencer should announce the sponsored stream on Twitter and other social media channels. Cloutboost always recommends making several announcements of the sponsored stream to attract viewers.

Agency tip: The streaming community is very active on a chatting platform called Discord. By joining their favorite streamer on Discord, gamers can communicate with him and other players.

Get the sponsored stream featured on Mixer’s main page

A streamer can request a so-called feature from Mixer. This way, the stream will be visible to all Mixer users who hit the main page and not only to the streamer’s audience.

It has to be noted that Mixer randomly selects players who meet the featuring requirements, so getting your stream featured may be quite challenging.

Agency tip: When choosing how to be featured on Mixer, opt for center-feature request.

How to be featured on Mixer

For a stream to get featured, a creator has to meet several conditions:

  1. Turn on the Interactive stream.
  2. Stream no less than 10 hours per week.
  3. Once featured, one has to wait seven days to be featured again. Streamers still have to stream for at least 10 hours during this week to be eligible for the next featuring.

Note that even meeting the above criteria doesn’t guarantee that the streamer will be featured: the choice is random.

More than that, there are a few important details about featuring:

  • Feature time window lasts around 1-2 hours only.
  • It’s hard to feature the same game title two days in a row: it happens, but for well-established titles only.

There are several types of streamer featuring:

Central Featuring. The stream appears on top of the main page of mixer.com:


Partner Spotlight which is located right under the Featured streams. This is a new Mixer feature hand-picked by Mixer’s team:


Top Streams – the list of streams is defined based on the number of concurrent views. This section can be found at the bottom of the main page on in the “Browse” tab:


Now that you know how to get your game featured on Mixer, let’s move further down the campaign checklist.

Put your brand’s name out there

When sponsoring a streamer, you can consider branding their channel with a promotional banner for the duration of the sponsored stream.


Maximize the engagement

A good idea is to offer discount codes for in-game purchases to the viewers of the sponsored stream. Streamers are usually willing to offer this exclusive bonus to their audience to build loyalty among their fans.

Influencer giveaway is another great tool to drive interest to the sponsored stream. A gaming influencer can motivate his/her viewers to commit some simple actions in return for the chance to win a valuable prize sponsored by your brand.

Add a CTA

Showcasing your game during the sponsored stream is great, but don’t forget to invite the viewers to actually check it out themselves. Ask the influencer to encourage his/her audience to join him in playing your game.

The streamer can also set up an automated message that will appear in the stream’s chat every 5-10 minutes while the streamer is live. This message can include a link to the game install page.

Measure the success

Don’t forget to add tracking links to the stream description and chatbot. This way you will be able to see how many new players you acquired through the sponsored Mixer stream.

To Sum Up

Exclusive features and a range of innovative options helped Mixer become appreciated among members of the gaming community. By initiating cooperation with top Mixer streamers at an early stage, brands win an edge over their competitors. Still, there are some peculiarities of sponsoring streams on Mixer, which have to be taken into account before starting your influencer campaign.

As one of the top influencer agencies, Cloutboost has been working with Mixer streamers successfully. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you are looking for more insights about working with gaming influencers on Mixer.

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